I was looking for a car with lots of room, and someone suggested I look at a Cheverolet Traverse. The first dealership we visited, we looked a the car, but we couldn’t get anyone to give us any sort of pricing so we left.

A month or so later I was going on a trip, so I rented a Traverse. Unfortuntely, the one they gave me didn’t have very many features. I think the car rental place must have had the bottom of the line.

I found after driving it for a few days, I was not sure I’d like to own one. The gas mileage did not come close to the advertised mileage. Also since it was a low end car, it had cloth seats and they were not too comfortable.

This particular car had very few features. We stopped overnight at a hotel. In the morning, we came out and found we were parked next to a new Oddessy. The people getting in the Oddessy, had a baby with lots of equipment, and tons of luggage. The car really had some great room when they opened the trunk and had a deep wheel well. The Traverse didn’t hold near as much as their car.

Therefore this was a vehicle I ruled out.


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