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False Mentors

Have you ever read the bible? If so, it warns of many false prophets coming.   I believe that is trued in our lives today.

Many people talk good.  They claim to be mentors. They claim to be here to help you and show you the way.  It never ceases to amaze me how brilliantly successful they appear to be.

I’ve been in the network marketing industry now for over 15 years.   It really is a small industry after you’ve been around awhile.  You get to know many names, recognize many people and learn lots of things behind  the scenes.

Today I see MANY people I know that have never made it to the top of ANY network marketing company claiming to be mentors.   They will teach you what to do and how to do it.  I shake my head when I see this happening more and more.

How in the world could someone mentor and coach you to success, when they themselves have never been a success.  It’s really easy these days to buy a templet and put together a web site that looks quite professional.  It’s easy for them to hire a copy writer that makes them look like experts when they really are not.

Most of them will mentor you and teach you to create a fancy looking blog or web site.   Many times they will refer you to tools, that are attached to affiliate programs, so they get money everytime they refer someone.  They will convince you that you need to buy into these funnel type systems,  buy leads and many other things.  Before you know it, you’re on the hook for $100-300 a month in things the mentors claim you need to be successful.

The sad part is you really don’t need any of that stuff.  Don’t buy into all this.  If you are invited by someone to a free webinar, a free conference call,  or invited to be coached for free,  use your head.  Do your homework.  Look up the background of the person you’re talking to.  Ask questions.  Have they been successful themselves? Have they ever built a network marketing company?  If so, are they still there?  If not, why not?

I’ve found this is a rough time for many people.  They are wanting that extra income so badly, they will fall for anything.  Watch out for mentors claiming they will mentor and coach you.   They have something in mind behind the offer.  They plan to brainwash you into their latest deal, or they plan to sell you a bunch of junk you don’t need.

Instead, think about yourself.  If you’re looking for a business,  what are your interests? Find something that fits you.  Find a company that you have investigated and one that  has been around at least a few years.  Check out the company and the owners, and also anyone you plan to join.  Take a month or 2 to do some serious investigation before jumping into something just because is sounds good.

Don’t fall for anyone that claims they will mentor you for free.  Remember there are many false mentors out there.  Use common sense, good judgement and don’t buy into that.

Find the right fit for yourself and then put your nose to the grindstone and plan on being there a few years to get it rolling. There are no instant fixes out there.

There is great opportunity around, however,  from my experience, I would say there are only about 15-20% or less that are good honest solid companies.  Take your time and find one of them   It will be worth it in the long haul.


Don’t Buy In To All The Junk

I’ve been noticing lately more and more junk online these days.  Don’t buy in to all the junk.    There are so many things out her that seem much too good to be true.  Use common sense, it they sound too good to be true, most likely they are.

Everyone online  wants to sell you something or give you something FREE.  I believe you get what you pay for.  Free is sometimes not free.  It may be free dollarwise, but it can cost you plenty, in time and if you share it you can ruin your reputation.

Just don’t but into all the junk.  Find something reputable, and then put on your blinders.  Don’t let people come tell you they are there to help and mentor you.  There is always a catch.  Most of those that tell you they are just helping you, are really out to trick you into following them, or have something to sell you but just don’t tell you that up front.

Use common sense.  Do your homework, and don’t let them convince you that you need them to be successful.  It’s not true.  Your business starts and end with you, and following the junk dealers, only will cost you much time.

WIsh you the best of success.


ICAL by Apple

Apple has the neatest way of keeping on top of things and making life easier for us all.  Recently they updated announced they would be updating ICal  (the calendar to keep you on top of things).

If you have an IPAD, IPHONE , Macbook or IMAC  you can now keep one calendar, add your even to any of the devices and syne it using Mobile me and you’ll ge right on top of everything.

It’s totally cool.    You simply  get a subscription to Mobile Me, and it keeps everything up for you, just like having your own private virtual assistant.  Never be late or miss an appointment.  Have your calender beep and remind you no matter what device you’re on.

All you have to do is update your new calender  and you’re good to go.  Typical of Apple update is free.

I’m so thankful I made the change to Apple.  I never realized how difficult things were with Windows and their drivers, updates and stuff you need to do to keep on top of things.   Be sure to update your ICAL and enjoy being on top of everything.

Apple ROCKS!


Free Is Quite Expensive

How many times have you had someone contact you to tell you about a new “FREE” opportunity.   All you need to do is sign up, and sit back and wait for the checks to roll in…..right?   Most of the time, if you fall for this, you’ll learn free is quite expensive.

It may be free to sign up.  It may be free to share with others, however, if no one pays anything, or buys anything or sells a product or service the end result will be that you earn NOTHING.   You will be spinning your wheels and wasting your time and time IS money.

Another thing that happens, is you share this free opportunity, and get a few friends or relatives to sign up because it is free.   What’s happening is you’re building someone else’s mailing list.    They take your name and the names of those joining you, and sell them to leads companies or other places that want to pitch and sell you all sorts of things.

So now you find the truly free is quite expensive.  You’ve wasted your time working for free.   You’ve built a list for someone else, and worse yet,  now all of you will be emailed, called or texted with lots of junk.  That too wastes your time.

Don’t fall for anyone that tells you it’s free to join.  Don’t put your information in just because they tell you it’s free.   Nothing in life worth having or doing is really truly free.   You either invest money to start up a business, or a lot ot hours and sweat equity.   Either way,  free is not really truly free.

Use  common sense, and check things out and don’t buy into the hype.


Explore Orlando for Free – Interesting Free Things to Do on Your Vacation by Lucille Continenza

I just found the following article on Orlando,  and thought it was good for those of you thinking of visitng Orlando Florida.    Hope you enjoy it.


If you have been to Florida, and still never had the opportunity to visit Orlando, then you have missed out on something special. The city of Orlando, Fl is considered as a major attraction in Florida, and not just in Florida, even people from across neighboring states come to the city of Orlando to have great vacation.

There are plenty of things you could choose to do in Orlando Florida, moreover, there are a number of free things you could take part in.

• Take time out and visit Disney market place. It’s absolutely free, and if you are traveling along with your kids, makes sure you go to Lego center. There is no charge to visit Lego center.

• Kelly Park is another location, which doesn’t change anything. Visitors could enter free of cost and enjoy to the hilt. You would love the various sporting facility available at the park.

Water sport at Kelly Park Orlando is one of the best sports to indulge upon. You would also be able to take part in rock climbing.

• Ocala natural forest is the best place to visit in the city of Orlando. No charge whatsoever, the forest is a perfect place to hike. It is also a very good picnic venue.

• Cornell fine arts museum is never to miss tourist destination in Orlando Florida, especially, if you are an art lover.

• The most remarkable feature of Orlando city is its offering of free concert for its people. Weekend nights would be perfect windows on your schedule to hear free concert at old town area.

You would also find exhibitions of vintage cars every weekend at the old town.

• Fort museum historical museum park is one of the best free places in the city of Orlando. You would-be able to view replica sized fort Christmas.


Visiting Orlando does not only mean spending money on theme parks and dinner shows. Orlando FL local guide lists numerous superb free things to do in Orlando Florida for travelers.


Fancy Web Sites

Lately I’ve noticed more and more “fancy web sites” growing around the web.  The funny thing, if you look further, a lot of them look alike because they are built around some sort of affiliate type deal, or a canned site.

A lot of times they are offering something that sounds too good to be true.  If you’re on a fancy web site, selling you something for a certain amount,  if you go to the bottom or click thru,  a lot of times the price goes down.  If you actually leave the site,  they will make a better and better offer.

It amazes me how people are still falling for all the fancy sales pitches.  Do yourself a favor,  if the offer too good to be true,  take a night to sleep on it, and read it again the next day.  Do your homework and be sure the product they are selling is one you just can’t live without.  Many times you can even find the information  elsewhere for  free.

Don’t be fooled by fancy web sites.