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Green Side Up

A woman wants the inside of her house painted and she calls a contractor in to help her. They wander around the house, and she points out the colors she wants. She says, “Now, in the living room, I’d like to have a neutral beige, very soft and warm.”

The contractor nods, pulls out his pad of paper and writes on it. Then he goes to the window, leans out and yells, “Green side up!”

The woman is most perplexed but she lets it slide. They wander into the next room. She says, “In the dining room I’d like a light white, not stark, but very bright and airy.” The contractor nods, pulls out his pad of paper and writes on it. Then he goes to the window, leans out, and yells “Green side up”!

The woman is even more perplexed but still lets it slide. They wander further into the next room. She says, “In the bedroom, I’d like blue. Restful, peaceful, cool blue.” The contractor nods, pulls out his pad of paper and writes on it. Then once more he goes to the window, leans out and yells “Green side up”!

This is too much. The woman has to ask. So she says, “Every time I tell you a color, you write it down, but then you yell out the window ‘Green side up.’ What on earth does that mean?” The contractor shakes his head and says, “I have four blondes laying sod across the street.”



Sometimes you may not FEEL like making that phone call or prospecting online. There are MANY Times I don’t feel like doing it…but I KNOW if I want to build I must move forward and talk to one more person whether I feel like it or now. Remember, do it no matter how you feel.

My biggest hurdle to get over is learning to move forward no matter who comes along. Sometimes it hurts, when your family thinks you’re nuts, or you care so much
you want to see them have the benefits, but they have tunnel visions and don’t see it.

Cutting lose and moving on is HARD, but you HAVE to do it to get there. There is simply no other way. Where else could you work hard for 4 or 5 years, and make 40-50 years worth of income? Network marketing is a whole new adventure. It’s a business you learn by DOING. There are no shortcuts, or right or wrong way. I’ve learned much more from my mistakes and failures, than from doing it right.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This business will take an ordinary person and change their lives forever if you give it a chance to happen. I intend to work long and hard for 5 more years, and then travel and enjoy life.

I KNOW if I put in next 5 years building, I will accomplish much more than I would
have it I spent the next 20 in corporate America. I only wish I had started 10 years ago.

I know we have some youngsters on this team, those of you in your late teens and early 20’s are sure fortunate. IF you will focus and spend the time now building, you won’t have to worry if Social Security will survive. You can help them fund it.

So go to work, help other, and tell them the TRUTH. IT is WORK, and it is well worth it. Let’s all go to work and do this business with credibility and do it by helping others. What you do, either good or bad will come back to you.

I’m COMMITTED to working with ANYONE that needs help I’m only a phone
call or email away. If I can be of service to you, don’t hesitate to call on me.

GOODNESS, all we have to do is find a good solid company with a product we beleive in, and then tell OUR story and look for those that TRULY want to make a difference.

Build relationships, make friends and watch what happens.

Go to work, and make all your dreams become a reality. Remember ALWAYS
if ONE person can do this, so can YOU!!!!