Never ASSUME! I’ve heard all my life when you assume, it meant “you make an ass of you and me”. Hope that’s not offensive but it’s true.

A good example happened just last week. We are doing our homework and checking into a product for our home. When the salesman came out, he measured and showed the product, avoiding costs in his discussion. He also started saying if you like this, you can finance at ZERO interest for 18 months.

In my mind that meant it must be pricey, however, price to me was not important. What was important is did I WANT and NEED this product and what were people saying. I was doing my due diligence and checking out the product, companies as well as references. I also wanted to see other locations that used this exact product as to how it held up.

Meanwhile, I think the salesman was concerned over the price when I wasn’t. It ended up being $16-20K for the product. My husband likes it but I’m just not 100% sold. I want to see examples and live places that have it and do background checks.

It’s not even been a week, and the salesman has called almost every day and still not been able to furnish me with local jobs to look at. I’m sure he’s thinking PRICE, I’m thinking is the quality there, and is it worth it. If I was completely sold, I’d order it.

He called again today, and said don’t worry you can “Finance” it DUH. He doesn’t get it. Price is not an object. He’s not listening or furnishing me with what I need or want. I’m not convinced I want the product. I’m doing my homework.

A better use of his time would have been to follow up with a nice thank you card. Find some local jobs I could see without driving to other cities. His company has been in business for 20 years he says and they do business all over Florida yet the closest place he seems to have to show me is about an hour or more drive. That makes me wonder.

I want to see jobs done and how they held up, References he furnished were all letters or emails sent in (but no phone numbers or emails to contact the reference).

So it’s NOT about price, it’s I DON’T Get it. I’m not convinced. It’s no different in Send Out Cards. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person. If a person does NOT get it, it doesn’t matter what you say.

Don’t assume you know what they want. Never try to drag and convince someone. That’s NOT your job. If they love what you offer or see the vision, they will buy it. IF they don’t get it, Nothing you say will change their mind and it will wear you out.

If a person tells you they can’t afford your product or don’t have any money right now, you’re probably talking to the wrong people. People are out there looking. Just move on and find the ones that are looking for what you have. Never over sell or try to drag someone into your business. If you do it will wear you out.


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