I’ve decided to work on setting up a real blog. I started one of those google ones back in 2004.     I heard from people that to have a real blog you need to host one on your own site, so I finally decided to make myself learn how to do this.

I actually hired someone to set all this up, but then didn’t know where to start or how to use it when it was done. I’m fortunate, I have a great friend named Ben that is an expert at this stuff.   He showed me around this site last night and it wasn’t quite as terrifying as I thought.  If you want to learn more about blogging,  you have to start somewhere so here I am.

I’m going to work on keeping up this blog and sharing things I’ve learned, and hope it helps you start one too.  We can be new blogging buddies.   Check back often and let me know how I’m doing as I dive in.