It’s been about 15 years or more since I had a traditional JOB.   I guess times have changed.  How many of you use cell phones at work?

I was surprised when I called a friend today.   She answered and talked to me for a few minutes.  I didn’t even realize she was at work, until someone came up to her desk and she had to give them directions.

I asked if she kept her cell phone on at work, and she said of course.   She said they allowed people to keep their cells on and take calls from family.   I was so surprised.   It seems kind of weird to me.   I guess back in the days of when I did have a job, cell phones were not so prevalent.  Most people had them for emergencies.

Today it’s rare that anyone leaves home without a cell phone.  I take my cell phone even when I go walk the dog.  I also use the time to make calls to prospects or team members.   My new car, came with a blue tooth, so now when a call comes in I can answer it in the car.

Even with all the new technology it seems funny to me that employers would allow people to keep their cells on and take phone calls when working.  I guess that is a sign of the times.


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