I had an interesting call this afternoon from a very nice gentlemen.   Somehow he found my name, searching for direct sales people.    He told me he was looking for real “go getters”,  and I replied “Aren’t we all?”.  He indicated that most of those he talked to were very apathetic, and didn’t card to work.

This lead to a very interesting conversation about apathy, and how people seemed to have changed over the past 20-30 years.  .  I had to agree with him for the most part.   It’s sad but sometimes it seems that those that need things the most are willing to do the least.

This gentlemen said he’d hired dozens and dozens to do a simple task, yet only ONE took him up on it and did the task.  The others were just apathetic, or would start and not finish.   These were all people that needed money.

Why do you think people have become so apathetic?   I personally think that it’s because they have have given up on their dreams.   They may have been knocked down a few times, so they no longer care or have the will to get up and keep on moving foward.

It does not have to be that way.   It may take work and effort, but if you refuse to give up, you can turn things around.   I feel sad for those that really feel they can’t do something.  WHY NOT?  What’s stopping you?

Always remember, that NOTHING can stop you buy YOURSELF.   We ended the conversation, but I also felt sad for the gentlemen doing the calling.   He too sounded sad, and down.   It’s really not healthy at all to be so down.   IF you feel as this gentlemen did,  know that you can change that.

If you want a things to get better then It all starts with you.  MAKE IT HAPPEN.    Just do it!


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