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Honda Odessy

Still trying to decide what my next vehicle will be, we visited the Honda Store. We presently have the 2010 Pilot and love it. Hubby wanted me to get one too, however it seemed boring having 2 of the same car.

SO I looked at the new Oddessy. I really liked some of the features, like the power seats that fold themselves up, in the EXL and the CD machine that just copies in your CD’s so you don’t have to store them, plus the easy set up for your phone in the dash, and the push button doors that open automatically.

Still there was NO back up sensors in that model. To get the sensors you have to go up to the touring model for about $5,000 – 7,000 more. That model also comes with the navigation (which I don’t care about having anyway) Or they will charge you $800 more to install them on the other model.

I liked the style and room of it, yet, I’m not 100% convinced I see myself in a mini van. My kids are grown, and it seems like a car for a family with kids.

I’ll be looking at many other SUV’s and I guess minivans to see which have the best features. Some people tell me I should get a sports car, but I like being up high and having lots of room when I want to travel, or take 6 or 7 people with me. I think I’d be lost with a small 5 passenger anything. I like the 3rd row seats and features of the bigger models.

IF you’re reading my blog and have suggestions, feel free to contact me. I figure if I’m going to hand over $40-50K or more, I want the features I want. Since I really don’t have to rush, I can take my time, and look as I go along.

The funny thing about cars, is you think they look cool till you get in and drive them. You have to figure out if you really can see yourself in the model you’re looking at.


Updating your Memory In Imac

With the release of Lion, I learned a few things. Don’t upgrade right away until you get feedback from the early birds. Also, it’s a memory hog so you may need more memory.

I decided to get set up to wait and carried in my IMAC to the apple store. Unfortuantely, Apple does not even stock memory. They said I could order it online, and bring it back in OR I could check Best Buys.

Since I was out and about, I went over to Best Buys. The Geek squad took the memory from the shelf, and said come back in an hour (after I paid about $150 in advance. I went to lunch and then came back an hour later. They said the memory didn’t work, and refunded my money.

I asked around and someone told me to go to so I did. On their site they had a little testor to test to see what memory I needed. Their price was only $49 for 2 – 2 meg sticks and it said it was guaranteed compatible, so I ordered it.

They were very efficient and the memory arrived 2 days later. I went to YouTube and watched their “how to” video twice. Then I got brave and put my IMAC on the kitchen counter, and opened it up.

I was shocked at how easy it was. The hardest part was pulling out the old memory sticks, as I could not reach them. I called the Crucial people to be sure I was doing it right, and they stayed on the phone with me and told me step by step what to do.

What GREAT customer service! I put the IMAC back together, plugged it in and tested it and found I had double the memory.

SO…. if you’re planning to add memory to your IMAC, try the do it yourself way. If a blonde with no hardware skill scan do it anyone can.


Details On Our Book

I had several requests from people that asked me more about our book that I talked about a few days ago. Here is an overview from the publishing company.

In a former life Jack Bastide was a computer programmer toiling away in a cubicle while Diane Walker was working for a government contractor. Many years later they have created a life of their dreams … but it wasn’t easy.

“Navigating The World of Network Marketing” takes you on a brilliant journey through the wild and wooly world of Multilevel Marketing (MLM). You will have a front row seat and watch vicariously as Jack and Diane overcome obstacle after obstacle throughout their voyage.

Along the way you may laugh, you may cry, but you will never be bored. Not only does this book have a lot of value as pure entertainment but there are a lot of lessons to be learned as well. Any successful business person makes a lot of mistakes along the way and Jack and Diane are no different. With this book you can learn from their mistakes.

Section One is a Network Marketing Novel. It tells Jack and Diane’s Story as they sail through the stormy seas of MLM overcoming bad sponsors, a dishonest former partner, companies failing, incompetent company owners, crooked uplines and much more. But it’s not all bad as they learned a lot and met a lot of great people along the way.

Section Two is called “Lessons Learned in Network Marketing”, This details all they have learned throughout their journey. It gives detailed examples of what to look for and what to avoid. This Section is priceless.

Section Three is called “Voices in Network Marketing” where you will hear from many of Jack and Diane’s friends and associates in Network Marketing.

Whether you are an experienced Network Marketer or looking at the Industry for the first time you will thoroughly enjoy and learn something from “Navigating the World of Network Marketing”.


Navigating The World Of Network Marketing

Building a Network Marketing company is not always easy. Sometimes there are many ups and downs. Unfortunely, many times people are not given the truth, and so they don’t know what may happen. Because they may make lots of mistakes in choosing a company and / or product, they picture things all rosy.

That was not my experience early on. Many of the mistakes I made could have been avoided if I only knew better. My ex partner and I decided to write a book to help others make those same mistakes.

If you are just starting in the MLM Industry, our book is Entitled Navigating The World Of Network Marketing and it’s a real life story. You can find it online at Amazon, and/ or Authorhouse if you want to check it ou.


What Is Freedom To You?

I hear a lot of people say they want to be “FREE”.   What does that mean to you?  Free from a JOB? Free from bills?  Free to come and go and buy what you want?  Free to do what?   Have you ever taken the time to sit down and think about that?

What are YOU willing to do to get that freedom?

If you want something badly enough you can have it if you are willing to pay the price. Everything does have a price.

It takes much time and effort to reach your dreams, but if it was easy everyone would do it. Freedom is much better than owing your life to someone else.

Having to ASK if i could take a day off got old. Vacations were great but when  I did go on vacation I had to work long hours when I returned to make up the work. I knew I wanted to be FREE.

I wanted to be free to sleep in if I shocse. I wanted to be able to get up when I wanted NOT when the alarm went off.   I wanted to be 
free to take a real vacation without working overtime to take a day off.

I made up my mind I was sick and tired of living my life on the hours left over.  I was tired of being owned.

I decided to do something about it. I decided to find a way to build a business of my own, where I would be in charge. So I Did.

It was definitely NOT easy.  I had no blue print.  I had no mentor or model to follow. I had to learn on my own.

I saw a quote once, and made it my motto.  
“Quitters never win and winners never quit”.

I lived by that. Each time I made a mistake, I would learn from it 
and keep going.

I fell many times, but I got back up. I lost people I THOUGHT were friends, but when I didn’t have time to just hand out doing nothing, I found they were people with no ambition. I am thankful I found new friends, with goals and plans.

I learned to hang out with successful people. I found people I looked up to and learned from them.

I read personal development books.   I listened to tapes and I started tolearn and grow.   I literally became a different person. It was NOT easy but it has been well worth it and life is much different.   I developed true RESIDUAL income.  Thru the years of mistakes and failures I did create some sources of income that
still send me checks today.

Back in the days of my JOB world I was literally told the way to freedom is your 401K and your job security.   Today those things do not work or exist.  

I’ve witnessed many people that thought they were secure in their jobs, get booted out as they aged, or have their company fold.  One of my prior friends, husbands worked for a company for 20 plus years.   The company was sold.  The new owners let everyone go.  They offered to bring them back if they wanted for half the salary and NO benefits.   He didn’t take them up on it and received a whopping $200 per month “retirement” income.

The only way to be free is to find a way not to be depending on trading hours for dollars.  The job you have today may not be there tomorrow.  If you truly want to be free, you’ll find a way to become self sufficient. If I did it I know anyone can.

There is HOPE. Get started and NEVER give up,and you’ll find your future.


GMC Arcadia

The next car I looked at was the GMC Arcadia. It’s a bigger version of the Terrain. Gas mileage is lower, only 17 city and 24 highway.

The Arcadia has seating for 7, and had some good features in the upper end models. One thing I found though it they eliminated the adjustable seat feature for passengers, which is one of our criteria. The seat goes back and forth but NOT up and down.

After the manager went to check on the 2012 model to see if that was a feature there, he reported it was not. In order to get that feature, you have to go to the Denali which is loaded but the cost is about $5,000-6,000 more than the upper end Arcadia.

They then suggested we look at the Enclave. This vehicle replaced the RVD about 4 years ago. I never liked the fact that it looked like a lemon and didn’t have any of the features my RVD had. Still the high end Enclave didn’t have the seat features.

They also suggested we look at the Yukon, however, I found it MUCH too big. It was taller and looked like it would be a pain to get around in. I’m looking for midsize SUV’s with the features I want.

A few of the things I did like about the Arcadia was it had a better layout for those of us that want a place to put purses. The console shifted to the rear, and it also had AC adjustments, in the back seat as well as vents for the 3rd row.

It’s a good thing I’m not in any hurry for my car. I decided this time I would be sure to get all the features I wanted and have the layout I want as well. I’ll keep on looking until I find what I want to buy and then I’ll take it home.


GMC Terrain

Just rented a 2011 GMC Terrain to be able to take a longer test drive. We had it for a week, which gave us time to test and find the pros and cons.

Overall it was pretty decent. The car handled very well, and got some decent gas mileage. We drove all over New York State, and were surprised that when stopping for gas most of the time, we’d used only 6 or 7 gallons.

We decided to take the mileage and found it was getting 24-25 MPG in a combo of city and highways. We didn’t think that was too bad for a crossover, however, it was not the 32 MPG claimed on the websites. We’re used to our SUV where we get about 17-18 MPG so it did do better than we were used to.

We’re also used to a larger crossover, with the 3rd row seating. We found the trunk area a little small for our tastes. We normally travel with big luggage, and while it did fit, if we were traveling with the other things we bring, it definitely would not have the room.

We liked the drive, it was smooth and quiet, however we found the AC system not well laid out. There is no back air, because the vehicle is smaller. The front air vents are not well positioned. One blows right onto the steering wheel, so when driving unless you want freezing hands, you have to close that one off.

The radio/and DVD player, were difficult to figure out. It appeared they had satellite radio, but we were unable to get more than the advertising of the channels, so thought perhaps the rental agency had not subscribed.

The upper model shown on TV had a Movie player, however, the model we rented did not have that feature. It’s not a big deal unless you have children traveling with you, and then it might come in handy.

The cruise control was very tricky and not easy to use or figure out how to turn off and on. They had some strange looking buttons and they were hard to figure out.

The car had storage in the middle, however, the door panels were not laid out and you could not put a magazine or anything large in any of the panels.

Overall if you want a smaller SUV it would be a good car. We just found it too small for what we’re looking for so will keep on testing and looking.

It’s a good idea to rent the car you’re considering so you can give yourself a really good test. For us, we will pass on the GMC Terrain, as we’re looking for a bigger vehicle, with more features.


New York

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to New York When you think of New York most people think of New York City or the big Apple. We didn’t even go close to the city. We visited upstate New York.

It was the 4th of July when we cam in so we stayed over night at Niagra Falls, and enjoyed the fireworks over the water. The falls were amazing and we learned they generate electricty with the power from the falls.

The next day we went to Buffalo. We were able to meet some amazng people from of our card team. We now have new friends we’d met thru the internet and now for real. We had dinner and visited with them and had a great time. One couple owns a candle store in several of the malls there. We had a tour of the factory and saw how they create all the candles by hand. It was amazing. The also sell online and have the most amazing candles in the world. Their store is called Pure Integrity. If you’re in Buffalo, look for them in the mall, or go to their online store if you’re looking for candles.

From Buffalo, we went upstate to New Hartford, and Utica area. We were taking out on a boat on the finger lakes, and had dinner on the 4th lake. I also met a wonderul woman blogger that was on twitter and facebook. We had a great time. We visited relatives as well as other members of our card team.

From Utica we went to the Syracuse area, and met with some relatives, as well as some of more of my team members. It’s great to be in a business where you can travel and have friends wherever you go.

The upstate area of New York has some beautiful lakes and rivers. The weather was warm but not hot and muggy. We had one hot day but with out the humidity we experience in Florida.

New York also has some of the best Italian food in the entire world. I wish some of the New Yorkers would move to Florida to open restaurants. There just is no italian food like New York Italian. We had Pizza, Calzone, stuffed shells, Lasagna and it was all wonderful. I guess we also gained 10 or 20 pounds in the time there.

If you’ve not yet visited upstate New York, I highly recommend it.