Have you heard of bed bugs?   I guess I’ve been blessed in that I’ve never seen any and hope to never see them.  Still, when someone told me there were bed bugs on planes now, I have to admit  that creeped me out.

I went and googled bed bugs on planes to see if they were kidding.  I read all about  how they travel from someone else’s suitcase into yours.   I decided I should be safe rather than sorry, so I sent off for some bed bug spray,  as well as little packets that you can place in your suitcase so they don’t choose you if they are looking for a new victim.

After I bought all the stuff, and looked online more,  I was wondering if perhaps those selling all the sprays and things are the ones that are starting rumors.   If I were to believe all of them,  I would have to throw out all my luggage and buy the hard sided luggage.  I would also have to buy seat covers to carry and sit on when I am on a plane.  I’d have to have the spray to spray my suitcases.

I even saw an inspection kit that you could buy for $15.  It appeared to be a magnifying glass and a few other things so you could search your hotel room to make sure your bed didn’t have bed bugs.   I started to think about how nuts you can get.

The article I read even said you should NEVER use the dressers in hotels for clothes, and you should put your suitcase up on metal racks.  I have to admit, last week, I went out of town for a few days, and stayed in a hotel.  I didn’t find bed bugs, but I also didn’t put my suitcase on the floor .  I hung my clothes and used the metal wrack for the suitcase.

I hope  I never see a bed bug for real.  I’d have to stomp on them and scream because they are causing us all a lot of extra work :))))



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