I’ve been noticing lately more and more junk online these days.  Don’t buy in to all the junk.    There are so many things out her that seem much too good to be true.  Use common sense, it they sound too good to be true, most likely they are.

Everyone online  wants to sell you something or give you something FREE.  I believe you get what you pay for.  Free is sometimes not free.  It may be free dollarwise, but it can cost you plenty, in time and if you share it you can ruin your reputation.

Just don’t but into all the junk.  Find something reputable, and then put on your blinders.  Don’t let people come tell you they are there to help and mentor you.  There is always a catch.  Most of those that tell you they are just helping you, are really out to trick you into following them, or have something to sell you but just don’t tell you that up front.

Use common sense.  Do your homework, and don’t let them convince you that you need them to be successful.  It’s not true.  Your business starts and end with you, and following the junk dealers, only will cost you much time.

WIsh you the best of success.


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