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Do You Live Paycheck To Paycheck?

I was reading a book today. In it was a story about a salesman who used to sell a product for about $300. He would call on people at night because most of the time they were working daytime. Many people loved the product and wanted it but they had to finance the $300.

It brought back many memories to me of when I lived like that 20-30 years ago. I remember when we first got married, we had to buy a refrigerator and pay $17 per month for 3 years to get it. Fast forward till today. Last year I bought the top of the line refrigerator and paid $2500 for it and didn’t have to finance it. A few months ago, I purchased a stove I wanted that was close to $2,000, again in cash.

There is a big difference in my life today and my life back then. Back then I had a “JOB” and today I don’t. Today I work for myself. I no longer trade hours for dollars. I have learned to become independent and leverage my time.

Today I would not take a job if someone offered to pay me a thousand dollars a day. I learned a JOB means “just over broke”. When I had a job I lived paycheck to paycheck. I didn’t have enough money to pay for anything, so I charged it or financed it. That meant everything I bought cost additional money for finance charges.

Do you live paycheck to paycheck or have you learned the power in leverage and freedom? Today I’m blessed to use OPM (other people’s money). Anything I want, I go and purchase on my credit card. The credit card gives me reward points that I can redeem for neat things or flight and trips. I pay off the credit card in full so there is no interest.

I’ve learned the only way to become free it to become independent. Work for yourself, leverage your time. Find a great business, and go to work and build it. It’s no fun living life broke. Only you can decide to make a change. It starts and ends with you.

I broke out of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. If I could do that, I know you could too. Take action and make it happen.


Do You Ever Need To Get Addresses?

Do you ever need to get addresses from family and friends or business partners. Do you write them down and lose your list and just never get them added to your address book? I know I used to and it was quite a chore.

Some friends of mine came up with a brilliant solution. With this simple little tool, you can easily have those you know fill in their own information and then you can send them cards, gifts, invitations or thank you’s and have all your addresses in one place. You can even print out labels, and or envelopes right from the site.

Travis and Jackie made this website last year when they were trying to collect everyones addresses for their wedding and it was a nightmare. They were getting lists from Jackie’s mother, Travis’s mother, people on Facebook and it was a joke! They wanted one place to have everyones addresses that were organized and easy to use. They didn’t want to go around to every person and ask for their address, then try and remember it later. So we decided there needed to be a website that was a useful tool for everyone and solved a problem. Thus, was born! is a website for people to easily and securely collect all their family and friends addresses. It’s great to use for wedding invites, baby blessings, graduations or just a great way to have all your closest friends addresses. It’s easy to use and saves tons of time! All you do is sign up, and in a few simple steps, you have your own personalized website. You get a unique URL that you can share with friends and family so they can go on and fill out their information. The entries you get are organized for you, and you can sort them how you want. You want to be able to keep family and coworkers separate? No Problemo! Tags make it easy to organize different addresses so you can easily find all your different groups (Friends, family, coworkers, etc.)! You can then easily print on envelopes or print labels and send invitations, birthday cards or just to say hello! It’s a great tool whether you use it one time for your wedding, or just a way to keep all your friends and families addresses.

The best part is they are sharing this with anyone that has a need to collect addresses. I set up my own account for anyone that wants to send me their address. So if you would like to hear from me, fill out this form. It will put your contact information into my personal address book and I can stay in touch.

If you’d like to create your OWN address book, simply set it up here. ENJOY!