While sending greeting cards is a super effective way to build relationships with your customers and make it easier to get referrals and repeat sales, it needs to be done correctly.  Your customers will know right away if you are not sincere in your communications with them.  Basically, this means treat them like the individual that they are and not like a number in your database.

So, what should be in the very first card you send your customer?  If you are just starting greeting card and relationship marketing, and already have a database of customers, your first card to them will be different than a card to a new customer.  For new customers,  the obvious first card should be a “thank you card”  letting them know that you appreciate their business.  What’s important in this card is that you or the sales person who handled the customer, put a personal note in the thank you card.  This does not have to be long, it can just be a line or two that is personal to the relationship with that customer.

For example, if they mentioned a vacation, something about their pet, and event their child was doing, or explained the story behind why they needed your  product or service,  make a quick mention such as

“Dear Crissy, I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know hoe much I appreciate your business.  We could not be in business without the support of great customers like you.  I hope John had a great Tournament this weekend!  If you have any problems or questions with your widget, please let me know right away.  Sincerely, Steve”

It is this kind of personalization that builds a relationship and it also sets the stage for you to be able to send additional cards over time to ask for referrals, off discounts, inform of new items, etc.

If you already have customers that you have not started relationship marketing with, your first card will be a little different.  Your message will depend on how long it has been since they did business with you and when you last had contact.  In most cases if it is under three months, you can still do a thank you card/follow up card where you thank them for their business and ask to see if they have any questions or comments on the product or service you provided.

If you have not had contact for 6 months or more, the best way to start working with past customers via greeting cards, is to use one of the holidays to simply send them a holiday greeting card to re-establish your relationships.

It is not rocket science, put yourself in the place of your customers and think about what you would or would not want to hear, and remember no one wants to be sold or feel like they are being sold every time they see your name.  They want to feel like they mean something to you and you genuinely care, so make you message convey those feelings!


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