It is a no brainer that good communications with your customers past and current, is essential for building relationships with your customers as well as finding out what you can do better to service them in the future.  For example, did you know that approximately 80% of businesses think they deliver SUPERIOR service, however only 8% of the customers of those companies say they received superior service.

As a business owner, how do you know if your customers actually think they are receiving  top of the line service as opposed to you just thinking you delivered it?  You talk to them, engage them, and ask them.  You keep communications open so that they can tell you what they think and then you do what it takes to improve.

So what are the most common and best ways to communicate with your customers today?

  1. Face to face
  2. Phone Call
  3. Email
  4. Face book
  5. Twitter
  6. Texting
  7. Direct mail
  8. Greeting Cards

Face to face communication is always the best way to talk to your customers as you can read their facial expressions and immediately ask follow up or clarification questions concerning their likes and dislikes.

Phone call follow ups are also a great way to communicate with your customers, as you can follow up with any questions or concerns that they may have.  Both of these methods are immediate two-way communications methods that should be employed as much as possible.

Now, what about all the “tech” ways, and social media ways to communicated? 

Email, Facebook and all social media for that matter, has its place in communicating with customers, but it should not be overused or used as the slow method of communication.  Email is great to send a follow up to a phone or in person conversion, or for a quick question or update, but not to really listen to your customers.

Facebook and twitter is great to keep in touch, post interesting things to customers, help educate them, announce special offers, etc.  Again, it should not replace other means of communicating.

Text messaging whether one on one or bulk needs to be used carefully.  If it is for something that expires and you need to let the people know asap, or they have requested you contact them via text, great, but otherwise be careful as text messaging in a business atmosphere is not though of as highly professional.

Greeting Card Marketing, is in my opinion the third best way to communicate with customers behind face to face and phone communications.  Sending greeting cards backs up and reiterated what is said on the phone and face to face, and allows you to do thinks like:

  • Thank your customer for their business
  • Wish them a Happy Birthday
  • Wish them a happy holiday
  • Congratulate them if applicable, and more

Greeting cards should be sent in the mail, with real stamps, and personalized to that customer for maximum effectiveness.

Combining traditional and techie was of communicating with your customers will allow you to keep a pulse on their feelings, result in more repeat sales and referrals, and build your relationships to new levels, so keep in mind to mix up the methods and delivery of your customer communications for the best success in your business.



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