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Realtor, Mortgage Broker & Insurance Agent

Are you a realtor,  mortgage broker,  or Insurance Agent?

This coming Wednesday August 1st we’re going to do a special one time only 40
Ways webinar. The focus of this entire webinar will be on the real estate,
mortgage, and insurance industries. If you know anyone who is
involved in those businesses they absolutely must get on this webinar.

This one time only webinar is on Wednesday August 1st, at:
9 PM Eastern / 8 PM Central / 7 PM Mountain / 6 PM Pacific.

You can register to attend at:

You can use this special Link to attend or to invite guests onto the webinar. We
will have a special guest who will be sharing with us tons of ideas about how to
use greeting cards and gifts to grow a real estate (or mortgage and insurance)

These webinars are generic. You can safely invite your friends to them. We
don’t even mention our names on the call.

There is also another full 4 week series of 40 Ways to Grow Your
Business webinars.

Week 1 Prospecting and Growing your list – Wed. August 8th
Week 2 Developing Customer Loyalty – Wed. August 15th
Week 3 Generating Customer Referrals – Wed. August 22nd
Week 4 Recap of all 40+ strategies – Wed. August

You can register for these courses at

Please fee free to listen in to one or all of these classes.



Do You Need To Lose Weight?

I see American’s are getting out of shape.  Myself included.  I decided to do something about it a few weeks ago and I’m sticking to it.  I’m down 17 pounds.

Do you need to lose weight?

I challenged my son, who also needed to lose weight.   As of today, he lost 10 pounds.  His wife lost 2  and daughter 4.   They are learning to eat right and exercise.

I’m working on my new body and life.  How about you?  IF I can do it so can you!  Stay away from fad diets, and those things where you eat their food, or drink their milk shakes.  You can lose with pills and potents, however I’ve never seen anyone lose and not gain it back when they went back to eating.

Hope to see less of you too.



Critical Elements

What do you think the most critical elements are in building your business?  What’s most important to your future?  Ask around and you’ll get many answers.

I believe the  ONLY thing you need to be successful in your business, and  have all the time and money freedom you want; Is simple consistent daily action over time.  Take baby steps, learn and grow little by little.  Take action  and stick around long enough for your business to grow.  Plan on being there 5 years from now.
Sound simple?   It is, however most people will never stick around and be consistent for 5 years.  It’s a shame, but it’s true.
 I can guarantee if you take daily actions to grow your business without starting and stoping, or jumping  around from thing to thing thinking the grass is greener on the other side,  YOU WILL SUCCEED.
I truly have LITTLE or NO talents myself.  When I started in this industry years ago, I made tons of mistakes.  The only thing I knew is I would NEVER EVER quit.  I learned the hard way.   I had to  find the right place and take small baby steps and learned  and failed my way along.
I’m not really where I will end up, as I’m not done, however,  I am doing well.  I’m free to do what I want when I want.  I love helping others learn how to achieve their dreams.
 I learn and grow each day.  I do know I’ve found my home and I’m here  for the long haul. There is NOTHING in this world that can take me away.    I’m blessed and thankful for all my company has to offer.
Today It’s 7 1/2 years since I started and I’m still building and growing.   I don’t work as hard as I did in the beginning, but  I am free to travel and do the things I want in my time frame.
I’m not limited to what or where I can go and I don’t have to ask so much if I can afford something.  The sad thing is in the time I’ve been building my business, I have seen many people come and go.  Those that go, usually go on to something else, and the  next year they are in a 3rd or 4th company.   I feel bad for them.  I know they still have not learned that the critical element to success is just sticking around long enough to achieve the success and payoff for their hard work and effort.


What Are you Thankful For?

Too often all we hear from people are complaints or whining about what they don’t have.  I’ve learned over the years you get back what you send out.  If you’re always whining and complaining, then you’ll get more problems back.

Instead of complaining, what would happen if you started to give thanks for what you do have?  Ask yourself,  what are you thankful for?
Do you have good health? Do you have any wonderful friends?  Do you have a great family?  Do you have food to eat and clothes to wear?
No matter what your situation is,  if you start to share things that you are grateful for, more good things will come your way.  Try it.
I’m participating in a 30 day gratitude challenge and seeing some amazing results.   If you think you might like to do the same thing, let me know.  I can show you how to participate in sharing this with others.  It will cost you about a dollar a day to send out gratitude to many and join me in this crusade.
If you take me up on the challenge and find after a full 30 days, you don’t see a major impact in your life,  let me know.  I can guarantee you’ll get profound impact, and if not, I’ll give you your $30 back when you show me that you did this challenge for 30 days
Feel free to contact me for more details.  Hope you’re having a remarkable week.


Nissan Quest

I ended up buying a Nissan Quest.  I walked into the showroom floor and saw the car on the floor.  It was newly designed, and appears to have all the features I was looking for.  It also said it actually got 19 MPG around the city.  That was impressive to me with it being as big as it was.

After buying the car, I found that 19 MPG not to be true.   Around town actual mileage is about 16-18 tops.

I like the fact that the Quest has a lot of room.  After having owned it for a few months,  I think if I was looking for another mini van, I’d look for a bench seat in the middle as when I take 5 people with me, one has to sit on the bench seat in the back and there is only seating for 2 in the middle  Overall it is very comfortable for 7 adults to travel  but a little strange if you had  only 5.

If you have the back seat up, there is a deep well behind it that will store luggage or any thing you buy at a store and till have more room than  a small car.  Size and storage are excellent.   You do have to be extra careful driving though as it does have a big blind spot.

The car also is keyless, push button start and push button everything.  It really spoils you in not having to hunt for keys when shopping.  On the down side, if you lose a key, you can’t just go buy one.  You must order the shell from the dealer and go down and have the entire car reprogrammed.   I did that and decided to get a spare key at the same time…. it was a 4 hour wait and $300 plus to get the keys and car reprogrammed.

Should you have one of these cars, and you’re going on a trip, better take a spare key just in case since they only place you can get a key is thru a dealer, and if you lose a key in the middle of no where, you’re in trouble.  On a plus side, it would be hard for anyone to steal your car without a key it won’t work.  IF they went to the dealer, to get one, they have to give identification and have the car with them.

The Quest is fabulous on trips, but really is a bit much for puttering around town.  You can’t just whip into a parking lot as it takes a bigger space.   It does have a back up camera so you can see while backing up but still need to look around the sides.

If you’re looking for space,  it’s got a lot.  If you’re looking for short quick trips, it’s  probably not for you.




Do you have all the freedom you want in your life?  Are you able to come and go as you please?  Do you have all the time and money you want to enjoy the finer things of life?

Do you have a good paying job, or do you not have a job at all?   Are you working long hours or do you have time freedom?

I’ve been in both places.  Once I had what people say a “real job”.   I got up early before dawn, got ready and reported for duty, rain or shine.  I worked hard and I worked long hours as I was taught that all my life.  Get a job,  work hard to retirement age and retire with a pension.

That type life has all but disappeared today.  Jobs are scarce and if you have one you work really hard to make someone else rich. Jobs are no longer secure.    Our once wonderful country, have sent a lot of work overseas because it’s cheap.   Those left with a job, are told to be thankful they have one.

I am thankful I do NOT have one.  About 20 years ago,  I started seeing the job work deteriorate.    I decided to do something different so I wouldn’t get to retirement ago and be dead broke.    It was not the norm but I decided to build my own business and get into the field of Network Marketing.   People laughed at me, others told me “no one makes money in those things”.

I didn’t listen and today I’m thankful I didn’t pay attention.  Today I truly have total freedom.  I choose when and if I feel like working.  I choose when and where I travel.  I come and go on my terms.     I drive the car I choose to drive and I buy what I want when I want.   I finally know what freedom is.

How about you?   Do you have the freedom you desire?   Is life going the way you want it to? If not,  it may be time for a change in your  own life.

Wish you the best in all you do.




Weight Watchers Works

A few weeks ago,  I started to check out Weight Watchers.   Today it’s been 9 weeks since I first went to their meeting.  It was the best decision I ever made.  I invited a friend to go with me and it’s cool as we can share ideas and stay in touch.

Today we weighed in and I’m down a total of 16 pounds in 9 weeks.  The only thing I’ve done different, it use their online / phone ap to track what I eat.   I can eat all I want as long as I track it.  I also can eat Fruit and Vegetables and they do not count any points.    They teach you to eat normal portion sizes and  that’s about it.

I’ve found this is an amazing program because  they help you learn how to make better choices.  Over the years, I’ve tried every diet known to man, and seriously I lost but I gained weight back when I went off the program.

Many people have approached me with their programs.   Most of the time their program involved drinking 2 shakes a day and one small meal.   IF not a shake, they have some sort of pill that is supposed to be magic.   I’ve tried them all and religiously drank the shakes and/or took the pill.

I lost weight, but who is ever going to stay on milkshakes the rest of their lives.  It does not work.  It’s short term thinking.

What I love about the Weight Watchers program is that they teach you what to eat and how to eat.  They teach us to make better choices.  They give you suggestions and what to do, and the weekly meetings educate you.

If you are serious about losing weight I would highly recommend Weight Watchers.  I will keep you updated from time to time on my progress.   I just challenged my son to take this and he loves challenges.  I’d like to challenge  you to give it a shot and see if it doesn’t work for you as well.

You  may find Weight Watcher works for you as well..


Happy 4th of July

In America we celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July.   There are picnics, fireworks and all sorts of parties to celebrate the day.

I want to with all of you a very Happy 4th of July!  Stay safe and enjoy.