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Relationship Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

Recent changes to US Healthcare Policy may threaten the stability and viability of independent healthcare practices of all disciplines. Increased paperwork, government mandates, and constantly changing regulations swamp individual providers, decreasing their available time to take care of patients.

The changes in healthcare policy have the potential to decrease access to healthcare, increase healthcare expenses, decrease consumer choice, and decrease consumer satisfaction. In addition, there’s a likely stumbling block for healthcare providers launching or running a healthcare practice. Most of them weren’t trained in business skills, including marketing.

If healthcare providers are unsuccessful at running and marketing their own practices, it may have devastating impact on consumer choice options, the economy, and even the health of our nation.

Written by a healthcare professional for healthcare professionals, Community Connections! is the first in a series of books designed to bridge the gap between what healthcare providers are taught in school and how to market a practice in the real world. Using this collection of easy and affordable marketing ideas, any independent healthcare provider can begin forging a strong and genuine connection with potential clients, regardless of previous marketing experience. Following the marketing advice in this concise book could help healthcare professionals build the practice – and life – of their dreams. Please visit www.drkelleypendleton.com to sign up for Dr. Kelley’s FREE healthcare marketing tip of the month or to buy the book.



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For more than ten years, Dr. Kelley Pendleton has worked in the healthcare industry in various capacities—as an employee, business owner, healthcare marketing consultant, mentor, professional speaker, and educator. Dr. Pendleton graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2005 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. She also holds Master’s degrees in Public Health and Alternative Dispute Resolution, as well as Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Human Biology. She currently lives in Mandeville, Louisiana with her fiancé, Michael and their two dogs.

Community Connections!
Relationship Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

By Kelley S. Pendleton, D.C., M.P.H.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 12, 2014
$24.99 Paperback / $9.99 eBook
ISBN: 1495923274 / ISBN 13: 9781495923272
E-ISBN 13: 9781625175601


Using Paid Advertising for Your Business

While a lot of articles and programs say that you can get tons of free traffic and leads for your business, it is easier said then done.  Some of the ancient, now in most cases totally worthless methods of generating “free” traffic are:

  • FFA or Free for All links and link exchanges
  • Email blasts to safe lists (sometimes a small charge, but often free)
  • Consistent posting on free, untargeted, spammed classified sites

A few, mostly free methods, as far as cash outlay, but they do take time and expertise, ways of generating leads are:

  • Craigslist advertising (or other non spammed classified sites)
  • Blogging
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media

However,  some of these methods take a certain expertise and they are not necessarily “free” as they do cost you time, energy, and resources to complete.  If you are a good writer, then you have no cash outlay, but you do have to spend your time, which means it is not totally free.

There is nothing wrong with paid advertising and the best type, online or probably anywhere, is PPC or pay per click advertising, or some type of pay for performance advertising.  This might include buying leads, but unless you have a good source and the leads are targeted you can spend a lot of money and frustration and not get very far.

With Google adwords, PPC, you can ultra target your exact customer profile to your website or phone #, on practically any budget, even $5 a day.  Obviously in most cases you need more than that if you are in a competitive field, but the point is that you can get guaranteed clicks to your site, so you want to be specific and non evasive to the searcher so that when they click they get what they expect and you will have higher conversions.

There is a lot to PPC as far as setting it up, but it is not so complicated that you can’t jump over to Google, and walk through their set up process, and have your ad words account running in a couple hours and clicks and leads coming within a day or so.

If you have been struggling with quality traffic or traffic at all, go a head and give PPC a try, it can make all the difference, and you are guaranteed  TARGETED clicks!


10 Top Methods For Generating FREE MLM Leads

Below you will find 10 common methods to help generate free network marketing leads, many of these ways as you go about your  everyday tasks.

1.  Be sure to have a website with an “opt in” page!  This is CRITICAL!  Your Greeting Card Businesswebsite can give an overview of your business and then simply say “to find out more, enter your email” and have that email forwarded to you.  You now have a method of contacting that lead (their email). You can also use this method by asking for their phone number as well.

2. Create a newsletter geared toward your business that shows your personality. It doesn’t have to be long and you can get content form your company, as well as just your own thoughts and experience.  When people sign up for the newsletter, they opt in to being further contacted about your MLM business (make sure this is stated plainly on the newsletter registration page).

3.  Cold Calling.  Keep in mind that if you are selling personal products and not business products, this process will be more difficult but if it fits your personality, then try it and be consistent.

4.  Treat your e-mail signature as free advertising space and create a signature message that briefly introduces your business and invites people to contact you for more information.  Include your Facebook page, Pinterest link, and any other social media sites you are active on. Place each person who contacts you on your lead list!

5.  Send out a Press Release announcing your business or products.  There are plenty of ways to send out press releases without spending a cent.  What’s more, each press release will contain your contact information which means that the leads will come to you instead of you tracking them down!

6.  Business Referrals both online and off are fantastic places to find free MLM leads.  Your business network probably has a lot of potential clients that would be interested in your services.  Create a reciprocal relationship where you can share leads.

7.  Write articles about your business and submit them to free article directories—the articles can have your website information on them and people who are curious about your business  or product will visit your website and register their information to find out more about your company.

8.  Networking.  Many people go into MLM thinking that it is a great way to do business without having to do the “traditional” business building methods like marketing, sales and networking.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  To really succeed and get free leads, you need to get out into your community and let people know what you do.  Each person you meet can then be turned into a lead!

9.  Register your business with the search engines.  Google’s small business center is free to use and can be a help you generate lots of leads..  When you register with the Google business center, your business will appear at the top of search results for your type of business when people do local searches.  If you attach your website’s link to your listing, you won’t have any trouble generating free MLM leads!

10.  Personal Referrals. Ask your current leads if they know of anyone else who might be interested in your services.  The law of averages says that at if you ask every one of your leads who else might be interested in your business; at least a few of them will give you a few names, numbers or email addresses!

Not all methods might work for you, but some will, and if you are consistent at 3-4 of these techniques, you will slowly start filling your funnel by generating free business leads!


How to Build Your Holiday Marketing List

Should You Send Holiday Cards to Customers?

When Autumn starts and the holiday season rolls around, it can be one of the craziest times for a business.  Depending on your business, it may be one of your busiest times of year if you are in hospitality, retail, or other industries that boom when Christmas season starts.  It can also be a slow time of year if you are in and industry like construction, insurance, financial services and any other industries that typically have a slow down during the holidays.  While  it can be crazy between work and personal obligations, the holiday season is also a huge opportunity for any business to start building better relationships with customers, gaining more referrals, and preparing for bigger profits in the new year.

Custom Greeting Cards OnlineOne of the best ways to connect with your customers, past  and present, is to send out holiday greeting cards.  While some “experts” say it is a waste of time to send cards and gifts during the crazy Christmas season, they are very short sighted.  People appreciate them, and they open them.  Not only that but you can also send Thanksgiving and New Year’s cards in addition to a Christmas card, where you will not be competing with so much “clutter”.  However, don’t not send cards just because  a few people say it is not worth it.  In most cases, consumers only receive two to four greeting cards a year from businesses.  Trust me, you need to be one of those that they read, and trust me that a couple of greeting cards from other companies is not “clutter” or ignored!

So how do you go about choosing who and what to send this holiday season?  Here are a few tips on building your marketing list for sending Christmas greeting cards and Christmas gifts to your customers.

  1. Determine your budget for sending cards and gifts this holiday season.
  2. Compile a list of all the people you want to send a card too.  This should be personal, business, partners, associates, etc.  If you can compile this list in a spreadsheet it will be a tremendous help!
  3. Next, segment out all your personal contacts from customers and business associates.
  4. If you are in an industry where you hundreds of customers to send too, but do not have the budget for all of them, then start with the most recent  customers and work your way back. Also, make sure your most valuable paying customers get a card as well.
  5. If you are in an industry that has high dollar products or services like vehicles, law services, etc, you may want to consider sending a gift card to a local restaurant or event in the card.  Not only does this help local small businesses, but it makes you stand out from the crowd, and in the future that small business that you used to give out their gift cards, will send you referrals themselves as a thank you.
  6. Consider sending a different message to customers who are more recent, under a year, than those who are older customers you are trying to get back in connection with.

Once you have made your list, the easiest thing to do is use an online greeting card company like Send Out Cards, where you can upload your contacts, upload a custom signature and font, and then choose a stock Christmas card or create a custom one, enter your message, and then click send.   This will allow you to send one or a thousand, basically any number of cards with one click.  The system will simply merge in the details of the customers from your list, and the cards will be printed, include your signature, stamped, stuffed, and sent.  Very easy, and in only a few minutes.

Holiday Greeting Cards

You can also use the same service to send gifts with your card, whether they are for personal or business contacts.  You can send anything from gourmet cookies to expensive watches.  The service is awesome and simple.  You can also use it ongoing for marketing, as your database will already be created.

Any business owner, secretary, or sales person who is looking to build better relationships with their current and past clients, generate more referrals and sales, and want to do it easily but still with a personal touch, Send Out Cards is they way to go.  You can click here and see quickly how easy it is to create a card and send it right now.  Don’t wait, go create a card now, and then get all of your holiday greeting cards customized and in the mail in a matter of minutes!


Increasing Traffic and Leads Through Blogging

I have written a couple articles about how a blog can be your first website or web presences in order to help you get a quick jump start with your business.  I also want to discuss how blogging on a consistent basis help you build targeted traffic for your business or lead site and help you grow your business and build relationships with prospects and current customers.

Ok, so more on how to actually blog! 

As you probably know or have “heard” blogs are  proven to be very effective  for building a network marketing business or any business for that matter. The key to generating mlm blog traffic is to post useful, targeted, and engaging content frequently by submitting your blog to directories, search engines and social bookmarking sites. So lets discusses how to generate ongoing mlm blog traffic.


Blogs are excellent for online network marketing.. In network marketing, the key to success is to build and maintain relationships with people who you can help.. The informal nature of blogs makes them easy to read and so the response is also more than what is generated by a normal website. It also takes the pressure off of you to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author!  All you need to do is speak/write about  topics of interest to you and your target audience.

Blogs are easy to produce and their heavy content makes them perfect for getting business. Also, adding new content to a blog is very easy. Network marketers need to communicate with customers and prospects on a regular basis and reviewing and adding new material to a website in the traditional sense is often difficult and time-consuming.

Blogging remedies this issue and has appeal to many people due to their simplicity and dynamic nature. Building relationships with prospects and customers and informing them about tools, solutions and products can be done easily through postings on a blog. It is a great way to educate and motivate existing team members.

The subject of your MLM blog can be anything that will benefit and educate network marketers and business opportunity seekers. Your blog can also be targeted to get new customers  or prospects by talking about important issues they may have, and then providing a solution.

Blogs work two ways, because of the fresh, desired content, over time your search rankings will increase bringing more traffic. The second way, is that when people do reach your site or blog, they will get to know “you” and they will see you as an expert and contributor to helping them solve their problems.

There are may ways to tun your blog, so mix it up. If you do not want to post articles or run out of business or product related content,  you can  post about personal likes, hobbies, etc, and even talk about your own unique experiences of the product or program that you are promoting, on an ongoing basis. You could also write your own unique review of the program, mentioning both the major benefits and features of the program, and any slight faults inherent in the program for added credibility readers will appreciate your honesty as most so-called reviews are nothing more than hyped-up sales pitches. This will give your blog more credibility, which is an excellent way to increase mlm blog traffic.

There are literally a ton of options!

You can even have guest writers or hire ghost writers if you need even more content, or your readers are interested in content you do not have an expertise.  Remember, every piece of content you post, is helping you in search engines, build credibility, and build relationships.  One last note, to get the best results for search rankings and traffic, have a purpose for your blog.  Plan out your posts and articles.  Be sure to use keywords in them that people you want to attract will be searching on.  Also, post your content to other social media sites and link back to your blog.

If your blog is on a separate site from your main site, be sure to point to your main lead generation or product site, from your blog posts.

Have fun with it, and take action!


What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is simply using good quality content that is useful and of interest to your prospective customer or opportunity seeker, to get their google-seoattention, inform them, and ideally send them to your site or phone number for more information or to buy.  The advantages to content marketing, is other than time creating it, is free or low cost, and you can add your own personality and style to start building your brand online.

If you are currently marketing your business online and have not put a great deal of thought into the content on your website, you may be making an incredibly costly mistake. The content on your website is invaluable for a number of reasons. First of all it gives visitors to your website their first impression of your business and the products and services you offer. Well written  and thought out content can be instrumental in selling your products and services to your potential customers. Finally, the content on your website can influence the size of the target audience you are able to reach by helping to improve your search engine rankings.

The quality of the content on your website is  important is because visitors to your website will likely form their initial opinions of your website based on the content on your website. If the copy is poorly written, does not hold the visitors attention and does not promote your products and services well visitors are likely to exit your website without making a purchase. This does not mean that you have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner.  If you are passionate and knowledgeable about your product, service, or opportunity, there is no one better qualified to write about it!

However there is a couple instances where you may want to hire a writer.  One, if you need more content than you can personally produce, and two, if you need sales copy.

Well written sales copy should  be persuasive and  compel visitors to the website to purchase the products or services offered on the website.  Sales copy is different then content that is simply to inform, teach, or build relationships, and it is not a strength of many people, so this is an area that you will most likely hire someone to write for you. This is important especially if the main purpose of the website is to sell the products or services. The sales copy should accurately describe the products or services offered, stress the importance of these products and services and compel the visitor to make a purchase. All of this should be done without appearing to be blatantly advertising the products and services. Writing this type of copy can be quite complicated and typically requires hiring a sales copywriter who is experienced and skilled at writing this type of informative and persuasive content. Sales copy written by an amateur or an inexperienced writer will not likely be as effective as copy written by a professional with a great deal of experience in Internet marketing.

Finally, content marketing is not limited to just your site.  Publish your content on blog sites, social media sites, article directories and more.  This helps you get more targeted search traffic back to your website, and ideally more conversions!


Questions to Help You Qualify a Prospect

In other articles I have spoken about how important it is to qualify your prospects so that you only spend your valuable time on those who have true potential to join and  help build your team.  Some people are wondering, what type of questions do you ask them to find out if they are a quality prospect?

Here are few examples of questions you can ask. 

Prospecting QuestionsHow many hours a week can you commit to growing your business?  If they cannot commit any time, then they are not serious.  They should not  give excuses.  If they say they only have 5 hours a week, then that is fine, that is what you work with, but they need to give a firm commitment on how much time they can spend, and not be wishy washy, or say they “might” or thy will “try”, they need to say they can and will!

How much can you invest per month in marketing and lead generation to grow your business? 

They need to have some type of budget, even if it is only enough to print and hand out fliers or to do $50 in pay per click a month.  They need to have some commitment.

How much do you want to make a month in your first 6 months? 

Set some expectations and see where your prospect stands, and if their goals are realistic in respect with the time and money they can commit.  You can reword this question to e 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.  As a matter of fact it is best to get them to commit to several milestones.

There are many other questions you can ask or variations of the above.  The key is to get a feel for their enthusiasm and commitment.  But note, not all will be super enthusiastic at first, many will need to be more educated or have fears eased.  However, if they can give these base commitments on any level, and have goals, they are a qualified prospect you should continue to work with over time, vs. those who are simply looking to get rich overnight.


Getting Your Site Ranked in Google Places

If you do not already know, Google Places (formally Google Maps), is the google placeslistings in Google that pop up with the little red map marker or balloon, when you search for a local business.  If you service local customers, you NEED to be listed.  It is like free traffic and leads that you are throwing away if you are not listed.  It is pretty simple to get listed, but if you have a lot of competition you may want to hire a professional Google Places marketer to optimize and keep your listing fresh and in the top four.  But for now, how do you get listed?

Step One:

Go to  www.google.com/local/add/businessCenter and choose to add your listing.  Then simply step through their form following these tips.

Your business or company name. Make sure your company / organization’s name is listed exactly as it appears in the offline world. Do not include additional keywords such as the city because this violates the guidelines. You DO NOT want to violate the guidelines. Play by the rules!

Step Two:

Add your phone number. Make sure it is the phone number you want potential clients/ customers to reach you at.  Add any toll free and fax numbers you have as well. The more contact information – the easier you can be reached.

Step 3:

Your email address. Do not use your personal email address, use a business email address.  If you do not really have one, get a free gmail account.

Step 4:

Add your website. Include http:// as well when you add your website.

Step 5:

Categories. Include all the categories that are relevant to your business. Do not be deceptive and add your most desired ones first.  Some people recommend only adding 4 to start and then going back later, as there is an approval process.  Don’t keyword stuff!

Step 6:

Hours of Operation. This is obvious, put your hours of operation. If you are not open to the public, choose that option.  Google sometimes changes the form, and sometimes it looks different from person to person if they are beta testing new ideas, so if something differs from this checklist, simply follow Google’s lead.

Step 7:

Payment methods. Do you accept Mastercard, but not American Express? That’s something you may want people to know before they come to your business. Also, the more payment methods you accept, the more professional and the more flexibility your customers have.

Step 8:

There is a section that allows you to display additional information about your business. If you have something unique that will make a customer select you or might interest them, put it in there.

Step 9:

Photos. This is important, put a couple in, but it is not critical to add a bunch or even a video right at the start.  Actually, many professionals say to just put the basics in, get approved, get your pin code, and then go back and add more once you are listed.  This actually can help you get listed higher over time as it shows an active listing.

Step 10:

Reviews.  These are important.  Once your google listing is up, email some customers and ask them to review you.  Give them your link.  Ask them for an honest  review.  If you have a large customer database, only ask a few at a time.  You want reviews over time, not 50 at once.  It needs to look natural.  A couple reviews a week to start is fine.

That’s all there is to it – go get listed!



What is Relationship Marketing?

Simply put, relationship marketing puts the word custom back in customer.   It seems pretty simple , right? It seems to be a no brainer, but relationship marketing relatively rare in  business and marketing circles.  The focus now is on attracting customers rather than keeping them – a term referred to as offensive marketing.  It is absolutely crazy that businesses no longer have a focus of keeping existing customers, or even a balance between generating new customers and keeping current ones. Relationship marketing will make all the difference in the world, not to mention it can save you and your business money.

Relationship marketing evolved from direct response marketing in the 1960’s, emerging in the 80’s to become a system that places emphasis on building longer term relationships with  customers rather than simply a single transaction.  This marketing philosophy means that you understand the customer’s needs as they change and go through their buying life cycle.  Put another way, offering a range of products/services, as your customers need change and they actually need those products or services.

Why is focusing on your existing customers be more profitable?  Many reasons. If you’re constantly spending money and resources to land new clients, you aren’t paying attention to your loyal customers – the ones who are keeping you in business now.  This means you are losing out on their business, and the referrals they can send your way.

This is called churn and burn, or the customers who won’t come back to you if you alienate them.  Another term for trying to keep customers and increase their loyalty is called defensive marketing. Customers who have already bought something from you are your bread and butter, your key to continued profitability. Bottom line?  You NEED them and can’t afford to lose them.  They are your assets.  And you value assets and treat them accordingly. Customer loyalty is worth A LOT of  money to your business, since the cost of keeping an existing customer is only about 10 per cent of the cost of getting a new one.

The key here is to pay attention to your current customers, use greeting cards, post cards, Facebook updates, and more to do this.  It needs to be a mix of ALL of The Above, not just  FB, email , or something free.  Take the time to drop a card in the mail a few times a year.  You can do this very inexpensive, and it will get opened, and the results are fabulous.  I have many articles on using greeting cards to build your relationship marketing strategy and new business referrals.  Read them.  Implement them!