Since I’m in the market for a new vehicle in the next 6-12 months or so, I’m doing some reviews of different cars. I’m looking for a crossover or something that is versitale . I like to have a car that seats 7 or 8 if I need it, or has room for anything I want to buy when I shop.

One of the ones I was considering was the Chevrolet Traverse until last week when I rented one for 4 days to take a good test drive. It drove very smoothly and was easy to handle. It also had seats that could be folded down or you could seat up to 8 people if you needed to. That was the end of the pluses.

The drive was the best thing about it. Unfortunately, it was a base type vehicle. It did not have good climate control at all. There was no way to adjust the passenger and/or driver air. That would have been ok for the trip, however, the air also had a mind of it’s own. When you got into the car and started it up, the air didn’t chose to start up for several minutes. It would blow hot air which was quite annoying.

There was no way to tell what mileage you were getting since there were no dials. The features were extremely sparse. I’ll have to go into a dealership and see if there are other ones with better features, however, I have ruled this one out so there is no rush.

Talking to the rental car manager at Alamo, he indicated that was a complaint the received a lot from the Traverse, so I guess it’s a design flaw.

We did park next to a group that were driving the new Honda Odessy. I was impressed after talking to them so may look to rent one of those and test drive it. I wasn’t really in the market for a mini van, but when I watched them load up 5 pieces of luggage, a baby stoller, a baby crib and lots of other things and still have the 3rd row seat up on one side, I was impressed. They had more luggage than us, and other things we didn’t have and they had a lot more room.

I asked how they liked the vehicle and they gave me rave reviews. They said the had come to the hotel thru the mountains with it loaded down and they got 28 MPG. They also said that there was no hesitancy on the mountain roads. To me it sort of looked more like a crossover than a mini van. We own a year old Honda Pilot which we love, so I may have to add that mini van onto my list of possibilites.

If any of you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


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