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What’s Your Plan For the Future?

Elections are over. The future as we know it is changing forever. What’s your plan for the future of your life and family.

Have you given the future any thought? It’s time to start thinking and planning? I firmly believe life as we once knew it is going away forever. Jobs will be disappearing and it’s time to get busy working your own plan. Don’t expect anyone to take care of you.

Our government is broke. You’ll need to create your own plan for the future. Start thinking about what that will be now before it’s too late.



Do you ever receive strange emails? Not a week goes by that I don’t get at least 2 or 3 dozen emails, from companies claiming my package shipped, my bank account is over drawn, Or I just need to click to see my invoice.

The look very real. I have to stop and look at it and let the email process thru my brain. At first it looks so official, that you don’t tend to think about how you don’t even have a bank account at that bank, or you didn’t order anything.

When in doubt, HIT DELETE. Never click a link from a stranger even if the email sounds good. If it’s real, they will contact you some other way.

Never chick the link and NEVER log in to your account or put in your information when you get a link like that. Better to be safe than sorry.