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If You Are Planning To Leave AT&T – READ THIS

If you are planning to leave AT&T,read this. This is a true story.

I made the switch to T-Mobile. They were really pleasant and helpful and I’m amazed at all the features I was missing by having AT&T.

I’m pretty ticked off at AT&T now as they just charged me for a month in advance for Oct 20-Nov 20. I signed up with T-Mobile On Friday night Oct 23. They ported over my # to my new phone.

Service was less expensive but had all sorts of additional features. I called AT&T today to let them know just to but the November they charged me back on my CC. I was informed that they don’t do that, they just KEEP YOUR MONEY.

So I said to the customer service rep, You mean you just charged my credit card for next month, I have NO Service with you but you get to keep my money for NOTHING. She said yes that’s right you should have canceled your account before we took the money.

To me that did NOT seem right. It’s not so much the hundred plus $$$ they took, but it’s the principle. What about poor people that could not afford that? I believe in treating people right and helping the little guy.

I checked with my attorney to see if that is legal. They didn’t think so either so will be following up on that.

I also think the Federal trade commission needs to hear about companies that keep your money for service they are not going to give. I am no longer connected to AT&T and they plan on keeping my money……. WRONG. I guess they don’t make enough billions of $$$.

I’m writing this blog to let everyone know……if you play on leaving AT&T, find out what day they bill you and leave on the day before or you will pay a month for nothing but AIR. That is just totally unethical.

T-Mobile told me if I didn’t the service I could come back and they would cancel it, and refund me all my money. That is a company that cares.


Apple Computers

Apple is an example of an amazing company that gives quality service. I moved over to Apple about 9 years ago, and love them.

People ask me all the time how I can justify the cost of a MAC when PC’s are so much cheaper. For one thing, I have a friend that is a PC buff. I’ve wanted him go thru 3 computers and my 2007 IMAC is still working fine.

Also a MAC comes with all the software you need, and will let you open, read, edit and change Microsoft Office documents, powerpoint and excel. I have never had any issue using the documents on my MAC’s.

IF I have anything I want checked, I can go make an appointment at the genius bar and they test out my mac and check it out. They also offer Apple Care, I can call and talk to a tech anytime and they can help me….it’s just rarely I need to call, cause I don’t have many issues.

Having been a Windows user for 20 plus years, before switching to MAC, the hardest thing I had to learn was not to think so hard. Apple makes things simple.

They also do not nickel dime you to death with software costs. Everything you need it built in. When they have a new versions of the operating system, you can easily back up your old version and install the new most of the time FREE of charge.

They are also seamless. I can work on a document on my MAC, and then go to my laptop and pick up where I left off. If I put a contact into my IPHONE, it goes to my MAC, IMAC and IPAD also, so I don’t have to type it in all 4 places.

If you have never used to tried an APPLE computer, before you judge, go visit a MAC store and play around with them. They are pretty amazing. One thing to warn you though, they are ALWAYS busy, day or night, the store has lots of people. Everyone loves to visit and play with all the new gadgets and they encourage that. They also have lots of free classes you can go to, and learn new tips and tricks.

Apple is a innovative and the leading edge of the future. I would recommend them highly.


Customer Service

If you want to have a successful business to most important thing you can do is give excellent customer service. Build relationships with your customers and show them you care.

What to you do in your business to do that? How often do your customers hear from you? By that I mean, do you call, or write them to let them know you appreciate them? If they call in with a complaint to you go above and beyond to resolve it. If not, you may be not only losing customers, but finding your business floundering. It’s much easier to keep a good customer than keep on finding new ones.

There are lots of companies out there waiting to take your customers. Amazon is one, that is doing well because of the way they treat their customers.

Amazon is a huge company that gives excellent customer service. If there is an issue with anything they resolve it on the spot.

Last week I place and order that was going to deliver on Monday, however, when I hit order, I noticed after it processed that one of the items was not going to arrive until Tuesday. The order had processed already.

Tuesday was not acceptable to me cause we would not be around to get a package, so I called in to cancel that item. Instead the customer service rep, suggested she change my entire order to ONE DAY SHIPPING and wave she fee for one day. That mean my entire order would arrive the next day instead of 2 days, still with prime shipping (FREE).

They give EXCELLENT customer service. They are fast, and pay attention to their customers.

If you are a small business that wants to compete with them, You need to stay in touch with you customers, and let them now you care. Give them quality service and they will come back to you and give you referrals. Ignore them, and they will be gone. Just saying….. Customers are KING. Treat them like royalty and your business will grow.