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Christmas Tree

There were two blondes who went deep into the frozen woods searching
for a Christmas tree.

After hours of subzero temperatures and a few close calls with hungry
wolves, one blonde turned to the other and said, “I’m chopping down the next
tree I see. I don’t care whether it’s decorated or not!”


Holidays are on the Horizon

It’s that time of year again. Next week all the Ghosts and Goblins will be out. Following that people will be out gobbling up turkeys, then comes good old St Nick. I don’t know where the year went but this is a great imd to think about the Holidays.

Here is a cute video that will show you some ways you can make your life easier this season.
Click to watch.

If you’d like to try out this system, just drop me a note and I will set up a free account for you, to take a test drive. Let someone know you care about this this holiday season and make your life a bit easier. Look forward to helping you!


Do You Ever Need To Get Addresses?

Do you ever need to get addresses from family and friends or business partners. Do you write them down and lose your list and just never get them added to your address book? I know I used to and it was quite a chore.

Some friends of mine came up with a brilliant solution. With this simple little tool, you can easily have those you know fill in their own information and then you can send them cards, gifts, invitations or thank you’s and have all your addresses in one place. You can even print out labels, and or envelopes right from the site.

Travis and Jackie made this website last year when they were trying to collect everyones addresses for their wedding and it was a nightmare. They were getting lists from Jackie’s mother, Travis’s mother, people on Facebook and it was a joke! They wanted one place to have everyones addresses that were organized and easy to use. They didn’t want to go around to every person and ask for their address, then try and remember it later. So we decided there needed to be a website that was a useful tool for everyone and solved a problem. Thus, was born! is a website for people to easily and securely collect all their family and friends addresses. It’s great to use for wedding invites, baby blessings, graduations or just a great way to have all your closest friends addresses. It’s easy to use and saves tons of time! All you do is sign up, and in a few simple steps, you have your own personalized website. You get a unique URL that you can share with friends and family so they can go on and fill out their information. The entries you get are organized for you, and you can sort them how you want. You want to be able to keep family and coworkers separate? No Problemo! Tags make it easy to organize different addresses so you can easily find all your different groups (Friends, family, coworkers, etc.)! You can then easily print on envelopes or print labels and send invitations, birthday cards or just to say hello! It’s a great tool whether you use it one time for your wedding, or just a way to keep all your friends and families addresses.

The best part is they are sharing this with anyone that has a need to collect addresses. I set up my own account for anyone that wants to send me their address. So if you would like to hear from me, fill out this form. It will put your contact information into my personal address book and I can stay in touch.

If you’d like to create your OWN address book, simply set it up here. ENJOY!


Valentines Day

We’re getting close to Valentines Day. It’s time to start thinking about spending time with that special someone.

Just in time for the holiday, we have added a line of flowers, dish gardens and fancy candy, including carmel covered apples and chocolate covered strawberries. The best part is we do everything for you.

You pick a card, type a message or include photos, and add the gifts of your choice and hit send. We make the card you ordered, include the gift and take care of handling and shipping and make you look like the star.

I can even show you how you can get paid to use the service and share with others. If you’re interested in making extra cash or just pleasing that special someone, take a peek today

There is a video there that will show you all around. Have a wonderful holiday with your special someone.


How to Use Relationship Marketing in Your MLM

I wrote another article about general relationship marketing for any business.  Here is an excerpt of the definition of relationship marketing and the article:

“What Is Relationship Marketing?”

Simply put, relationship marketing puts the word custom back in customer.  Thanking Customers With Greeting Cards It seems pretty simple , right? It seems to be a no brainer, but relationship marketing relatively rare in  business and marketing circles.  The focus now is on attracting customers rather than keeping them – a term referred to as offensive marketing.  It is absolutely crazy that businesses no longer have a focus of keeping existing customers, or even a balance between generating new customers and keeping current ones. Relationship marketing will make all the difference in the world, not to mention it can save you and your business money.

Relationship marketing evolved from direct response marketing in the 1960’s, emerging in the 80’s to become a system that places emphasis on building longer term relationships with  customers rather than simply a single transaction.  This marketing philosophy means that you understand the customer’s needs as they change and go through their buying life cycle.  Put another way, offering a range of products/services, as your customers need change and they actually need those products or services.

You can read the complete article here.

So how do you apply this in your MLM with your downline?

Some people might think that once you have signed up a new downline member your job is done.  We all know that is not true. But, maybe you help them get started, they have a couple sign ups and then you are done, right?

Absolutely not!

Whether your new team members take off fast or get cold feet and stand still, you need to continue to “market” to them.  Yes, even AFTER they have joined.  You do this by continuing to build a relationship through FB, email, newsletters, and most importantly, physical greeting cards to check in on them, encourage them, wish them a happy birthday, send condolences as needed, and more.

By utilizing greeting cards in your relationship marketing with your downline, you will keep them engaged, and eventually your sleepers may “wake up” and become incredible producers where you once thought they were dormant or not going to contribute.  More importantly, you are showing care and concern form them as a person, not just a business associate or potential income, and this type of attitude of caring and concern will make you more successful personally and business wise in the long run.  Click here to send a card to someone in your organization right now!


Five Secret Tips for Sending Christmas Cards to Clients or Associates

When that time of year rolls around, and you see all the holiday gift catalogs hitting your desk or emails hitting your in box, you know its time to plan and send out greeting cards to your customers.  While some people are now advising companies not to send Christmas cards because there is too much going on and their message gets lost in the shuffle, that is the wrong way to think.  However, there are some innovative tips that will help you build better relationships when you send holiday cars out this year.

What are they?

Personalize the card!

Custom Holiday Cards

Custom Holiday Cards

Even if you get custom cards printed, you still need to write a brief message if you know something about that customer, even if it is only a couple sentences, and you NEED to SIGN the card.  Printed Business Names do not cut it!  Now, you can use printed signatures, and you can have your business information below your signature, but the card needs to be personalizes to have maximum effect.  This might sound time consuming, but at the end of this brief article, I am going to show you how  to do this very easily, right from your computer, and achieve a lot more results from your cards than every before!


You are not sending a card to sell your customers.  You are sending the Christmas greeting card to build relationship and let them know they matter to you.  This is important.  Yes, it is okay to have your business information, subtly in the card, but do not sell them.  You can also have a discount offer or offer them a free gift if they drop in your location or call between a certain time frame.  However it needs to be legit and sincere, not a ploy.

Consider TWO Holiday Greeting Cards

Yes, consider sending two cards this season.  Send one that will get there in time for Christmas, and then send another card either for thanks giving, a giving thanks card, thanking them for being your customer, or a New Years Card, wishing them a prosperous new year. Be sure to include your contact information below your personalize signature.

Consider Sending a Gift

Depending on how large your list is, consider sending a nice gift to your customers or associates.  If your list is so large that it is not

Send a Gift!

Send a Gift!

feasible to so this financially, then choose your top three, five, or ten customers or associates, and send them a gift along with your card.  This is also easy to do online, and ads a special touch that will make sure you are noticed and build your relationship with the recipient.

Send a Photo Card

If you have a business where your clients or associates often come in contact with you or many of your staff, then consider taking a group picture of your employees, and possibly their families, and use this as a custom card to  your customers.  Have all the employees sign the card if possible, and perhaps have them write a little greeting.  This is not hard, have them all sign a piece of card stock paper, then scan it to turn it into a graphic, and have it printed in your cards so that they don’t have to sign all the cards individually if there are a large amount of Christmas cards to be sent out.

Okay, above you have five great tips on how to get the most out of the Christmas Cards your customers.  Now, how do you make it easier, especially if you have hundreds of cards to send?

First, check out this article on how to make you Business Christmas Card list.  Then, go to and  send a custom card to someone, anyone, right now!  It will only take about 3 minutes.  Once you see how easy it is to create a card and send it, then you can talk to your account manager, or just sign up, create your card, and then upload your contact list and click send.  You can send 10 or 1,000 cards all at one time!   These are real cards that will be printed, stuffed, stamped, addressed, and mailed.

This system will allow you to ad custom photos, or use a stock holiday card.   It will also allow you to insert your personal signature, and if you wish to customize the message to the recipient.  If you have hundreds of holiday cards to send, then you can simply type in a message that will look like your handwriting, and the system will then use your contact list to merge the fields and send the cards out personalized to each recipient, but all in one click for you!

Finally, if you have some clients, partners, or associates that you would like to send a nice gift too, you can also attach anything from nice watches to gourmet goodies to your card, and have it send in  a nice gift box right to your customers address!

Take the stress out of sending cards today.  Click here.


Stress Free Christmas Cards

It is that crazy time of year again! The leaves have changed in the cooler climates and the temperatures have dropped a bit in the warm climates. Some places are even getting a jump start on winter snow. Yes, Christmas and the crazy holiday season is here!


Send Custom Christmas Cards Online

Along with all the shopping, parties, family visits, and travels, there is one task that MUST be done – getting your Christmas cards in the mail! Some people dread doing this, others look forward to reconnecting with old friends and family, or even writing family newsletters to let people know what they have been up to. It is also a time of family pictures that are often turned into Holiday Greeting Cards and Christmas Cards.

As much as many people dread sending cards, others love it, and recipients love receiving them. In an internet age of e cards and email greetings, people still like the special, personal touch of receiving a physical card in the mail for the holidays.

You can go to the store and buy a box of cards, and sit down and write each one out, address it, stamp it, and mail it, or you can also use Send Out Cards, to easily create a custom Christmas card, or use one of their hundreds of stock cards, type or personal greeting, even add pictures if you like, and then simply type in the address, and click send. Send Out Cards will then print, stuff, address, stamp, and send your card to all your recipients in a click of a mouse!mouse

It really is that easy, and they are awesome, high quality cards. If you are sending the same message to everyone, you can send even faster! Click here to send a card for free and see just how easy it really is!

You can also send gourmet gifts and high end gifts with your cards making the Christmas season a breeze, and taking the stress out of shopping and sending Christmas Greeting Cards so that you have time to enjoy the holiday season. Don’t wait, click now and see just how easy it is to customize and send Christmas greeting cards today, and you will never go back to the long drawn out process of handwriting and addressing each individual greeting card!


How to Build Your Holiday Marketing List

Should You Send Holiday Cards to Customers?

When Autumn starts and the holiday season rolls around, it can be one of the craziest times for a business.  Depending on your business, it may be one of your busiest times of year if you are in hospitality, retail, or other industries that boom when Christmas season starts.  It can also be a slow time of year if you are in and industry like construction, insurance, financial services and any other industries that typically have a slow down during the holidays.  While  it can be crazy between work and personal obligations, the holiday season is also a huge opportunity for any business to start building better relationships with customers, gaining more referrals, and preparing for bigger profits in the new year.

Custom Greeting Cards OnlineOne of the best ways to connect with your customers, past  and present, is to send out holiday greeting cards.  While some “experts” say it is a waste of time to send cards and gifts during the crazy Christmas season, they are very short sighted.  People appreciate them, and they open them.  Not only that but you can also send Thanksgiving and New Year’s cards in addition to a Christmas card, where you will not be competing with so much “clutter”.  However, don’t not send cards just because  a few people say it is not worth it.  In most cases, consumers only receive two to four greeting cards a year from businesses.  Trust me, you need to be one of those that they read, and trust me that a couple of greeting cards from other companies is not “clutter” or ignored!

So how do you go about choosing who and what to send this holiday season?  Here are a few tips on building your marketing list for sending Christmas greeting cards and Christmas gifts to your customers.

  1. Determine your budget for sending cards and gifts this holiday season.
  2. Compile a list of all the people you want to send a card too.  This should be personal, business, partners, associates, etc.  If you can compile this list in a spreadsheet it will be a tremendous help!
  3. Next, segment out all your personal contacts from customers and business associates.
  4. If you are in an industry where you hundreds of customers to send too, but do not have the budget for all of them, then start with the most recent  customers and work your way back. Also, make sure your most valuable paying customers get a card as well.
  5. If you are in an industry that has high dollar products or services like vehicles, law services, etc, you may want to consider sending a gift card to a local restaurant or event in the card.  Not only does this help local small businesses, but it makes you stand out from the crowd, and in the future that small business that you used to give out their gift cards, will send you referrals themselves as a thank you.
  6. Consider sending a different message to customers who are more recent, under a year, than those who are older customers you are trying to get back in connection with.

Once you have made your list, the easiest thing to do is use an online greeting card company like Send Out Cards, where you can upload your contacts, upload a custom signature and font, and then choose a stock Christmas card or create a custom one, enter your message, and then click send.   This will allow you to send one or a thousand, basically any number of cards with one click.  The system will simply merge in the details of the customers from your list, and the cards will be printed, include your signature, stamped, stuffed, and sent.  Very easy, and in only a few minutes.

Holiday Greeting Cards

You can also use the same service to send gifts with your card, whether they are for personal or business contacts.  You can send anything from gourmet cookies to expensive watches.  The service is awesome and simple.  You can also use it ongoing for marketing, as your database will already be created.

Any business owner, secretary, or sales person who is looking to build better relationships with their current and past clients, generate more referrals and sales, and want to do it easily but still with a personal touch, Send Out Cards is they way to go.  You can click here and see quickly how easy it is to create a card and send it right now.  Don’t wait, go create a card now, and then get all of your holiday greeting cards customized and in the mail in a matter of minutes!


Giving Thanks and Showing Gratitude on Thanksgiving

As the hot summer cools and turns to fall, along with the turning of the leaves and apple and pumpkin season, comes one of the most important holidays of all. Thanksgiving!    Thanksgiving is not just about tons of good food and all day watching football.  It is not just about getting together with family or friends and eating until you can hardly move.  It is about truly giving thanks for all of the blessings in your life.

Thanksgiving is about gratitude and about letting those who you are thankful for know it.  It is a time to reflect on all the good you have in your life, even if you are also struggling with  heavy burdens or sadness.  Finding even the smallest things to be thankful for can start to change your life for the better.

So what should you be doing this Thanksgiving to truly show your gratitude for the important things in life?  Start by humbling yourself and actually sitting down and making a list of all the things you are thankful for.  It does not matter how big or small they are.  Really think.  Are you thankful for your children, your spouse, a new job, not losing your job, your pets,  the flowers in your garden, your best friend, and the list goes on.  Really write them all down, don’t even thing about it. Just write.  And be sure to include all the people you are thankful for. As a matter of fact, it is good, for the next year, to start a list and add to it through out the year.  Every time someone does something nice that you are grateful for, write it down.

One you have your list, look at all the people on that list.  Think about how it will make them feel to get a phone call or even better a call and a greeting card in the mail from you, telling them how thankful you are for having them in your life.  How do you feel when someone sends you a real card, that you can touch and feel, put on your counter or mantel?  How does it feel to know that someone appreciates you or something you did for them?  Pretty good I am sure!  This is why you want to let people that mean something to you, know it!

It is so simple, all you have to do is go to the store and pick out a nice thanksgiving card, write a short note and put it in the mail.  Those few minutes of time, will make somebody’s day, week, or more.   What is better, is that you can even do this online, but still send them a real card by postal service. This makes it super easy to do by simply choosing a nice Thanksgiving day card, typing in your message, even uploading some pictures if you like, and then paying about $1 or so per card plus postage, and clicking send.  And the next business day your card will be custom printed, stamped, and mailed out to let that person know how thankful you are for them.

Don’t wait, send a thanksgiving card today, choose from hundreds online, and show your gratitude for those who mean something in your life!


Sending Birthday Cards to Customers

One of the best relationship builders you can do is to acknowledge your customer’s birthday.  And you know what, not by email or ecard, but by a good old fashion greeting card! It takes a little bit more effort, but that extra effort will make them feel that you genuinely care about them and it will help build a nice relationship with them which will help grow your

You can go pick out a card from a drug store or card store in your local area, or you can use an online service where you securely store your signature and customer database, so that you can login, choose, and personalize a card whenever you need to send one.   What you DO NOT want to do, is to order a bunch of boring or overly “corporate” bulk cards, and simply sign them and pop them in the mail with no message to your customer.  This is a turn off and will not build the relationship you desire.

Now, one of the best ways to turn a birthday card to your customer into repeat sales or an ever more enhanced relationship, is to include a little offer in the card.  The offer will depend on your business but  some offers might include:

  • A free inspection of some sort
  • A significant discount if they visit on their birthday
  • A free dessert
  • A cool free t-shirt (yea it might cost you $10, but getting them to your place, and then to advertise for you for free is a pretty good investment!)
  • Some other applicable free item or accessory.

Depending on your business and the price points of the services or products you offer, you may even include a gift card of some sort.  For example, if they just purchased a $5000 A/C unit in the last few months, a $25 of $50 restaurant card is probably not a bad move on your part.  I promise it will come back to you 10 fold in referrals and extra business.

When to send the birthday card?

One note, be sure to send the birthday card about a week out of their birthday if it has some type of dated offer in it.  If it is just the card, then send it out to arrive within two days before or on their birthday.  Believe me, it is worth taking the time to know your customer’s birthday’s and be sure to send them a personalized card!

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