What do you think the most critical elements are in building your business?  What’s most important to your future?  Ask around and you’ll get many answers.

I believe the  ONLY thing you need to be successful in your business, and  have all the time and money freedom you want; Is simple consistent daily action over time.  Take baby steps, learn and grow little by little.  Take action  and stick around long enough for your business to grow.  Plan on being there 5 years from now.
Sound simple?   It is, however most people will never stick around and be consistent for 5 years.  It’s a shame, but it’s true.
 I can guarantee if you take daily actions to grow your business without starting and stoping, or jumping  around from thing to thing thinking the grass is greener on the other side,  YOU WILL SUCCEED.
I truly have LITTLE or NO talents myself.  When I started in this industry years ago, I made tons of mistakes.  The only thing I knew is I would NEVER EVER quit.  I learned the hard way.   I had to  find the right place and take small baby steps and learned  and failed my way along.
I’m not really where I will end up, as I’m not done, however,  I am doing well.  I’m free to do what I want when I want.  I love helping others learn how to achieve their dreams.
 I learn and grow each day.  I do know I’ve found my home and I’m here  for the long haul. There is NOTHING in this world that can take me away.    I’m blessed and thankful for all my company has to offer.
Today It’s 7 1/2 years since I started and I’m still building and growing.   I don’t work as hard as I did in the beginning, but  I am free to travel and do the things I want in my time frame.
I’m not limited to what or where I can go and I don’t have to ask so much if I can afford something.  The sad thing is in the time I’ve been building my business, I have seen many people come and go.  Those that go, usually go on to something else, and the  next year they are in a 3rd or 4th company.   I feel bad for them.  I know they still have not learned that the critical element to success is just sticking around long enough to achieve the success and payoff for their hard work and effort.


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