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I have been hesitant about upgrading all my MAC’s to Lion.  I had heard a lot of horror stories so I kept thinking I would do it and then not.

However I learned that Mobile ME is going way so I am forced to either upgrade or be without the new Cloud.  My IPADS and phone use the cloud but not my MAC’s.

I finally decided to take is slow.   I  bought a new MAC Air  and it came with Lion I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE the Air.  It’s so much lighter and easy to carry around.  I bought the top one so it’s instant and quick.

Even thought I have the new MAC,  I am still thinking I do need to upgrade the others over the next month……  I’ll keep you posted when I do.   Hope you all will keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

The worst that could happen is the IMAC will crash and I do have a backup.   If you’re like me thought I’d rather spend my time building my business then figuring out how to fix a crash.


It’s Time To Downsize.

I decided it’s time to downsize.

I was intrigued with the information from Weight Watchers, that I looked into a month or so ago.   I decided to join, and did so about 4 weeks ago with a friend.   I thought I’d keep everyone updated over time to see if and how it works.

One main thing I noticed,  is it really seems to make you think before eating anything.  You can have anything you want just within reason, and their serving sizes.   It seems to work, as I’ve been going now for about 4 weeks with a friend as well.  In that time I’ve lost 8 pounds, and my friend has lost approximately the same.

One of the main things I learned, is  most restaurants  and places we go serve portions that are 2-3 times more than we need.  I’ve learned to just eat smaller portions.  It makes it easy because Weight Watchers has a phone ap that does all the tracking, and before you go to eat something,  you can look up the point value.   You can also have all the fruits and vegetables you want so you’re really not hungary.

I think it’s probably one of the better plans I’ve seen because they teach you  how to monitor what you eat and it’s much healthier.  If you want to lose weight, check around your area to see if they have a weight watchers near you.


The Grass Is Never Greener On The Other Side

Many times people start to build a business.   They feel it is not going quick enough, so they start to look at other deals.  They figure they can make more money if they went to another company so they jump.

Just remember, the grass is never greener on the other side.  All companies pay out about the same amount.  All companies market either  a product or a service.  All companies have ups and downs.

If someone indicates to you that you can make a lot of money, just by joining them….RUN!   That is never true.  If you want a solid stable income,  You have to start by working and building a solid base.

Building a business is NOT a get rich quick thing.   A better explanation is building a business,  is  get rich slowly.   Building means you take time daily to do something to grow your business.   You put in time and sweat equity.

Everyone in the world would like their business to grow faster  or make more money.  If it worked fast,  and people could get rich over night without working,  there would be no poverty in the world.

No matter what company you selected,  you picked it for a reason.   Stick with it and build it.  Unless you find  the company itself  goes out of business,  work it and build it.  You picked it, don’t start and jump before your ship comes in.

The grass is the same color no matter where you are and the grass is NEVER greener on the other side.    Stick it out and go to work and you’ll be glad you did 3-5 miles down the road.  Little by little, inch by inch, build your business.

Jumping to other deals,  only ruins your reputation.  To be successful you have to stick with it, buckle down and go to work.



Are You Looking For Extra Income?

I don’t do a lot of online promotions.  I do know that many people are around looking for added income though.  Are you one of them?

Are you looking for Extra income?

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Coral Springs Florida

I’ve lived in Florida all my life, but never had been to Coral Springs until this past week.  My husbands nephew’s wife was graduating from law school.  We had relatives coming down from the northern states, so we went down for the graduation.

Coral Springs is a small little city between West Palm and Ft Lauderdale.  It is a pretty little town.  It was very strange though as there were only 3 hotels in the entire city.  Two were Marriott’s and one was a La Quinta.   We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard.

It appears the main drag was University, and on Friday night the entire city seems to come out to go to eat on that strip.  there were blocks and blocks of restaurants but not too much parking.   There is also a pretty big Mall that was right by our hotel.

To me the cities down in south Florida all seem to run together.  The graduation was in Sunrise, or just a few exits down the interstate.  After the graduation we all went to Boynton Beach for dinner.   The day before we went to Deerfield Beach, which was a pretty beach, but again parking was limited.

We did go down to Boca Raton to a movie the last day.  They had a giant theater there with Valet parking and couch type seats.  While it was cool and comfortable,  I was surprised to see how many tickets they sold, as tickets to the movie were $23.50 each.  That did include a small bag of popcorn and parking, but drinks were $5-9.

It was not a big deal to me, but when we had a friend drop by today and we were telling him about the comfy theater, he was blown away by the prices.  He’s an every day working man so he would freak out about that.  I guess he’s sort of right in that we spent about $65 for a 2 hour movie for 2.  The funny thing is the theater was packed  so some others beside us must have been able to pay that.

If you’re down in South Florida,  you’ll find lots of traffic, however within the Coral Springs area it was not as bad as the rest of the bigger cities and it was quite pleasant.


Money In MLM

As anything there are pros and cons but I truly believe MLM is a great industry. There is money in MLM for those willing to work for it. The sad part is most people quit before they start, or start and never finish.

MLM is an industry where you get paid for what you start. In the beginning what you start sometimes seems so small people think it’s not worth it. That is where they are wrong. If they just stuck with it, and gave it time to blossom they would learn that really truly is money in MLM.

Let’s do a What if comparison. Suppose you started an MLM and worked very hard for about 5-6 months. After getting your business started, you look at your checks and find you only earned $200 after expenses. You begin to think about how hard you worked and how little that seems.

On the other hand how much money would you need in savings these days, to produce a return of $200. Most banks, pay in tiers today. I know one of my banks only pays .5 % and that is if you have OVER $50,000 in the account. If you’re lucky you could find a bank paying .6% but again mostly likely you’d need ever more money to get that rate.

Let’s do an conservative average. If I had $200,000 and I was lucky enough to find a bank paying the .6%, I would make a whopping $120 on that money. If I had to settle for .5% its would be only $100. Now if put in $340,000 I would earn $204.

If you went and invested my money in the stock market instead, unless you’ve had better luck than me over the years you may be fortunate to get 5% return. These days that is a good number, but risky at best. Years ago I put $150K into mutual funds in the stock market, and unfortunately, ended up with $60K before I pulled my money out and put into an annuity paying a whopping 4% compounded. That was about 8 or 9 years ago and today it’s worth about $80K or about half what I had before I messed with the stock market. You can see why I don’t like investments.

Think about that $200 you earned, and keep on moving forward as what you built to get to that $200, will continue growing and compound as well. NEVER quit. Keep moving forward and give yourself time. There is really money in MLM over time, if you don’t give up.

I know if I can do this anyone can. I hope to see you at the top one day and celebrate your successes with you.


Lose Weight

I think most of America wants to lose weight.  Just look around.  You see ads all over selling some magic pill or potient to lose weight.   A lot of times people buy into those things,  follow directions and lose a little.  However, as soon as they quite using the product sold, they gain it back.

I was so impressed by my friends weight loss that I went and joined Weight Watchers, with another friend.  It’s going to be an ongoing learning experience.  I was shocked when I learned the portion sizes.     They are MUCH smaller than I ever realized.

They give you a choice.  You can eat anything you want but you have to get in a certain number of balanced foods.  After 2 weeks  following their directions, I’ve lost 7 pounds so far.   The hardest thing for me is getting in all the types of foods they want.  They even want you to have “healthy oils” , dairy,  vegetables, and fruits.

I decided I just need to relearn how to eat the right sizes and also change my choices, so I’m eating healthier.  I’ll check in and keep you posted on how it goes.

They do have a cool new ap, so you can track things right from your phone.  It makes life easier.



Notice to all Mac users

This i sa notice to all MAC Users.

Mobile Me is going away in June 2012. IF you haven’t moved to the cloud you have to do so this month. The Cloud is not compatible with Snow Leopard or lower but you can move just your MAC mail over if you don’t want to upgrade to Lion.

Check their site at Log in and choose the option to move your mail only.

I’m sad to see Mobile Me go yet the ICloud is supposed to be an improvement.  I don’t want to upgrade so I guess the clouse will only work with my mail and my phone until I go to Mountain Lion.

Just thought I’d let everyone know so time doesn’t run out on you.   I love my Apple, however,  I guess it’s time to get a brand new one, as I don’t want to make the upgrade switch.