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Why do people avoid reality when looking at extra income opportunities? Seriously, I have never been able to figure that one out. They tend to look for things that they assume will provide them with extra income without working, and then when that doesn’t happen they look around for another and another.

I am always astounded to see otherwise intelligent people buy into things that are full of hype and promises. They plop down good hard earned money in the hope of getting rich without talking to anyone, sharing anything or doing anything but “signing up”.

Use common sense people. IF there was some magic bullet out there that would do everything for you as you slept, don’t you think everyone in the world would be rich? Unfortunately, it simply will not happen.

Use your intelligence. Look for a legitimate company with a product or service that makes sense. Pick one that you would buy or use yourself. If you would NEVER buy or use whatever the company is selling, how could you share it with others?

Know also that you may HAVE to work. In the beginning you also may have to take some extra time to work on yourself and develop new skills. You WILL have to talk to people. You can’t be a secret agent. I don’t care WHAT the so called “experts” say, there is NOTHING anywhere that will work for you by just pushing a button and/or setting up some secret website, that will pour out dollars.

Be realistic. Use the common sense the good Lord gave you. Investigate. Don’t take anyone’s word, check out the background and history of the company and those you plan to work with. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Don’t ignore RED FLAGS. If it does not feel right, don’t do it.

Reality is simple. You can build a significant income in a part time business, IF you are willing to learn, and go to work. Most likely on a part time basis, if you are consistent and work doing the things that will grow a business, you could create a nice side income in 3-5 years.

I went to a financial seminar just last night. The investor stood in front of the room and said to produce an income of $500 /month, it would take investments in todays world of $2.8 MILLION $$$. He also said the problem with that is most people don’t have 2.8 million to invest. To get only about $100/month, you would need to start with approximately $100,000 to invest.

It really hit home for me seeing those numbers. I have a home business. It’s produces much much more income than just $500/mo. In reality, using the numbers from last nights speaker, My business is worth a few hundred million $$$. That was reality to me.

I seriously did NOT produce the income I have today, but signing up, dropping down money, and going to sleep. I build a business over time, leveraging and helping others do what I do. I worked with them. I shared and showed my products and services to real live people. I didn’t hide under a rock. I’m a normal, everyday person. I’m a grandmother of 5. I love what I do, and have the free time to enjoy life, travel and do what I want to do when I choose to do it.

The reality is I wasted about 5-6 years early on, doing the same things I see people doing today. Buying into believing if I bought in and invested some money, someone else would see that it grew and I would be rich, never having to speak to anyone. That never happened, however, I also was NEVER going to quit or give up, so I forged ahead, and learned the lessons I’m sharing with you the hard way.

I finally learned and grew myself as I worked on personal development. I developed skills of sharing with people. I came out of the closet and showed others the company I selected and shared the products. It wasn’t for everyone. Some said NO. I learned that no’s were blessing. They weren’t rejecting me. They just weren’t willing to go to work for a few years to build a business. I moved to the next person and shared over and over. Over time, my business grew and grew.

I’m thankful for what I have. I’m grateful for the awesome people I’ve met that came into my life because of my choice to learn and grow my own business. I’m thankful I learned what works and what does not work. My mission is to help others that also have goals and dreams. I want to see them do well, and help save them from jumping into these deals that will swallow them up, take their money and make the inventors of them rich as they laugh their way to the bank. That’s reality folks for what it’s worth.


An Unexpected Romance

Last week I started reading a book, that was written by my friend Ben’s mother. His mom is a teacher in Texas and has never written a book in her life prior than this.

So far i’ve been very amazed. Donna Fitts has a talent for writing and making you feel as if you are there. This is a Christian romance book. If you like to read I’d highly recommend this book.

You can order it on Amazon and even take advantage of their free shipping program. The name of the book is An Unexpected Romance.


Must See Movie

I went to see a movie this week. It was one highly recommended by a good friend. Have you ever had a friend recommend you see a movie?

Normally when that happens I would have seen or heard of the movie, but this one was a lot of different. I had NOT heard of it nor seen any commercials. I was surprised by that, but my friend challenged me to go and see this movie and then let me know what I thought.

So I went and I took another friend. After we watched the movie, we both felt this was something EVERYONE needs to see. It answers a lot of questions I’ve had for a few years now, about what’s happening in our world. If you are wondering too, this is a must see movie.

I would highly recommend if you are reading my blog, that you click here for the trailer. Find out where this is playing in your local market and get out to see it right away. Form your own opinion after watching it, but definitely tell others so they can do the same.

It looks like it’s opening on theaters across the country. It was is in the southern market this week. My daughter is in the north and I see it’s opening up there August 24. The name of the movie is 2012 The Movie. Click here for the trailer and locations.

Find a movie theater in your area and go see it. Your freedom may depend on it. It’s time for all all of us to stand up and be counted. Get out and see the movie and let me know what you think.



When people die, their friends and family usually attend their funeral. I’ve never been to a funeral where anyone had anything but good to say about the deceased. They talk about all the good things the person did, how much they loved them and appreciated them. YET….how many of them told that person while they were alive?

How about you? Is there someone special in your life that needs to hear from you? Who do you love? Why not let them know while they are still with you. Tell them you live and appreciate them?

We have a 30 day Gratitude Challenge running. Watch the 3 minute video, think about how you are grateful for, and take our challenge. Do it now. Don’t let another day go by without telling those you love.

Who are you grateful for?



There are so many diets around that most everyone has tried dieting at one point in their live.  I tend to try out them all, but sooner or later I fall back on old ways and habits.  How about you?

Over the years,  I’ve tried every diet known to man and probably some never heard of.   Who doesn’t want to lose weight?   Most of the diets did work when you stick with them, but when you went back to normal eating,  the weight will usually come back.   Many times more comes back with it.


I’ve tried the Atkins Diet, diets with shakes, diets with pills,  sugarbusters diet.   I’ve been to place where they have you eat only their food.     I’ve found that really,  NONE of them are for the long haul.   If I had back all the money I’ve spent on diets,  it would be a pretty penny.
I have found ONE that does work, where you eat real food.  You can eat anything you want in fact.   I started on this one with a good friend about 3 months ago.   I’ll keep let you know what it is and keep you up to date on how we’re doing. as we go along.   There is hope for everyone!!!


A Visit to Seattle

If you ever have a chance to visit, Seattle is a very interesting city.   We just took a cruise to Alaska Via Seattle.  We stayed in Seattle for a few days prior to the cruise and really enjoyed it.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn down near the City Center.   We were in walking distance to City Center, and it was a very interesting place to visit.   We took one of those “Ride The Duck” tours.  It is a tour around town and then a trip thru the water front.    If you’ve never done that, it’s a great way to see the are and have fun.
We also found that At City Center, you can hop on a monorail that drops you right downtown in the middle of a shopping Mall.   If you like to shop it was a nice place, but also if you wanted to see downtown,  you’re there.   It’s only a few blocks from there to the waterfront.
Transportation is plentiful in Seattle.  In the downtown area you can hop on a bus and ride free in the downtown area.   The monorail from City Center drops you at the mall on the 3rd floor.   Click here to see how fast you get downtown from city center.
At the waterfront, you can visit Pikes Market which is very unique.   There are also ferries there that you can hop on and ride for a few bucks.    There is on that is about a 2 hour trip so you can see the sites via water.  You can also plan a day trip on the Victoria Clipper to go over to Victoria BC, but be sure to take your passport.
While in Seattle, we opted for a tour to see the Boeing plant where they manufacture the planes we fly on.  It was about 30 minutes from Seattle, and was quite interesting.  They took us thru the factory and we saw the newest planes being built, and how they build them.   It was amazing.   The size alone was immense.   You could put Disney Land inside one of their buildings at least 10-20 times or more.     IF you get out to Washington,  I’d recommend taking that tour.  They even have their own airport and landing strips to test drive new planes or work on planes that come there for repairs.  Air Force One even goes there for service.
There was plenty to do in Seattle.   My husband took a fishing trip and caught a lot of fish.  I’m not much into fishing so opted to sleep in.
The neatest thing to me coming from Florida is there is NO humidity.   It was 75-80  which to me was wonderful for July.   It’s a great place to visit.


People Pitch Magic Systems

Do you ever wonder what kind of people pitch magic systems?  Where do they come from and who are they?

The people  you see in the sales videos pitching these magic tools normally  have big houses, a few fancy cars and boats in the pictures and some fun lifestyle photos.   If they are not actors, or staged scenes, then they are most often the system inventor,  Those invented the magic system they are selling you.  It’s working for them because they are racking in the $$$ selling you things. 

What if they teamed up with others that were successful in something and offered them a percentage of sales to vouch for their system?   Have you ever given that a thought?  Let’s say their system sells for about $500  ( usually it would be 498 or 499) but $500 is an even #.   Make some fancy video, and get the word out.  Sell 1,000 of them at 500 and that’s a cool $500,000.      Make it 2,000 and they have a million $$$ and that is just for starters.

If they spend a few grand to make the video, sales pitch and gave a small kick back to people that will share them with friends and family,  the could early find 5,000 or 10,000 suckers.  That would make them 2.5 million.   That’s just for starters.

The losers are those that bought in to the system that was to help them easily get wealthy. It seems in our world today people are looking for easy answers so they are easily tricked.    Those pitching these things, are laughing all the way to the bank.  They sell their souls and integrity but they get rich.

When you see these things offered online, with high sale tactics RUN!   These things really infuriate me, because what happens in the long term is the people that bought in, usually end up borrowing or racking up debt, spending money they didn’t have.    Then they blame the Network Marketing industry.   People it’s NOT the industry’s fault if you get lead into these things.   You do NOT need to buy lots of fancy tools and systems to learn network marketing.  

Don’t be mislead or tricked.  Don’t buy in because it sounds good or looks like a bargain.   Use common sense and open your eyes.   Find the right company for you and be willing to go to work.   Use the money you’d be throwing away, by saving it for marketing the right way, or paying off some bills.  Never go in debt for systems.   Remember what I said,  the better they sound, the faster you should run.  

I hope that saves someone from heartache later.  I learned these lessons the hard way myself.  Read some good personal development books.  IF money is tight get them from your local library.   Be willing to work smart.  Everyone wants to be rich, but to get there put in the time and effort and be coachable.   

You’ll find plenty of people pitching magic systems.  Don’t be the one that buys in.


Magic Systems

If you are new and just getting started in a Network Marketing company, there is a lot to learn.   You first have to choose a company that is a good fit for you.  Once you’ve done your homework, and you have found the right one, and also the right sponsor, it’s time for you to get to work.

No matter what company you picked, the basics are still the basics.   If it’s a legitimate company,  you’ll be doing 2 things:

1.  Gathering customers to use your products or services
2.  Finding others that are looking for a business and helping them start as distributors.

That’s about it.   IF you’re doing anything else, it’s really over kill.  As you start to learn and grow,  you’ll be tempted to look for a faster way.   People tend to want to build a business that brings in big money fast.  We live in an instant society, that people want the end results without having to put in too much work.

That kind of thinking opens you up to looking for tools and systems that will do the work while you sleep.   So you go researching and you find a few dozen systems, with pretty slick videos.  In the videos, they pitch you on working less and earning more.   They have some pretty subtle ways of making it seem they are reading your mind, and if you just buy into their system,   You can then go to sleep and wake up rich.

Be realistic and come down to earth and let’s look at magic systems.  I call them magic systems because they are advertised to do the work for you.  They are going to have people tracking you down to join your business.   They work 24/7 so you can sleep and plan.

Now wouldn’t that be a magic system?  It would be nice if it worked, however, many people have found out that the only then magic was the way they were tricked into buying into this type deal.  They paid out good hard earned money to buy a system.   Some paid out hundreds or even thousands of dollars.   Of course the sales pitch always indicates the product you are buying is worth at least 50-100 times the cost.

They make is sound so appealing, that you buy in.   Unfortunately, then you are sold some videos or a back office with training, that has your head spinning.  Of course once inside,  you’re given lessons, that along the way will pitch you on another tool and another.   You’re going into that they call a FUNNEL.   They also may encourage you to share with your family and friends for a small cutback and call you an “affiliate”.

Don’t you think if these magic systems worked we would all be rich?   If they did work it would be sad because the beaches would be so crowded, we wouldn’t be able to use them.  We couldn’t eat out as there would be no workers.   No one would be working cause they would all be rich.

The people  pitching these magic tools normally refer to 1 or 2 people, with big houses, cars and lifestyles.   Sure those people really have those things.  Then invited the magic system they are selling you.  It’s working for them because they are racking in the $$$ selling you things. 

When you see these things offered online, with high sale tactics RUN!   These things really infuriate me, because what happens in the long term is the people that bought in, usually end up borrowing or racking up debt, spending money they didn’t have.    Then they blame the Network Marketing industry.   People it’s NOT the industry’s fault if you get lead into these things.   You do NOT need to buy lots of fancy tools and systems to learn network marketing.