Our next stop was Cologne, Germany.

Cologne Germany is a cool little German town, divided in half by the Rhine River. In the early days one side of the river was Romans and the other side Germans and they didn’t get along so the river was the end of each country. Cologne is the forth-largest city in Germany. More than 2.1 million people live in Cologne.

Today it’s all German but one side is the industrial side and the other side where the people live and work. One of the biggest employers there was actually Ford Motor company. Very surprising.

Germany also has more than 15,000 beer breweries. If you like beer, you’re in the right country.

Germany much like Amsterdam, has a lot of people walking and on bike, but they don’t have quite the number of bikes as the The Netherlands. Still bikes there also have the right of way.

German is known for bakeries, and there are lots of them. They also have lots of German beer which they call bier, and hot wines and chocolate. With the amount of food, you would think the population would be over weight, but we didn’t see too many heavy Germans. I guess they eat and then walk or bike so that shows there is a correlation between exercise and weight gain as the food they eat is certainly NOT diet food.

In Cologne, we visited a chocolate museum. IF you like chocolate, you’d be in heaven. They had so many different kinds of chocolate you head would be spinning. We bought about 5-10 pounds of chocolate to bring home. Needless to day, when we got back to the airport our suitcases were much heavier than when we left, but because they weight them in kilograms I don’t know how much heavier.

The town of Cologne is a mixture of cobblestone walks, old time architecture mixed in with modern. Much like The Netherlands the homes we saw in the city were apartments that were skinny and straight up with 3 or 4 floors.

They have one of the largest Cathedrals in the world, It was so large they must be able to seat thousands for masses. The amazing thing to me is that it was not even heated, it was quite cold. It was also very very tall, you could see it for miles.

Cologne has the 2nd tallest church in Europe. The Cologne Cathedral is a popular tourist attraction. Every year over 6 million visitors climb 533 steps up to the top of it’s spire.

Cologne would be an interesting city to spend some time in.


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