As I shared, my husband had the first MAC. Still skeptical about changing over, we went and bought him a little MAC mini, about 4-5 years ago. We picked that because he had a monitor, and keyboard and we thought it would be a TEST. He was skeptical because he was not too computer literate, and would be the one starting on the MAC, but he also didn’t want to learn how to reset up the PC ruined by following directions from Microsoft.

I had NEVER set up a MAC in my life. We brought home his MAC, and opened the box. There were a few cords, and a manual about 3 x 5 and 20 or so pages. I plugged in all the plugs and turned it on, expecting to spend all night setting it up.

Surprisingly, we answered a few questions on the computer and not knowing what to do next we called the # the book gave us for help. I asked what next, and was told we were done and could just use the MAC.

The very hardest thing I had to learn was not to try to think so hard. MAC seemed to thing for us. It was very intuitive, almost uncanny.

With the MAC I purchased Microsoft Office, since I was familiar with it. The only difference was it costs less that the PC version. I worked the same, and I found I could exchange spreadsheets with others, and read thing sent to me. I was amazed.

When my husband had his PC, he was forever calling me to fix things he accidentally touched. He called me at least 4-5 times a day. Once he started using the MAC, that ended. Rarely did he have any issues.

That sold me on virtues of Apple. I decided my next PC would be an Apple, yet I was not quite ready to do that yet, because I felt I had a ton of business things on my PC and still thought it would be tough. I was very wrong on that for sure.


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