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Opportunity Video

I was impressed with the job Tommy Wyatt did recording this amazing new video that gives a great overview of Send Out Cards.

I hope you enjoy this amazing video.


Blondes & Football

A guy decides to bring his new blonde girlfriend to a football game. After the game is over, he asks her if she liked the game.

She replies: “Oh it was great, I loved watching those men in tight clothes, but there is one thing I don’t understand.”

“What did you not understand ?”

And the blonde says: “Well, at the beginning of the game, both teams flipped a quarter to see who would kick off first. Then the rest of the game everybody was yelling get the quarter back, get the quarter back, get the quarter back. So I thought to myself, gosh it’s just a quarter!”


MLM Is Truly A Great Opportunity

If you’re looking for a home business, you have to find one that fits you.  I’ve been in the Network Marketing  or MLM Industry for over 15 years now. MLM is truly a great opportunity.

In this industry, just like any other, it takes time to learn and grow.  You have to develop skills and stick around long enough to grow your business.   MLM is something that people can start as a home business, for very little up front costs.  They can develop the needed skills and build a side income or even replace their full time income.

Over the years I’ve tried many different type products, from telecommuncations to health and nutrition.   While I enjoyed them and I totally believe in health and nutrition,  I fell in love with a greeting card company.

What I found in my early days of building a business,  is you had to stay in touch with your customers.  If you stay in touch with them, you’ll get referrals and also build a good business.

Over the years, one thing I did to keep my customers was send out cards.   I sent thank you cards, birthday cards, and holiday cards.  I even sent them thinking of you cards.  So when I found  a card company that was an mlm too, it was a great fit for me to add on.

I found that no matter what a person was building, from as storefront to an MLM company, sending cards would improve their business.  I was very excited and joined the card industry, 7 year ago.   It’s been a true blessing.

Find the business right for you.  MLM is a golden opportunity in todays market.  Find a company right for you and get started.


Web Cams

I know some people seem to be wild about vidoe chats and web cams.    I don’t happen to be on  of them.

I’ve worked online from home for years.  I love the ability to hope across the hall to my office, jump online and chat with my team, or prospects.  I do not want to feel like I have to get dressed up and put on make up to be online.   I choose to work in comfort, that’s why I love my home based business.

Occasionally I will flip on my web cam when someone calls, but only if I’ve done my makeup and hair to go out or just come home.    A lot of times I’m online in my casual clothes or even PJ’s.  That is the beauty of a home business.

I guess web cam’s are good occasaionally but certainly not all the time.   What do you think of Web Cams?  Do you use them all the time, Occasionally or never?