So….. you just stared a NEW business.

You did your research and found the one just right for you.
You got your money together, and you joined.

You were all excited!



You sat down to “STUDY” and learn all about your new business.
Even though your mentor said, “JUST TAKE ACTION” you wanted
to be sure you “knew” what you were talking about.

So a few days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and
you had not yet started.

FINALLY, one day you decided you were “READY”.

You got up your nerve, picked up the phone and called your very
best buddy, who you KNEW would love to join you. Your buddy,
was one that you did everything with, fishing, shopping, going to
the beach, bowling, golf. You’d been best buddies for years.

You had not yet TOLD that buddy about this. You wanted to learn

Your buddy was busy watching reruns on TV when you called and
laying around doing nothing. You wanted to show him or her your
new business. After looking they said, “What are you nuts”? You don’t
have time to do that, after all you’d miss the next TV show.

You were crushed You decided to prove them wrong. Then you
talked to 3 or 4 other people. They all said NO, or maybe later
but no one was as excited as you. Others you called didn’t even
call you back.

Oh, they may have been polite but also declined and you were crushed
SO you went into what I call “Analysis Paralysis”.

You began to question if this could work for you. You started to analyze
your decision.

YOU FROZE. You began to think something may be WRONG with you
or you made a bad decision. After all, if those closest to you didn’t “GET
IT”, how you possible speak to a stranger.

You sit back and think and think , and then you just NEVER
got up the nerve to move forward. You lose your excitement. You

No one likes to admit they failed at anything so you decide to keep
studying so you cane learn more. You study but never take action.
You start to think that friend was exactly right as nothing is happening
in your business.

Then you get even more discouraged.

ON A FLIP SIDE (Another person that joined the exact same thing you did)

You watch someone else. They do their homework, research the company
and product and jump in and join.

They immediately plug in to their sponsor and go to work sharing their
product and business.

You watch as they bring in people. You go to a meeting and meet them, and
always see them there with new people and actively growing their business.
You start to think of them as “LUCKY”

You begin making more excuses about why they are having success in
the same company and you are not.

They may also call a close friend that says the same thing your friend said to
you, but instead of taking it personal, they simply say NEXT and move on
to someone else talking to the next and next, and they keep moving forward.


SImply because they realize this is a business, They did their homework.
They made a choice to get out of the rat race and become independent.

They realize it’s not for everyone.

They don’t take it personal if someone says no. They think it’s their loss
and they move to the next person and the next”.

They realize they will have to go thru a number of people to find those with
vision and those that are willing to go to work and make things happen.

They are the movers and shakers and they are looking for other like minded
people. All too often your friends and family know you and do NOT look at you
as a business person, so they don’t take you serious. It’s NORMAL. Part of
life, GET OVER IT.

Unfortunately, instead, too often if you let them, or you don’t truly believe in
yourself, you’ll allow them to steal your dreams.

Successful people make it a point to get started and NEVER QUIT. They are
winners. It may take them a while, they may make mistakes, they may get
their feelings hurt but they will NEVER quit.

They realize and reach for their dreams. They know they can do it if they
keep moving forward. They take ACTION. They make things happen
and they NEVER let people stop them.

I speak from experience. Today I have a whole new set of friends, that
have dreams and vision. I still see my old friends from time to time but we
don’t do as much as we used to. I don’t hang around watching tv with them

My old friends don’t have money to go out to eat much. They don’t have money
to do much of anything. My old friends don’t drive much cause they can’t
afford the gas. They talk about negatives. I don’t like to hang with negative

My old friends only go places with me if I can come get them, and most of the time,
I don’t enjoy being with them like years ago. They are negative, focused on
having money to pay the bills. Their cars are getting old and they can’t afford a new one.

They either talk about 2 things, the lack of money, OR the latest TV shows.
I had one of them call me last week about some accident that was on TV
asking me what I thought. I told her I had not heard about it and she said
“It’s all over the news”. I informed her I didn’t watch the news and she was

She proceeded to ask me what I would do if something bad was going on
and I didn’t know it. I told her, I didn’t need to worry someone like her would
call and tell me as she just did. She thought about that a minute and said
“Oh you’re right, I would call you”.


It makes me sad to see my old friends struggling but they made their own
choice. They just didn’t have the vision.

You have to learn to LET GO of them and move on. Some people think that
they will make money and THEN those friends will see that and join later.

I’m here to tell you that RARELY happens. What happens instead is they
will begin to call you “LUCKY”. They will wonder how you can buy that new
car, or take that trip when you “don’t work”.

They don’t GET IT.

I think back to when I USED to live like that and it seems so long ago. I
had a hard time getting over the fact that I MIGHT not have “benefits” I was
raised to think of a long term JOB with benefits. Today rarely do jobs have
any benefits.

I had NO idea I could just buy my Own benefits and freedom. Took me a
long time to learn that lesson.

Today I’m able to do what I want when I want. I used to be like the first person,
shy and afraid of what people would think. I used to watch the news. I used to
live from paycheck to paycheck because I didn’t know I had a choice

I’m GLAD I made the switch from person 1 to person 2. I can not imagine
going back

You can make money OR excuses but NEVER both. I finally realized
I did NOT have to live like that, I could step up and do something different.
FInally I decided to make a difference and quit making excuses.

Sure I made mistakes, but I learned from them. They are stepping stones.

The ONLY difference between myself and ANY of you is simply, I have
had hundreds more people tell me no. I have had thousands tell me
Network Marketing is a pipe dream and it does not work.

The thing is I didn’t listen. Today I make a full time income that is about
many times GREATER than my old 50-60 hour JOB I had years ago.
My office is a 30 second hop across the hall

I go out when I want to not when I have to. I wake up when I want and
never with an alarm clock. I go to bed when I want.

I go out when there is NO Traffic. I don’t have to commute and sit for
hours in traffic. I am FREE.

It was not easy but it was WELL worth it.

I, for one, Am counting my blessings I CHOSE not to listen. I chose to
go against the odds and prove them wrong.

AND I DID……..and YOU can to, if you WANT to.

What about you? Do you chose to be person # 1 or # 2 here? Only
you can decide.

Today is the FIRST day of the rest of your life. You can’t change your
poor choices of yesterday. You can’t say for sure you’ll be here tomorrow
but you can do something TODAY.

What’s your choice?


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