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Fast Money

I’ve learned on my 15 or so years in network marketing is almost everyone that looks for and joins a network marketing company is looking for fast money. Many join thinking they will be soon making 5-6 figures a month and they want to do that in 3-6 months. I’m here to tell you that just won’t happen.

The one thing I have learned by experience, is there is no way to make money super fast that will build security long term. Sometimes you see a lot of hype and things that promise instant riches, but those type things are more smoke and mirrors than anything.

The only way to build long term security that will make you rich, is thru the slow lane. In the beginning or early years, take time to grow and lean and work on yourself first. Personal development is key to your future success. Get started and work hard and stay focused.

Celebrate those small successes and the small checks. Stay with it long enough to where those small checks get a little bigger over time. Don’t get drawn into anything where they make it sound like you will get rich overnight just by joining them. It just does not happen that way.

I’ve watched many people over the years jump from deal to deal. When the new thing came along they were so excited, and they talked to everyone they knew and some joined them. When they weren’t rich 6 months down the road, they found another thing, and another. They never stuck with anything long enough to see the work pan our or have success.

There is no such thing as fast money. There is a lot of money to be made in the industry, however, it’s made thru hard work over time. If you tell the truth and teach people with way to success is thru building steadily, over time and sticking with something, then the good money will come in as you build solid. Teach people the truth. If they want to get rich, slow and steady wins every time. Never chase the instant riches. There is no security or stability in that.

Hope to see you at the top one day! Keep on plugging slowly along and you’ll find the success you always dreamed of.



Hey everyone! I have been issued a new and fun challenge – and I need YOUR help!

I need 100 people to just do two steps to help me win the challenge:
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I just need your first and last name and if you are a 1,2, or 3.
That’s it!

Will you do it? Can you help? I would appreciate it!

Please feel free to share this challenge with your friends. Thanks so much!


The Allure Of The Seas

For a few years, I decided to sail on either the Ocean of the Seas or her sister ship the Allure Of The Seas one day. I had a trip I was making a few months ago to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, which it the home port of both the bigger ships. I thought it made sense to book a cruise since I was already in the city they sailed from so I booked it.

I thought I’d share the pros and cons from my experience.


The ship was absolutely beautiful. It had a replica of Central Park with live plants. It also had a replica of Boardwalk, with a merry go round, and an Aquatic show on the back. All entertainment was on the 4th floor. They had a variety of shows and the casino on that floor.

They also had rock climbing, zip lining, surfing, minature golf, basketball and ping pong areas

They had only the main dining room and Windjammer cafe for meals, that were included. Other than those places you could dine at higher end restaurants from $20 -40 per person with reservations required.

The ship held over 6,000 people which concerned us as to wait times to board and exit. This didn’t appear to be an issue as when they docked they opened 6 different gangplanks so getting off and on was smooth.

They did a good job on getting people off and on, but not so good at getting you in and out for meals. All places to eat were crowded and slow because of the limited hours.


I have to say we were most used to the Princess lines, and they spoil you. We found dinning inconvenient, as they actually closed the buffets onboard, and dinning was only from 6:15 -9 in the Windjammer. When we cruise we like to relax and eat when we feel like it. Sometimes, if we were out late at night and slept in, we might eat a very late breakfast, late lunch and maybe not even be ready for dinner till 9 or 10. We found it annoying that the only thing to eat at the time would be either a sandwich or a slice of pizza on the Promonade deck.

On Princess, they have food open in the cafeteria 24/7, so we didn’t like having to have a schedule. The other thing missing on the Allure Of The Seas, was lack of places to get water, coffee or tea. If the buffet was closed, you were out of luck. You could go to your cabin and drink and pay $3 for a bottle of water, but around the ship there was only ONE water station we found on Deck 5. We were used to water, juice, coffee or tea open 24/7.

We also found while they had great shows, they were limited. You had to have a reservation to get in any decent time frame. Since we only decided to to on the cruise the month before, most everything was taken. That meant if we wanted to see a show, we would have to show up outside and wait in line till about 5 minutes before the start of the show and then they would let us in. That meant only the worst seats, if any, were left. It was not ideal. We were used to being on a ship and picking a show, showing up a little early to get good seats and have a drink when waiting. Not so on this ship.

We found most of the bars and lounges, while open at night, not many of them had dancing or entertainment so they stayed pretty empty. Outside of the casino, if you didn’t have show reservations, there was not much to do later in the evenings.

The ship claimed to have lots of shopping, however, there was not much to buy. The had a few high end stores, like coach purses, and guess. Most items offered for purchase were not any bargains.

They did set up kiosks in the middle of the mall area on different days offering watches and hats. We went one day on the time in the program for a hat. My husband had forgotten to get a hat. Upon arriving at the booth we found a lot of people waiting and arguing with the employees. It seems they had printed the times in the program but the booths weren’t going to sell anything for another half hour, despite it being in the program.

All in all, it was nice to see the ship one time, but having been on it the one time, I’d not pick that ship to go on again. They always seem to have the same routes, because there are only so many ports they can dock in with their size.

Having been on both Royal Caribbean and Princess lines, I would choose the service and convenience of Princess any day.


Which Life Would You Choose?

I’ve lived thru practically every kind of thing in my lifetime. I’ve been poor, with no job. I’ve also worked for minimum wage. I’ve also had times where we lived from pay check to pay check waiting for the next check to pay out bills. It was not fun.

Sometimes though when you’re in that situation, you just can’t see the forrest for the trees. I was taught you had to have a “JOB” and work for a living as there was no other way. I found out later in life that the best way to succeed and the best way to help the poor, was not to be one of them.

Later on, I became an entrepreneur. At the time, I had no clue what that was but I started into the field of network marketing, hoping go have a little extra income, so I could not have to live from paycheck to paycheck anymore.

Little did I know at the time that it would become my future. Today, I’m very comfortable. I come and go as I please. I travel and enjoy the nicer things. I always buy brand new cars and I have no bills. I don’t have to worry about living from paycheck to paycheck.

Having been in both places I have to say it’s much nicer to not have to worry about money. It’s fun to travel. I have learned it’s nice to be able to come and go as I please.

Today I enjoy teaching others and helping them into the world of freedom. I know if I can do it anyone can do it. Which life would you choose?

Get started building your future. Just make a point to NEVER quit and one cay I will meet on the beaches of the world or at sea on a cruise.