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Have You Given Any Thought To Your Future?

Many people invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and 5-10 years to go to college. They graduated with a degree, and then return to get a masters degree. They work hard and come out of school with large debt, a piece of paper and get to now interview for a job and hope they will start out at a decent salary to start repaying their loans.

Have you giving any thought to your future? What does it hold for you?

What if you decided to put in the same time, invest a few hundred dollars into your business, and grow it over that time period? Did you ever think about that? Where would you be in 5-10 years?

Sure you may have a family. You may have a 40 hour job, if you’re on of the lucky ones these days. Do you truly want to live paycheck to paycheck forever? Do you have enough money to save for your retirement?

Unfortunately times have changed. Years ago people worked 40 years or so and retired with a gold watch and a great pension. Not so today. Today if you have a job, you are told be thankful and work harder for less money. Many are reaching retirement age and finding the pension they thought they had no longer exists. Many find they are laid off before they can collect anything.

What about you? What are YOUR plans for the future?

The only one that can do anything about your future is YOU. What are you willing to do to secure it? Only you have the answer.


Five Cheap Or Free Ways to Get Traffic and Leads Online

Lead Generation TipsThe Internet provides distributors of network marketing companies a cheap and powerful way of advertising. By using online marketing opportunities, you can expose your company and products to people looking for similar opportunities.  Here are a few ways to take advantage of what the Internet has to offer.

1. Publish An E-zine or Newsletter 

An e-zine is an electronic magazine or newsletter that you send regularly to your website’s subscribers. Make sure that your e-zine is filled with valuable and helpful information about your business. Try to have a personality and flow with your readers. Publishing a newsletter is not as effective as it use to be, but if used in combination with social media, facebook, twitter, etc, it is still effective and is something you can do immediately and free with exception or your time.

2. Write And Submit Articles 

Write informative and helpful articles about your business opportunity or products.   Articles about online businesses and MLM can have a lot of competition so find unique angles to talk about your products and how they are useful for different things.  It is ok to get very specific, and this will even help in search rankings as well as informing customers.  There are many places to submit articles, is one, but simply Google “article submission sites” for the latest sites accepting submissions.

3. Use Craigslist and other Directory Sites

Craiglist and other classified sites are  a great place to advertise both products and  your business opportunity.  Just read their guidelines and follow them.  You do have to be consistent in posting on these sites and send to your website to capture their information and offer them more information.

 4. Pinterest

Pinterest is great for generating interest for products.  No matter what you sell Pinterest Leadsin your business, you can take creative pictures of the products in different instances and pin them to Pinterest. Keyword the pictures properly and you will start getting followers and traffic to your website. You also integrate this with Facebook for double the power.

5. Facebook

Used correctly facebook pages can generate a lot of followers and interaction  with potential customers.  It is important that you give good information in your posts and to just try to sell people all the time in order for FB to work.

There are many more ways to generate online leads and sales for your business opportunity and products. This is just a few.  Remember it is better to pick just a couple of the available options and focus on them.  Do not try to do everything at once or you will be overwhelmed and see little results.  Keep track of your efforts and give each method you choose a fair 30-60 day shot.  If you do not see results, go look at others in your industry who are having success in the methods you chose, and try to tweak your efforts to be similar.



I see pros and cons flying around on the subject of MLM. Some love it and others hate it. For those of you wondering what MLM is, it stands for Multi Level Marketing. It’s no different than a direct sales business.

Many of you buy Life, health or car insurance policies. The agents are paid a commission when you buy the policy or renew it. Many times the owner of the agency gets an override on what his or her agents sell. MLM is no different. You make money selling products or services to the end user, and you make overrides for training others to gather customers and teach other distributors.

It’s a legitimate business, but it is NOT one that you make money on just by joining. You make money by going to work. It takes time and effort to be successful. Too often people start with good intentions, but then 2 or 3 months later, they are not rich so they quit. Others start, and see something that looks better, so they start over, and over and over.

You get no place by starting and not finishing. You do well if you put in the time and effort, consistently. It takes work and consistent effort.

I’m an average every day person. I worked over 15 years making money for a corporation and trading my hours for $$$. I’m very thankful I found MLM. I’m at the age now where if I had not taken the past 10-15 years to build an income in this industry, I’d be probably out of work, living on nothing, dead broke. Instead, I have no bills, I am able to enjoy life, help others and travel and see the world I missed out on while I was too busy sitting in my cubicle working 9-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.

Is MLM for you? Only you can decide that. Look at where you are in life, how secure you are and where you think you’ll be 5-10 years from now if you travel the path your on. IF you don’t like what you see, you might consider looking for an mlm business to build on the side. Start part time, put in 7-10 hours per week consistently over 5-6 years, and create a side income, to give you the things you want. It’s very doable if you are willing to put in that time.

Hope to see you one day on the beaches of the world.



What Are You Thankful For?

Do you ever think about what are YOU thankful for?

I’ve been very thankful for the fact that I have slowly consistently shared Send Out Cards as this is the time in my life when we are at retirement. Retirement normally to most means living on 50% less that you could not have lived on when you were working. Because of SOC, I’ am able to live on my SOC income, as I continue to save the retirement checks my husband receives and build a nest egg. It’s been a blessing.

Here are just a few things I have been able to do because of SOC:
We have been able to donate more money to our church and help be a blessing to others.
We purchased a new car last month for myself and gave my other car with 49,000 miles on it to my son and daughter in law.
We completely remodeled one of our bedrooms, added wood floors in the rooms that still had carpet.
We had some new gutters installed on our home.
We upgraded a bath and a bed room.
We’re doing all the upgrades we ever wanted.
My husband bought a covered trailer to haul his dirt bike.
We’ve taken 2 cruises this year, several other vacations.
We’ve been able to do a lot of traveling both with SOC and to other places of our choice.

Those are a few of the more major things, and all we did and paid for each month. Because of SOC, I am able to enjoy our retirement years and I’m grateful. These are things I’ve done since January this year.

There are 4 months left this year. I have 3 more trips planned, including one to Germany.

All these things are possible because I work and share SOC. I don’t say all this to brag, it’s not my style. I just felt a prompting to share with everyone and give back to others to help them.

Prior to SOC and NWM, we lived paycheck to paycheck. We had no money to do anything. When the car would break down, we would have to go in debt to fix it then work harder to pay off the never ending cycle of debt. It was not fun so I can relate to anyone that is struggling. If you want to get out of that situation, you have to come to the place in your life where you make that decision to do something different.

SOC is a true blessing and I know if I can do this anyone can. It’s so much easier today than when I started. If I can help any one of you in anyway , PLEASE call me. I’m here to help and support you and see that you can reach your goals and dreams no matter what they are.



Do you have all the freedom you want in your life?  Are you able to come and go as you please?  Do you have all the time and money you want to enjoy the finer things of life?

Do you have a good paying job, or do you not have a job at all?   Are you working long hours or do you have time freedom?

I’ve been in both places.  Once I had what people say a “real job”.   I got up early before dawn, got ready and reported for duty, rain or shine.  I worked hard and I worked long hours as I was taught that all my life.  Get a job,  work hard to retirement age and retire with a pension.

That type life has all but disappeared today.  Jobs are scarce and if you have one you work really hard to make someone else rich. Jobs are no longer secure.    Our once wonderful country, have sent a lot of work overseas because it’s cheap.   Those left with a job, are told to be thankful they have one.

I am thankful I do NOT have one.  About 20 years ago,  I started seeing the job work deteriorate.    I decided to do something different so I wouldn’t get to retirement ago and be dead broke.    It was not the norm but I decided to build my own business and get into the field of Network Marketing.   People laughed at me, others told me “no one makes money in those things”.

I didn’t listen and today I’m thankful I didn’t pay attention.  Today I truly have total freedom.  I choose when and if I feel like working.  I choose when and where I travel.  I come and go on my terms.     I drive the car I choose to drive and I buy what I want when I want.   I finally know what freedom is.

How about you?   Do you have the freedom you desire?   Is life going the way you want it to? If not,  it may be time for a change in your  own life.

Wish you the best in all you do.




Building A Successful Business

What is the secret to building a successful business?
I truly believe the secret is focus and consistency.  If you only have 15 minutes here or there, make that one phone call or follow up with someone, or send out an email or card to them.    If you talk to people don’t say to much, let them talk and you listen. People love to be heard, give them an opportunity to tell you what they are looking for.
 Secret is finding out how you can be of service to them….and not pushing and selling.  People like to buy but they don’t like to be sold.
The best advice I could give you to build a solid future, is simply to move forward and stay totally focused on your company and product.  Don’t let anyone distract you from building your future.  Make a commitment to be in the same company 5 years from now.   Give yourself time to build.
Most people have busy lives so if you fully intend to build a business on the side, plan to be totally focused and committed.  Spend quality time each week toward growing your business.  It’s easy to let life get in the way.
Sometimes people think that their business is not moving or growing as fast as they want.   No matter what business your building the key ingredient to your success is time.  It will not happen over night.   It will take several years to grow a decent income.  Anyone that tells you that you will get rich over night, simply is not being honest with you.
It’s easy to think the grass is greener on the other side when the wolves come out try to distract you of offer you deals, but learn to ignore them and not listen.   I’ve watched many good people over the years jump from company to company, deal to deal.   They are constantly starting over.  Each time I see them they are hyping how well they are doing, but I know different.  No one can possibly be in 3-4 companies in a year or 2 and be doing well.    If they jump that often,  more often than not, when you call them for a questions, they will be on to the next deal.  Success does not happen that way.
I personally know I’m with an amazing company and I’m here for life.  I’m going on 8 years with my present company.  I love it and I’m very grateful for this opprotunity.
My life is much different than 8 years ago. Today,  I’m able to vacation more, travel more, not work as hard as I did back then.  I spent 8 years building my business so I could enjoy these things.  It did not happen in my first 1-2 years.
In the beginning I worked Very hard and gave up all the things that didn’t’ matter,…the time wasters, like TV, and stuff that stole my time.   Instead of watching the garbage on TV,  I read a personal development book, or I spent an hour on the phone making calls, answering email  or following up answer questions.
If you find the right business for you, don’t let anyone steal your future.   Stick with what you’re doing and put in the time to make it work.  Don’t be distracted or constantly jumping from thing to thing.  The Grass is never greener on the other side.
If building a successful business is what you want to do,  get started and never give up.


Money In MLM

As anything there are pros and cons but I truly believe MLM is a great industry. There is money in MLM for those willing to work for it. The sad part is most people quit before they start, or start and never finish.

MLM is an industry where you get paid for what you start. In the beginning what you start sometimes seems so small people think it’s not worth it. That is where they are wrong. If they just stuck with it, and gave it time to blossom they would learn that really truly is money in MLM.

Let’s do a What if comparison. Suppose you started an MLM and worked very hard for about 5-6 months. After getting your business started, you look at your checks and find you only earned $200 after expenses. You begin to think about how hard you worked and how little that seems.

On the other hand how much money would you need in savings these days, to produce a return of $200. Most banks, pay in tiers today. I know one of my banks only pays .5 % and that is if you have OVER $50,000 in the account. If you’re lucky you could find a bank paying .6% but again mostly likely you’d need ever more money to get that rate.

Let’s do an conservative average. If I had $200,000 and I was lucky enough to find a bank paying the .6%, I would make a whopping $120 on that money. If I had to settle for .5% its would be only $100. Now if put in $340,000 I would earn $204.

If you went and invested my money in the stock market instead, unless you’ve had better luck than me over the years you may be fortunate to get 5% return. These days that is a good number, but risky at best. Years ago I put $150K into mutual funds in the stock market, and unfortunately, ended up with $60K before I pulled my money out and put into an annuity paying a whopping 4% compounded. That was about 8 or 9 years ago and today it’s worth about $80K or about half what I had before I messed with the stock market. You can see why I don’t like investments.

Think about that $200 you earned, and keep on moving forward as what you built to get to that $200, will continue growing and compound as well. NEVER quit. Keep moving forward and give yourself time. There is really money in MLM over time, if you don’t give up.

I know if I can do this anyone can. I hope to see you at the top one day and celebrate your successes with you.


Opportunity Video

I was impressed with the job Tommy Wyatt did recording this amazing new video that gives a great overview of Send Out Cards.

I hope you enjoy this amazing video.


MLM Is Truly A Great Opportunity

If you’re looking for a home business, you have to find one that fits you.  I’ve been in the Network Marketing  or MLM Industry for over 15 years now. MLM is truly a great opportunity.

In this industry, just like any other, it takes time to learn and grow.  You have to develop skills and stick around long enough to grow your business.   MLM is something that people can start as a home business, for very little up front costs.  They can develop the needed skills and build a side income or even replace their full time income.

Over the years I’ve tried many different type products, from telecommuncations to health and nutrition.   While I enjoyed them and I totally believe in health and nutrition,  I fell in love with a greeting card company.

What I found in my early days of building a business,  is you had to stay in touch with your customers.  If you stay in touch with them, you’ll get referrals and also build a good business.

Over the years, one thing I did to keep my customers was send out cards.   I sent thank you cards, birthday cards, and holiday cards.  I even sent them thinking of you cards.  So when I found  a card company that was an mlm too, it was a great fit for me to add on.

I found that no matter what a person was building, from as storefront to an MLM company, sending cards would improve their business.  I was very excited and joined the card industry, 7 year ago.   It’s been a true blessing.

Find the business right for you.  MLM is a golden opportunity in todays market.  Find a company right for you and get started.

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