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The Holiday Season

It’s officially the holiday season. I know it seems to come earlier each year. I actually saw Christmas items on sale in September this year, but I ignore them.

In my book the official Christmas Season starts NOW, right after Thanksgiving. I have a cute new Holiday Video to share. I hope you enjoy it.

If you have not yet sent your holiday cards now is the time to start. I have an easy way to get the job done. If you’d like to, feel free to try a card free on me.


Secret To Making Money In Your Business

Have you ever had anyone ask you what the secret is to making money in your business?

I get this question very often, and my answer is there is NOT any secret to making money in your business.. There is no difference between myself and anyone else, other than I’ve been in the industry a lot longer, probably had a ton more No’s. I also made the decision when I started to learn, that I would NEVER quit or give up.

This business is very SIMPLE. While it’s simple, and easy, sometimes people think there has to be MORE to it. There is NOT, it’s just a matter of treating it as a business and working it EVERY Day.

I have seen people that truly have a lot more potential and talent than I do, yet they are not doing well. They can’t figure out why, but when I ask them what they did the last week on their business, the answer is usually they “MEANT” to follow up with that prospect, or they had someone in mind to show the business to but they got distracted. They let life get in the way.

Maybe they had a good excuse, a sick family member, or they had to go to the store, or someone dropped by to visit and they didn’t get back to work. I’ve always said you can make money or excuses but NEVER both. You can excuse yourself right out of the business.

We all have the exact same 24 hours in a day. It’s how you chose to spend them that makes a difference in your business. If you have a full time “JOB”, and want to grow a business, you have to budget time to work your business even if it is just 1-2 hour a day. You have to treat it just like you would a JOB and show up. IF you showed up for work only when you felt like it, or didn’t have something better to do, you’d not have that job long. Why would it be any surprise if you are not consistent in working your business that it does not grow?


There are several SIMPLE things you do to grow any business.

1. You share the story, show your product or service and tell others and ask for their business, either as a customer or a new team builder. You answer their questions and allow them time to make a decision, Yes or No.

2. You FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP. The fortune is in the follow up.

3. You close the sale or rule them out and move on.

You then repeat steps 1 – 3. IF there is a secret in this all, is is simply CONSISTENT action. If you are not consistent, and you do not do steps 1-3, day in day out, you’re not going to get far.

Do you want to build a business? Do you want to be secure? Do you have a Plan B? Then simply get started, take daily action and NEVER quit. The fortune is in the FOLLOW UP.


Holiday Gifts


Effective immediately, Sendoutcards customers now have access to our Photo Store – photo books, canvas prints, calenders, photo prints and posters. As of next Monday the ability to create your own business cards will be added to the system.

While this system is still in Beta Testing there have not been any problems with it so we wanted to open this up to all customers for the holiday season! HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! Take a wonderful family photo Thursday and I’ll help you turn it into a canvas print or take a collection of photos and make a calendar for them all to remember next year.

****Now, if you are reading this and don’t have an account with us but would be interested in an easy way to send cards as well as these types of things for the holidays send me a Private message and I’ll be honored to show you how to use the system.

Watch our holiday video:

Also if you’re running out of time and you’d like to send a card to test drive our system, and look around let me know. YOu can take a test drive and I can help you set up an account to get all your cards done

The most important of all I’d like to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow! Enjoy your friends and family and take lots of photos, then call me. I’ll show you how to really make some spectacular gifts.


Blonde Bar Joke

A Blind man goes into a bar. He finds his way to a bar stool and orders a drink. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the bartender, “Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?” The bar immediately falls absolutely quiet. In a very deep, husky voice the woman next to him says, “Before you tell that joke, sir, you should know five things …..

1. The bartender is a blonde girl.
2. The bouncer is a blonde girl.
3. I’m a 6 feet tall, 200 pound blonde woman with a black belt in karate.
4. The woman sitting next to me is blonde and is a professional weightlifter.
5. The lady to your right is a blonde and is a professional wrestler.

Now think about it seriously, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that
joke?” The blind man thinks for a second, shakes his head, and
declares, “Nah, not if I’m gonna have to explain it five times


What if?

What if you build a business and it was highly successful?

What if you could be financially free? Would you be willing to invest 3-5 years working steadily 10-15 hours extra a week if you knew you could create independence?

I truly believe those willing to go to work and take our industry SERIOUS enough to put their nose to the grindstone and work can be successful. Key word is “WORK”, and being consistent.

Anyone that wants to can make it work, if they are willing to learn and grow.

I like to compare it to college. You go to college and it’s MEGA Bucks. My grandson just is finishing his first year, with FL bright scholars.

It cost my son about $10,000 or more for my grandon’s two semesters. Bright scholars pays 75% of tuition so without that it would be a lot lot more . My grandon’s cousin is in his 9th year of med school …Just entering residency and has about 4 years to go yet for his specialty in the medical field. It is mega time and $$$$.

Now think of this, at the end of all this they get a piece of paper. They then are turned lose to go out and seach for a JOB. If they are one of the lucky ones that find one, then they get spenda years paying back all the student loans. If they are fortunate and didn’t have to borrow too much they may have their loan paid off in 4 or 5 years. Most are no tquite that fortunate.

What if instead, they put the time spent studying and money spent for books and tuition into building a network marketing company? What if they worked it for the same hours as class and spend the studying time in personal development.

Think about that.

I truly believe our industry is the answer for our future. We have no major over head. We don’t have to search for a JOB where we make someone else rich. Here our income and potential is up to us.

People can work from their homes, and help others do the same. People can start out part time to create some extra income.
Our industry is truly a blessing and a way to reach out and help others.

We’re all blessed to be part of a great future and together we can make a difference.


Apple Mail

I’m still using Snow Leopard and debating the upgrade to Lion. Today I almost had heart failure with my Apple mail. I was on the phone, I went to open a message on my Mac to take a look at an email with the person on the phone.

I have no idea what I did, but all of a sudden a message came up that said did I really want to open something like 30,000 messages. I had a ton of mail on my Mac from the past years. Of course I didn’t want to open that many messsages.

I went to hit a key to say NO, and unfortuantely hit the ok key by mistake and the messages started opening and opening and opening. I almost had a heart attack. I immediately tried to stop them but didn’t know what key to hit so tried turning off the MAC. It didnt’ turn off and they messages kept opening.

I called a friend to ask them to look up the number quick for my local apple store and called. Unfortunately the girl that answered the phone, didn’t understand I only wanted to ask one of the floor techs what key to stop the mail…as it was not steadily going one and on.

Instead she transfered me to Tech SUpport, which meant I had to tell the machine first what I wanted before getting a live person. By now I was in panic. I could see myself trying to close all these messages for the next year.

When tech support came on, they had their standard questions first to ask and I could NOT answer them, as the mac was now opening so many messages that it was very slow. I could not pull up any other program. Finally I hung up and called the store back and begged them PLEASE to not transfer me to tech support but put one of the advisors on the phone. I knew they could tell me what to do.

She did pull a nice guy, and I explained what happened. He said don’t worry you can’t do anything with MAC that you can’t undo. He told me to hold the off button down for a minute or more. I did and the MAC finally went off.

I was so afraid to look, but we did reboot it. When it came on…..all the OPENED mail disappeared. I was so relieved and thankful.

I thought I’d share this story just in case you you may have the same issue one day. I’m back in business now but plan to go thru some of this mail and delete the old stuff I wont need anymore.

Back to the drawing board.


Apple Iphone 4S

I just traded up and got a new Iphone. I was disappointed it wasn’t a 5, but finally decided the upgrade would be worth it. If you had a previous IPHONE it was easy to set up, and sync with Itunes.

I found a great article reviewing the phone. Hope it helps you decide if you want the upgrade.


Why Don’t More Succeed In MLM?

Do you ever wonder why more don’t succeed in MLM? Is it the product, or the opportunity? Is it them or the company that causes failure?

I used to try to figure it out, but found it to be a waste of my time and energy. I would LOVE to know why people spend hours, weeks and months investigating and checking out a business, join, and then totally drop off the face of the planet.

Has that ever happened to you? You spend a lot of time answering dozens of questions that a prospect has. They finally decide to give it a shot, sign in and are gone before the ink dries on the application.

I truly believe more don’t succeed because they are not really serious about making a living in the industry. They “think” they are, when they are checking it out, but once they join, they find they may have to share the idea with someone else. “HELLO”.

If you truly want to be successful, you HAVE to talk to people. If you get calls on voice mail or email telling you that you can get rich over night, without doing anything, and you believe them you have a screw loose. Put away your wallet, don’t buy in, and just stay where you are in life.

Don’t waste your time, unless you know what you want and are willing to go to work and make things happen. If you want to succeed in MLM you have to be willing to go to work, and plan to be in the SAME company, 2-3 years down the road. It takes total focus on your part to make it happen.

I love MLM. I believe in it and I make a good living in the industry. It took me many years to learn not to buy into everything that came my way that “sounded” good. I did my homework, and picked a company I thought had huge potential, and went to work. It’s not 7 years later and I’m in the same place and doing well.

If you are sick of your job, or want to build a side income to add security to your life, you CAN do it as long as you are focused and willing to work. I know If I can do it, so can you. Question is do YOU really truly want to succeed?

Sometimes people don’t realize it but they are more afraid of success than failure. What about you?