I just went on a trip to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis Minnesota.

On my flight, I used the Delta Internet on board.I was able to send some holiday cards, do some email, and work online. After landing, the next day I turned on my MAC and nothing happened. I had a white screen only and it would not boot.

I thought the hard drive must have crashed although, I didn’t think they did that often. I tried everything but the computer wouldn’t boot. On black Friday, I went online and made an appointment for the genius bar at Apple Store In the Mall Of America.

I arrived for the appointment, they checked me in on time even though it was Black Friday. I’ve found Apple to be quite amazing and well organized.

A very nice Apple genius started up my MAC and got that same blank screen. He then hit “command v” and started it up and it started. He said you can also do the same thing by hitting the shift key and the on button. It had a bunch of garbage written on the screen.

The technician gout out a portable hard drive and plugged it in. He rans some sort of test and restored things. It took about 15 minutes and the machine was good to go. I was amazed.

He also noticed that the top of my laptop had a little crack in it. He said if I wanted to, I could make an appointment at any Apple store and take it in for a few hours, and they would replace the top free, as all plastic tops and stuff are replaced for 5 years.

My laptop was 3 1/2 years old, yet the genuis was able to fix it. There was NO Charge. What an amazing company.

Now you know why I LOVE MACS! It took me years to try one and now I’d never go back.

Apple Rules.


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