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The New IMAC

I’ve been reading a bit lately about the lastest IMAC. It seems to be getting good reviews. I’m considering an upgrade to the 27 inch version.

The reports say that it is much quicker and has had some rave reviews. They say it has a QUAD processor that is 3 times faster than the version I have. I have no idea what that means, but since mine is pretty speedy that has to be really extra speedy.

The only thing holding me back from an upgrade is I’m waiting for the new operating system so I can upgrade all at ones. They say Lion is coming out sometime in the fall, so I guess that’s when I’ll be upgrading.

I’m very grateful for Apple Computers. They have made my life much easier, and with less headaches. I love simple. If you’ve not tried one yet, I highly recommend you get an Apple. You can thank me later.


Waiting on the Iphone 5?

I love MAC’s. I love my IPHONE but I sure would like the next release.

Anyone hear when the IPHONE 5 is coming out? I am waiting with baited breath on it’s release. I had the IPHONE 3. When the GS came out, I had to wait for it. Just as I was able to get that one, I was locked in a new contract and out came the 4.

Well, now I’m contractless (if that’s a word), and waiting for the 5. I’m not planning on signing up for any more contracts until I’m on the front end of the release.

So…. I’m waiting again for Apple. Waiting on the 5. I’m also waiting on Lion, to get the newest IMAC. Why change now and then have to upgrade it in a few months.

Word on the street is a new IPHONE is due out this summer. Anyone know? I’d love to know for sure. Apple is amazing and great but they sure keep secrets about when the next version of things are coming. This time I’ll keep waiting.


ICAL by Apple

Apple has the neatest way of keeping on top of things and making life easier for us all.  Recently they updated announced they would be updating ICal  (the calendar to keep you on top of things).

If you have an IPAD, IPHONE , Macbook or IMAC  you can now keep one calendar, add your even to any of the devices and syne it using Mobile me and you’ll ge right on top of everything.

It’s totally cool.    You simply  get a subscription to Mobile Me, and it keeps everything up for you, just like having your own private virtual assistant.  Never be late or miss an appointment.  Have your calender beep and remind you no matter what device you’re on.

All you have to do is update your new calender  and you’re good to go.  Typical of Apple update is free.

I’m so thankful I made the change to Apple.  I never realized how difficult things were with Windows and their drivers, updates and stuff you need to do to keep on top of things.   Be sure to update your ICAL and enjoy being on top of everything.

Apple ROCKS!


Learning About Your New Mac

Remember, if you just bought a MAC, you can’t hurt it. Experiment and use it. It’s really simple. The hardest thing I had to learn was not to think so hard and just do things logically.

What if you could enjoy the internet without having to constantly reboot your computer when it bogged down? No more defragging, etc. No more clean up constantly. Well with Apple you can just do what you want to do easily.

It does so many things you struggled with in Windows, automatically. Don’t so hard. You can find anything you want with FINDER. Type in a word of a file or even a name of something in a document you’re looking for and “wala” there is a list of all those things you need. Click on the file and it will open the program associated with it.

Apple makes life simple and enjoyable and fun. The neatest thing I’ve found is when I help someone new to mac and show them how to do something by dragging and dropping, or just clicking. Many things you would have had to struggle with in Windows now are simple and easy.

If you signed up for the $99 one on one course when you bought your mac, they will give you weekly lessons, with yourself and your personal teacher. You can go every week and learn as you go. I bet my life though soon you’ll find you don’t even need their help.

I LOVE my MAC. I would never go back to a Windows machine. If you’re reading this and have a new MAC, feel free to contact me if you have a MAC question. It’s just a short learning curve, and soon you’ll be in the wonderful world of no more computer hassles.

I know MAC’s cost a little more but the extra pays for itself 10 times over when you find you don’t have to waste so much money trying to fix all the hassles you have with a windows pc.

That’s my 2 cents on this subject and I’m sticking to it!!!


A Visit To The Apple Store

Before making my own switch, I decided to visit an Apple Store. If you visit one, be sure to find one in your area, and set up a shopping appointment. That does not mean you have to buy one.

Shopping at Apple is a unique experience. You make your appointment and show up with a list of all your questions. The Apple sales team does not make commissions. They are there to educate you and help you with all your questions. They never high pressure you into a sale, in fact, they encourage you to take your time and get all your questions answered first.

I visited several times before buying. What finally made up my mind to buy, was that I could bring in my old PC, and they would move over all my files, so that was no longer a worry.

For my first Apple, I chose the IMAC. It’s a cool desk top that looks like a monitor, however, that is the entire computer. Having gone thru 3 or 4 large computers, that took up space, it was nice to have the added space.

We brought in my old computer, left it with the tech people. While they were making the transfer, we went down to the office store to buy a new laser printer. With your MAC, you have a choice of a ink jet printer most of the time, but I wanted a laser.

In the time we went to the office supply, picked out a printer and returned, we found the transfer done. I was impressed. We took home the IMAC. I was excited to start learning all about it. I also was very surprised how fun and easy it was.

There are also things you can add on to a MAC when you buy one. Things like Mobile Me, the Protection Plan (which includes phone support and help when you’re stuck), and One On One. I’ll share what each is in another post.

If you are considering making the switch to Apple, I highly encourage you to set an appointment, and go take a look. Ask questions. Play with the Apples in the store, and see what you think.


Our First Apple

As I shared, my husband had the first MAC. Still skeptical about changing over, we went and bought him a little MAC mini, about 4-5 years ago. We picked that because he had a monitor, and keyboard and we thought it would be a TEST. He was skeptical because he was not too computer literate, and would be the one starting on the MAC, but he also didn’t want to learn how to reset up the PC ruined by following directions from Microsoft.

I had NEVER set up a MAC in my life. We brought home his MAC, and opened the box. There were a few cords, and a manual about 3 x 5 and 20 or so pages. I plugged in all the plugs and turned it on, expecting to spend all night setting it up.

Surprisingly, we answered a few questions on the computer and not knowing what to do next we called the # the book gave us for help. I asked what next, and was told we were done and could just use the MAC.

The very hardest thing I had to learn was not to try to think so hard. MAC seemed to thing for us. It was very intuitive, almost uncanny.

With the MAC I purchased Microsoft Office, since I was familiar with it. The only difference was it costs less that the PC version. I worked the same, and I found I could exchange spreadsheets with others, and read thing sent to me. I was amazed.

When my husband had his PC, he was forever calling me to fix things he accidentally touched. He called me at least 4-5 times a day. Once he started using the MAC, that ended. Rarely did he have any issues.

That sold me on virtues of Apple. I decided my next PC would be an Apple, yet I was not quite ready to do that yet, because I felt I had a ton of business things on my PC and still thought it would be tough. I was very wrong on that for sure.


Making The Switch From PC’s To APPLE

For many years, I had friends that had apples. I had a PC. I fought with all sorts of things. I learned how to defrag, backup, clear out cookies, temp files, set up multiple virus protection programs. I also learned how to fix most things, although many times my Apple friends would tell me I should move to Apple.

For many years I didn’t. In the back of my mind, I think I believed if I switched, I would spend a lot of time relearning everything. I also didn’t understand how I’d ever see my excel or word documents again.

SO I struggled and fought with Windows for years. I went from Win 3, to Win 95, Win 98, and XP. With each update, something didn’t work right. It would take days and weeks of trying to fix and adjust. Then came “VISTA”. Fortunately I decided NOT to switch. I kept XP.

Even with XP though, a lot of time was wasted anytime I’d buy any new hardware. I also had to take the PC to the shop, and have viruses removed despite the fact that I ran virus software religiously.

I was always one that my job used to use to DEBUG things, because If it was going to break I could break it. I did many things they didn’t think could be done.

Finally, one day my husband had a major PC issue and he called Microsoft. After about 5-6 hours on the phone with techs that barely spoke English, following their directions, his PC ended up trashed. It had 2 operating systems and no files.

I let him Know I was not up to the task of figuring out how to fix, and reinstalling everything, so I told him the choice was his; figure it out him self or buy a MAC. I wanted to see what all the MAC users kept telling me, but wasn’t quite sure I wanted to put my business on hold to relearn everything.

So my husband got the first MAC.

For those of you considering making the transition, I’ll share be sharing what I learned along the way as we are now 100% MAC users.

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