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Why You Need Your Own Domain Name

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when starting Lead Generation Tipsor expanding their business online, is to not get a custom domain name for their business.  Often I see business cards, print ads, even television commercials that have s domain name in the following format “please visit my site at”. Another common format, 

Folks, these are just not professional, period!  This does not mean you have to go out and develop a new, unique website before you can start your business.  Especially if your business opportunity company or up-line gives you a replicated site.  It does mean that you need to go an buy a domain name for $10 a year, and redirect it to your replicated site name.

This is not a difficult process, wherever you register your domain name, they will usually tell you how to do this, and often even prompt you to redirect it when you register.  In this case, you simply paste in your replicated URL, and then after it propagates or resolves (usually 30 min to a couple hours), when someone types in your  custom domain name, they will see the completed redirect site.  This is not the perfect situation, as you do not have full control over a redirect site.  However it is a much better situation than sending them to a hard to enter or remember domain name, and it is fine for you to get started in your business without having to spend hundreds on a new website and content.

Also think about the perception.  If you are presenting yourself as an expert in your opportunity, product, and service, or as a professional business owner, what do you think your prospects are going to think if you can’t afford to or take the time to have a custom domain?  They won’t think you are very serious about your business, and unless they are friends or family just being nice, they will not likely do business with you.

So take that quick, extra step and $10 and make your business look top notch!


You can’t be too careful. Hackers are cleaver.

You can’t be too careful. Hackers are cleaver.


I’m writing this so everyone is updated on what the creeps are doing now

I received the following message today from SKYPE:
Hi there XXXXXX (my name),

Registered email successfully changed
Registered email address successfully changed. We’ve updated your registered email address to

(an email address CLOSE to mine but NOT MINE)

. Visit your account (THIS WAS A CLICKABLE LINK) to review your changes at any time.

If you have not changed your email address, please contact Skype Customer Service with any questions as someone may have fraudulently gained access to your account.
Talk soon,
The people at Skype

STUPID ME..I KNOW BETTER , but glanced at the mlm911 address I used for accounts online. I clicked on the view my account and as soon as I clicked, I closed the browser realizing that was stupid to click. IMMEDIATELY my Skype online closed, so I realized that something was NOT right, so I went to and looked for a # to call them. I could not find one so I called Ben. In talking to him I realized not only was my friends list at danger but also my CREDIT Card.

I had put in a credit card to buy minutes to call when I was in Europe and evidently Skype kept it online. I logged on to my credit card account and saw a long list of about 25 charges ALL Today from $10-$25 each ready to drop from Skype. I called my credit card company and shut down the account immediately.

Now I have to wait to get a new credit card.

I KNOW not to click links yet it happened so fast as I glanced at the email, I did it without thinking. DUH.

I also got a 2nd email from SKYPE saying I ordered something DUH obviously these jerks are busy at work. ( I HAVE FILED A REPORT WITH SKYPE)

We’ve delivered your order
Your Skype Number is now ready for you to use. In some cases you may have to wait up to an hour for your Skype Number to be activated. If you’re still having problems, visit our help section.
So now what?

You should be able to start using your purchase immediately. However, in some cases, you may have to wait up to an hour for it to be activated. If you’re still having problems, visit our help section.
Next steps

Here’s your Skype Number: +44 1264 98 xxxx. Share it with family and friends:




I also learned a new Facebook trick they are doing from my credit card security company. Hackers are sending messages to people saying HI beautiful, or hi cutie, or hi there, and a message saying they want to connect and get to know you.

When you connect with these people, they now have access to your friends as well. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THEM DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FRIEND REQUEST and check your facebook privacy settings

It’s always wise to be careful. I’m one of the most cautious ever and yet I did a stupid thing today. Be advised to pay close attention. Make sure you set up your security on your FB account so only friends and family can see you.

I posted a note on my own Facebook page today direction on how to do that.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t be too careful these days.