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Honda CRV

While waiting for the salesman to get out an Odessy for us to look at, we saw a really cute little car on the show room floor. It was a CRV, however, the one on the show room floor had cloth seats and not too many features.

When the salesman came back, we asked to look at this CRV, but one that was the top of the line with everything on it. He found one and brought it around for us to look at.

It had the look and feel of the Odessy, in that there was room up front to put your purse (one feature I DEFINITELY want). It had some nice features and was rated at 21 MPG city and 29 HWY which was not too bad.

On the down side, there was no 3rd row seat, and it would be a little small for traveling. If the grandkids came to visit it would make it rough without enough seating.

It did have a very unique trunk, with a panel that went across the back trunk area so you could put things out of site underneath or if you had a lot, you could stack it on top. I thought that was cool.

It also had a sun roof. Since I have melanoma, I’m not supposed to be in the sun, so to me that type roof is useless. I prefer to spend the time I do go in the sun at the beach, not driving.

The down side for Hondas is all of the top of the line ones do not come without sun roofs. You can’t even order one without a sun roof. The CRV we looked at appeared to be leaking in the roof, as the top was wet.

We had a lot of rain the past few days but that should have been no reason for a roof to leak

Anyway, if you’re not looking for that 3rd row and you want better gas mileage, the CRV might be what you’re looking for.


What Is It About Television?

It seems the world of TV has changed our livestyles. Why can’t people live without television? What is it about the television that makes people think it has to be on no matter where they are?

I went to the dentist this week, and was amazed that they had installed a big screen TV on the wall of the waiting room. When I was called in to see the dentist about 5 minutes after arriving, I found they had installed televisions over each chair so when they lay you back you have the boob tube staring at you.

We went out to eat in a regular restaurant, and there were TV’s all over the walls. Of course you couldn’t hear the sound and they were all n different stations. I know they do that in sports bars, but this was just a restaurant. Don’t people go out to talk and visit any more. Do they HAVE to have a TV to do that?

This morning I went to have window tinting put on my car. As I write this, I’m waiting on the car, and they have a big screen TV on some sports channel, I’m glad I brought my PC so I could do something more constructive.

At home, I rarely watch TV other than once a year during football season. I watch the BUCS during football season, when they are not blacked out. Other than that, I find TV is a big waste of time. Watching TV never helped any one build a business. Watching TV certainly does help build a business or generate income. Watching TV does help you put on weight, as you just sit around doing nothing but staring at the silly thing.

Have you given it any thought? What if you gave up 1-2 hours of television and spent the time building relationships? What if you spent that time building a business so you can have more free time to travel and enjoy life?

Just a thought!


New Cars

Cars are evolving every day. New cards are totally different from cars of only 5 or 6 years ago. It’s amazing the way technology drives everything.

Many of the new cards don’t even have a key. Some we looked at start with a push button for off and on. They are so quiet you don’t know they are running.

A lot of them now come with televisions and/or DVD players. We bought one in 2004 and it came equipped with all that stuff. We found that we used our TV about 2 times in all the years we had it.
Obviously the driver would not be watching TV. It’s great if you have small children to take on road trips, but if you don’t, it’s really not a necessary thing.

Many new cars also have built in phones that you can answer from your steering wheel taking hands free to a whole new level. They also have doors that open on their own as you walk up and push a button.

Technology is really advancing. Wonder what happened to the good old days when people actually talked to you and did things together without all this technology? Life seems to have changed greatly. Today people ride in cars, with one on a cell one, others watching TV’s or listening to IPOD’s.

Sometimes I wonder what the future holds. Pretty soon new cars, will be driving themselves as you take a nap.


How To Get What You Want In Life?

To get what you want, you first have to KNOW what you want? Think about that. Next get out a notebook. Write down EVERYTHING you want to achieve in your life? Just start writing as fast as you think of things.

Don’t worry if it seems crazy or you may not think you can do it. If you want it write it down. Later on you can go through the list and edit it. As it comes into your mind write it down. This way your brain will bring to mind things you may want to accomplish.

Keep writing for at least 20-30 minutes. You may want to break this down into a couple of days, and write 10 minutes each day.

Once you have your list, then you can edit the things you wrote. Look through all the items you listed and cross out anything that seems to crazy. Be realistic. If any of the things you wrote can be accomplished by anyone at all, leave them on your list. If you have something like “fly to the moon” cross that off, as that pretty much won’t happen.

Next go through your list and pick out the top 10 items you think are most important to you right now. Take time to think about it as you go through your list and do some soul searching. When you pick a top 10, put them in numerical order by # 1 – 10. Find the MOST important thing to you and label it #1. IF you could ONLY achieve one of the things on your list which would they be. Continue until you have your top 10 and then write them down in order on a new piece of paper.

After you have the top 10 listed, evaluate the list and go to work to accomplish the things listed. Be all that you can be and become the best. Set goals and take action and work on achieving your success.


What Does Success Mean To You?

Do you have control of your own life? What does Success mean to you? If you asked a hundred people you would most likely have 100 different answers. If you asked the same hundred what failure meant to them they would probably have almost the same answer. Failure is nothing more than the inability to achieve their goals, or not having set any goals.

What are your goals? Have you written them down? You can’t accomplish anything that you don’t know. Do you know where you’re headed.

Do you want to be successful? What would you consider success? Think about that. If you want to succeed at anything you have to take action. There are 3 things very important to do:

1. Know what you want and set a plan to get it.

2. Take action on your plan.

3. Analyze your actions and results. Learn to recognize what results you are getting from your actions. If they are not the results you want then analyze what you need to get the results you want.

Do these 3 steps until you achieve the success you want.


How’s Your Life Going?

How are things in our life today? Do you have all that you want or need? Are you able to help others get what they want?

Do you own your life or does your life own you? I used to work hard for 50-60 hours per week making others rich. I reported for duty promptly at 7 AM day in, day out, rain or shine. I showed up when I didn’t feel like it because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have had that job long.

Many days I went home at 5 or 6 PM at night, too tired to do anymore than eat dinner and chill out to get to bed by 9 PM so I could do it all over the next day.

Life was no fun. When I was able to take a vacation, I had to work overtime before and after to “make up” my work and time. It was an existence not a life. I never got to travel, never had any time to go away more than 3 or 4 days.

Can you relate?

Fast forward 10 years. I no longer work for anyone else. I’m in charge of my own life. I made a decision to get out of that existence and work for me. I got into the field of network marketing.

Many people freak out when they hear the word network marketing, however, it truly is a great profession. Just like anything, you have to take time to do your due diligence and get involved with the right company and fit for yourself.

Freedom does not come free; it comes with a price. You have to take time to go to work and work on your own future. There simply is no get rich quick anything. If you go to work though, you can get rich slowly, over 3-5 years or more.

If you want things to change you must change yourself. I encourage you to start today and do that.

Ask yourself: “How’s your life going?” If you don’t have all you want, it’s time to make a change!


Las Vegas

I just got back from a convention in Las Vegas. While I had an amazing time, and enjoyed seeing everyone I didn’t really care for the new Las Vegas at all It was the first time I’d been there in 10 years, and it has totally changed for the worst in that time.

Ten years ago, Las Vegas encouraged tourists and enticed them with inexpensive meals and hotels. Not today. I travel a lot but found this city to be one of the most expensive places to eat out of every place I have been.

Summertime is NOT the best time to see Vegas although you’d never guess that from the crowds of people everywhere. It reminded me of a packed Disneyland.

The heat coming up from the ground was horrendous. If you were staying inside, you were cool, but if you wanted to see or do anything I found it worse that Florida. It was hot and dry with no humidity at all. IF you’re not used to that be prepared to have bloody noses as it just dries you out.

If you’re not a gambler, there are plenty of shows to see. The shows were incredible and amazing. Other than shows and gambling I didn’t see much else to do in Las Vegas on the strip.

If you ever plan to go to Vegas and stay on the strip, be prepared to bring a ton of money. Food there was totally outrageous. Just a small coke is $4. Ten years ago they wanted people to come gamble so the meals were dirt cheap. Not anymore. Prices were totally out of sight.

By the time they added on taxes and tips you could easily drop $40-50 for a meal that would cost you about $15 in any other state. Hotels also have hidden fees. They advertise things like “free internet” then when you check in they tell you its $15-20 per night for “resort fees”.

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, and plan to stay on the strip bring a bank roll as you’ll need it. I did hear there were places away from the strip that were less expensive, however, we never found them nor did we have time to go hunting in the heat.