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Get Moving More

If you’re like me, you’re not exactly a health junky. In fact, many times I say I’m allergic to exercise. It’s much easier to lay on the beach, or sit around than to get all hot and sweaty
in some gym.

I finally found something that will keep me motivated to move and actually see results.
I promised in my last article to let the world know about this little item that will show you how to get moving more. It’s called a fitbit. It helps you to get moving more.

IF you’re like me, you’ve probably never heard of a fitbit. One of my team mates posted on facebook about many steps she’d taken according to her fitbit. I asked her what a fit bit was and she told me. It’s a great way to see if you’re as active as you think you might be.

I went there and watched all the information and decided it was just what I needed. I saw they offered free shipping but I didn’t want to wait, so I went down to the local Best Buys and picked one up the next day.

I had this thing only 2 weeks and could tell a big difference. I lost it and immediately went and bought a 2nd one. I found out that Best Buys were no longer carrying them. I did find them at the Apple store. Later I found Brookstones, Target and Staples carry them.

You can add in your friends, and it will track what you’re doing to what they are doing, which motivates you as well. if you know like me that we all need to be more active but you hate exercise, I highly recommend you get a fitbit. If you do, and want me to add you to my friends list so we can encourage each other just let me know. Lets get moving more and encourage each other.


The Secret To Losing Weight

How many people want to know the secret to losing weight? There really is no secret, it’s quite simple. Eat healthy foods, and move more. If it’s that simple, why do we have such an overweight society? Weight loss is not always easy.

I’ve found in my life that things that are simple to do are sometimes easier NOT to do. It’s all about choices. Sometimes it’s so much more tempting to have that big bowl of ice cream and greasy hamburgers for lunch or dinner, than a nice salad and a piece of fruit.

It’s also much easier to plop down in front of your computer or tv, than it is to go out for a walk or get your body to the gym. People say they want to lose weight, yet sometimes, I think they may want to, but are not willing to put forth the effort to make lost those excess pounds.

People buy into all these easy deals pitched online, Pills, Shakes or whatever. They get on them for a short time and lose weight but they never stay with them for the long haul. Once they quit taking those things, the weight comes back on and then some.

If you are one that does want to lose weight, and keep it off, believe me when you already know the secret to losing weight. In my next post, I’m going to share a cool little gadget that will help you be honest with yourself….. and show you exactly what you’re doing, each day.

You can lose that weight if you truly want to.



I want to thank all you great online people, promoting shakes, protein drinks and weight loss products. Over the years, I’ve tried many or most of those products and lost weight. They did work when I stuck to the norm of 2 shakes, one meal a day and lots of exercise.

The only problem I had when I went back to eating normal food 3 times a day I gained all the weight back and then some. I was like a yoyo for years. I went up and down, started and stopped “diets” I was not a gym person so really didn’t like that type of exercise.

Unfortuntely, after I lost weight, I burned out and could not bring myself to live on a diet of shakes forever. Once I went back to eating, the weight came back. I was trapped into a yoyo cycle. From the latest rounds of promotions and challenges I’ve seen online, and on TV, I was inspired to do something about getting off the excess pounds. I have had several health challenges and I knew I needed so lose the weight. Your promotions challenged me to THINK and look at alternatives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for inspring me to find another way. Your online challeges inspired me, as I saw so much talk about losing weight. I also saw many awesome looking photos of thin people. The only problem is many of them I knew were already thin before but they were an inspiration to me to get to look like them, so I used the photos you posed as an incentive.

I’m happy to say as of the end of August (90 days after starting my first 90 day challenge to myself) I was down 25 pounds. I was very thrilled with that as I did it my way. My way is a totaly new way of living life FOREVER. I counted the 90 days as you advertised to see what I can do in a 90 day block doing it my way. It worked. Now I’ll see what I can do for a 2nd 90 days.

I do have to admit something to you. I didn’t use those tablets, or weight loss shakes you may have talked about. I looked into those at first, however, I told myself “STOP”. I knew I’d tried that before, and this time I was looking for a weight loss I could maintain for life.

I also am more health conscious since I have some heart problems. I’ve learned to be better at reading labels and studying what I eat. The only shakes I found were loaded with SOY, Whey and many things that were not too healthy for me. So, I found an alternative challenge and lost my weight on my own plan. :))) Since I’m not selling any weight loss products, I have nothing to gain or lose by sharing.

If you want to know how I lost 25 pounds and how I’m doing on my 2nd 90 day challenge which should go thru the holidays, feel free to contact me. Just fill in the form on my blog and I’ll share my secret with you. I also will have NOTHING to gain by sharing with you, so you can feel free to chat with me.

My vision and goal is to lose another 25 pounds by year end, and enjoy the holidays as I do it. Remember, losing weight, building a business, or anything you want to accomplish must start in your own mind first. You make up your mind, set a plan, work that plan and succeed.

There is nothing wrong with doing things your way. The only thing to remember, is you have to decide to do something DIFFERENT that what you are doing now. If you are overweight and know it, and want to lose, what you’re eating now is killing you. You have to be willing to change and know that the change is FOREVER. It’s nothing you start and stop, it’s a lifestyle.



There are so many diets around that most everyone has tried dieting at one point in their live.  I tend to try out them all, but sooner or later I fall back on old ways and habits.  How about you?

Over the years,  I’ve tried every diet known to man and probably some never heard of.   Who doesn’t want to lose weight?   Most of the diets did work when you stick with them, but when you went back to normal eating,  the weight will usually come back.   Many times more comes back with it.


I’ve tried the Atkins Diet, diets with shakes, diets with pills,  sugarbusters diet.   I’ve been to place where they have you eat only their food.     I’ve found that really,  NONE of them are for the long haul.   If I had back all the money I’ve spent on diets,  it would be a pretty penny.
I have found ONE that does work, where you eat real food.  You can eat anything you want in fact.   I started on this one with a good friend about 3 months ago.   I’ll keep let you know what it is and keep you up to date on how we’re doing. as we go along.   There is hope for everyone!!!


Do You Need To Lose Weight?

I see American’s are getting out of shape.  Myself included.  I decided to do something about it a few weeks ago and I’m sticking to it.  I’m down 17 pounds.

Do you need to lose weight?

I challenged my son, who also needed to lose weight.   As of today, he lost 10 pounds.  His wife lost 2  and daughter 4.   They are learning to eat right and exercise.

I’m working on my new body and life.  How about you?  IF I can do it so can you!  Stay away from fad diets, and those things where you eat their food, or drink their milk shakes.  You can lose with pills and potents, however I’ve never seen anyone lose and not gain it back when they went back to eating.

Hope to see less of you too.



Weight Watchers Works

A few weeks ago,  I started to check out Weight Watchers.   Today it’s been 9 weeks since I first went to their meeting.  It was the best decision I ever made.  I invited a friend to go with me and it’s cool as we can share ideas and stay in touch.

Today we weighed in and I’m down a total of 16 pounds in 9 weeks.  The only thing I’ve done different, it use their online / phone ap to track what I eat.   I can eat all I want as long as I track it.  I also can eat Fruit and Vegetables and they do not count any points.    They teach you to eat normal portion sizes and  that’s about it.

I’ve found this is an amazing program because  they help you learn how to make better choices.  Over the years, I’ve tried every diet known to man, and seriously I lost but I gained weight back when I went off the program.

Many people have approached me with their programs.   Most of the time their program involved drinking 2 shakes a day and one small meal.   IF not a shake, they have some sort of pill that is supposed to be magic.   I’ve tried them all and religiously drank the shakes and/or took the pill.

I lost weight, but who is ever going to stay on milkshakes the rest of their lives.  It does not work.  It’s short term thinking.

What I love about the Weight Watchers program is that they teach you what to eat and how to eat.  They teach us to make better choices.  They give you suggestions and what to do, and the weekly meetings educate you.

If you are serious about losing weight I would highly recommend Weight Watchers.  I will keep you updated from time to time on my progress.   I just challenged my son to take this and he loves challenges.  I’d like to challenge  you to give it a shot and see if it doesn’t work for you as well.

You  may find Weight Watcher works for you as well..


It’s Time To Downsize.

I decided it’s time to downsize.

I was intrigued with the information from Weight Watchers, that I looked into a month or so ago.   I decided to join, and did so about 4 weeks ago with a friend.   I thought I’d keep everyone updated over time to see if and how it works.

One main thing I noticed,  is it really seems to make you think before eating anything.  You can have anything you want just within reason, and their serving sizes.   It seems to work, as I’ve been going now for about 4 weeks with a friend as well.  In that time I’ve lost 8 pounds, and my friend has lost approximately the same.

One of the main things I learned, is  most restaurants  and places we go serve portions that are 2-3 times more than we need.  I’ve learned to just eat smaller portions.  It makes it easy because Weight Watchers has a phone ap that does all the tracking, and before you go to eat something,  you can look up the point value.   You can also have all the fruits and vegetables you want so you’re really not hungary.

I think it’s probably one of the better plans I’ve seen because they teach you  how to monitor what you eat and it’s much healthier.  If you want to lose weight, check around your area to see if they have a weight watchers near you.


Lose Weight

I think most of America wants to lose weight.  Just look around.  You see ads all over selling some magic pill or potient to lose weight.   A lot of times people buy into those things,  follow directions and lose a little.  However, as soon as they quite using the product sold, they gain it back.

I was so impressed by my friends weight loss that I went and joined Weight Watchers, with another friend.  It’s going to be an ongoing learning experience.  I was shocked when I learned the portion sizes.     They are MUCH smaller than I ever realized.

They give you a choice.  You can eat anything you want but you have to get in a certain number of balanced foods.  After 2 weeks  following their directions, I’ve lost 7 pounds so far.   The hardest thing for me is getting in all the types of foods they want.  They even want you to have “healthy oils” , dairy,  vegetables, and fruits.

I decided I just need to relearn how to eat the right sizes and also change my choices, so I’m eating healthier.  I’ll check in and keep you posted on how it goes.

They do have a cool new ap, so you can track things right from your phone.  It makes life easier.



Weight Watchers

I had an old friend from elementary school, catch up with me about a year or so ago. We met for lunch and caught up on old times. It was a lot of fun.

We vowed to stay in touch, and we have met for lunch several times, before she left the state for her 2nd home. She lives in the north 6 or 7 month of the year and then in Florida the rest of the time.

About 2 months ago, we met for lunch again, and I was stunned. She had lost about 25 pounds and was thin and trim. I asked her what she had done to lose all that weight, and she said she went to Weight Watchers.

I thought a little about that, and realized that most people I see that lose weight and keep it off, seem to go to Weight Watchers. I have been there myself over the years, a few times and it does work if you stick with it.

Obviously I didn’t. LOL LOL I guess I’ll give it another try, and I’ll keep you all posted with things I learn. I guess if you want to do anything, you have to stick with it. :))


As The Years Go By The Weight Seems To Creep Up

It seems as the years go by the weight seems to creep up. I wish it didn’t.

I have watched many people go on fad diets, where they give up eating and drink just meal replacement shakes or just give up eating. The main thing I notice, is they dolose weight, but then when they return to normal eating, the weight creeps back on, and then some.

I wish I had an answer for that. I’ve done some of the same type things myself before I realized it is not worth doing anything that you don’t plan to do forever and ever. If you drink meal replacement shakes, do you plan on doing that forever?

If you don’t once you go back to normal foods the weight comes back on. So what do we do about it?