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Whatever you do, if you want to have your clients remember you, you have to take time to show appreciation. Keep your name in front of them.   Get their birthdays, and find out about their families.  Be sure to send them cards without logos.  Send them thank you cards, holiday cards and thinking of you cards.

I have a business I use, that always does that.  I just recently received a card from them reminding me to set my clock back for the time change.  They send me cards at odd times of the year, and of course when I have a friend looking for their type product, I’m quick to refer them.  After all, they remembered me after the sale.

I think that is very important.   On the other hand, I made a large purchase and bought a car for cash last year.  I let the sales person know about how I expected to hear from him after the sale and didn’t want to just receive advertising messages.   Over the next year, the only time I heard from them was when there was with a sales letter or things with their logo.  Needless to say when I had a friend ask me where I purchased my vehicle  I told them I’d not recommend them.

It’s all about relationships, and those that build relationships AFTER the sale are those that win.  If you’d like to learn some ways to do that in your own life, there is a free call every Wednesday night at 9 PM EST.  If you’d like to learn more, you can tune in on the web or dial in. Simply click to  register online.

Enjoy the calls.  Hope you learn lots to help you grow your business.


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