What is the secret to building a successful business?
I truly believe the secret is focus and consistency.  If you only have 15 minutes here or there, make that one phone call or follow up with someone, or send out an email or card to them.    If you talk to people don’t say to much, let them talk and you listen. People love to be heard, give them an opportunity to tell you what they are looking for.
 Secret is finding out how you can be of service to them….and not pushing and selling.  People like to buy but they don’t like to be sold.
The best advice I could give you to build a solid future, is simply to move forward and stay totally focused on your company and product.  Don’t let anyone distract you from building your future.  Make a commitment to be in the same company 5 years from now.   Give yourself time to build.
Most people have busy lives so if you fully intend to build a business on the side, plan to be totally focused and committed.  Spend quality time each week toward growing your business.  It’s easy to let life get in the way.
Sometimes people think that their business is not moving or growing as fast as they want.   No matter what business your building the key ingredient to your success is time.  It will not happen over night.   It will take several years to grow a decent income.  Anyone that tells you that you will get rich over night, simply is not being honest with you.
It’s easy to think the grass is greener on the other side when the wolves come out try to distract you of offer you deals, but learn to ignore them and not listen.   I’ve watched many good people over the years jump from company to company, deal to deal.   They are constantly starting over.  Each time I see them they are hyping how well they are doing, but I know different.  No one can possibly be in 3-4 companies in a year or 2 and be doing well.    If they jump that often,  more often than not, when you call them for a questions, they will be on to the next deal.  Success does not happen that way.
I personally know I’m with an amazing company and I’m here for life.  I’m going on 8 years with my present company.  I love it and I’m very grateful for this opprotunity.
My life is much different than 8 years ago. Today,  I’m able to vacation more, travel more, not work as hard as I did back then.  I spent 8 years building my business so I could enjoy these things.  It did not happen in my first 1-2 years.
In the beginning I worked Very hard and gave up all the things that didn’t’ matter,…the time wasters, like TV, and stuff that stole my time.   Instead of watching the garbage on TV,  I read a personal development book, or I spent an hour on the phone making calls, answering email  or following up answer questions.
If you find the right business for you, don’t let anyone steal your future.   Stick with what you’re doing and put in the time to make it work.  Don’t be distracted or constantly jumping from thing to thing.  The Grass is never greener on the other side.
If building a successful business is what you want to do,  get started and never give up.


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