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I had an interesting call this afternoon from a very nice gentlemen.   Somehow he found my name, searching for direct sales people.    He told me he was looking for real “go getters”,  and I replied “Aren’t we all?”.  He indicated that most of those he talked to were very apathetic, and didn’t card to work.

This lead to a very interesting conversation about apathy, and how people seemed to have changed over the past 20-30 years.  .  I had to agree with him for the most part.   It’s sad but sometimes it seems that those that need things the most are willing to do the least.

This gentlemen said he’d hired dozens and dozens to do a simple task, yet only ONE took him up on it and did the task.  The others were just apathetic, or would start and not finish.   These were all people that needed money.

Why do you think people have become so apathetic?   I personally think that it’s because they have have given up on their dreams.   They may have been knocked down a few times, so they no longer care or have the will to get up and keep on moving foward.

It does not have to be that way.   It may take work and effort, but if you refuse to give up, you can turn things around.   I feel sad for those that really feel they can’t do something.  WHY NOT?  What’s stopping you?

Always remember, that NOTHING can stop you buy YOURSELF.   We ended the conversation, but I also felt sad for the gentlemen doing the calling.   He too sounded sad, and down.   It’s really not healthy at all to be so down.   IF you feel as this gentlemen did,  know that you can change that.

If you want a things to get better then It all starts with you.  MAKE IT HAPPEN.    Just do it!


I Decided to Change My Life

One day I decided I was sick and tired of the way I was living, and decided to change my life.

I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck.   I was a little better than most in that I did have a paycheck.  I knew people that didn’t.  Still I was weary of having more month at the end of my money.

At the time I was not sure what I was going to do to change my life, but I knew if I didn’t it would only get worse.  You can’t stand still.  You either move forward or backwards.  I started little by little, and learned that things I had been raised to believe were no longer true.    I didn’t have to get a JOB and stay there till I died or retired.  I could change.  I could be free.  It it was to happen I knew I had to make that change.  Only I could do that.

What about you?  Are you tired of owning your life and your money to the bank?   Would you like to be free?  Would you like to travel and enjoy life?     If so,  what’s stopping you?   Do you have dreams?  What are they?

If you are not where you want to be,  what are you doing to change your life?  Have you thought of it?  Change is not fun but it takes change to get where you want to be.

Ask yourself what are you going to do to have the live of your dreams?   It can be yours!  You can do anything you want if you’re willing to take charge and make things happen.

Don’t let anyone EVER stop you from being successful and living the life of your dreams.

Take Action and change your life for the better!

Dream big and make those dreams happen!   I changed my life, and you can do it as well, if you make up your mind to make it happen.    Hope to see you one day on the beaches of the world.


Free Housecleaning For Those Undergoing Chemo

If you know any woman currently undergoing chemotherapy, please pass the word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning – once per month for 4 months while she is in treatment.

All they have to do is sign up and have their doctor fax a note confirming the treatment. Cleaning for a Reason will have a participating maid service in their zip code area arrange for the service. This organization serves the entire USA and currently has 547 partners to help these women. It’s our job to pass the word and let them know that there are people out there that care.

Be a blessing to someone and pass this information along.


You may or may not know anyone going thru chemo,  but you may have friends or relatives that to.

Reach out and help someone today!


Trip To Hollywood

I just returned from a great trip to Hollywood (Floridat that is).   It was a lot of fun and a great weekend.  I went with some wonderful people.

Things didn’t go as planned.  Arriving at our hotel, we found it was really NOT the type we normally would stay at.  Lesson learned.  Photos online can be deceiving.    Since we were meeting a few dozen others there, we were stuck as it would be hard to find 12-15 rooms when the event we came for was only hours away, so we made the best of it.   It ended up being one of the best trips ever and we enjoyed a lot of laughter.

We went out to dinner, getting lost a dozen times along the way.  Finally, the waiter at the restaurant we were meeting at came onto the phone and guided us there step by step for 15 minutes.   We though we were lost forever, but we finally found our way.     We laughed so hard tears were coming out of our eyes.  Later on we found we were right around the corner.

Hollywood is an interesting place.   It’s stuck between Ft Lauderdale to the north and Hallendale to the south and just a little above North Miami Beach.     I’ve been down to Ft Lauderdale many times on cruises as well as Miami but never noticed the little places in between.

We went to a fantastic event and mingled with some amazing people that night and the next day.

Coming back to the hotel, we were warmly greeted by the front desk folks.  The hotel was sort of yucky but the personnell were amazing.   We thought they should get a job at a high end hotel.   On the flip side, we were at a high end hotel and the personnel there were sort of rude and snobbish.

We spent time visiting and just had a fantastic time.   It goes to show you, no matter what the circumstances in your life if you can laugh about it, things go well.

Laughter is great medicine.  If you’re feeling down laugh.   Hollywood is a neat little place.   Visit sometime, just don’t trust the photos on the internet to be what you see when you get there.


Time Flies

Wow another year has come and gone.  It’s hard to believe how fast it went.

Most people start the year making resolutions of what they will accomplish.  Did you keep what you committed to at the beginning of last year?   Will you make new resolutions for this year?

Did you accomplish all you wanted in 2010?   Are you any better off than you were when the year started, or did you slide backwards?

I find it hard to believe how fast a year goes.  I guess  time waits for no one.

In the blink of an eye, things happen.  If you don’t believe that try raising a family.   A new baby is born, and it seems like over night they are gone and have children of their own.   Life waits for no one.

Seems like just yesterday we were welcoming in 2010.  Where did it go?  I sometimes think that someone has fast forwarded the world, as time seems to go faster and faster.

What will YOU do in 2011?

Do you have dreams and goals?   If time and money were no object, where would you be this very moment in time?    Think about that!

Remember NO one but YOU can keep you from reaching any dream you have.  It all starts and ends with you.   You can’t blame your spouse,  your friend, your child, your sponsor in a business.  YOU are the only one that can keep yourself from reaching the pinnacles of success.   YOU!

Is there a goal you’d like to accomplish?  If so what is it?   When do you intend to start?

I know from working with people for so long, many people reach out and start a business, planning to work and build it, and reach their dreams.   The sad part is many of those that start,  never finish.   They let life get in the way.  They make excuses, so they never reach their dreams.

Success is within reach of everyone, but it will only come to those that take action on those dreams.   Those that reach out and stay focused, will make things happen.  Those that only dream, will find their life slipping away without accomplishing anything.

What about you?  Where would you like to be in 2011?   What do you hope to accomplish this year?

Without action NOTHING happens.   You can make money or excuses, but never both.   What will YOU do this year?   You either move forward or fall backwards there is no standing still.

I hope to see you moving forward, and reaching those dreams.   Start now.   Don’t wait.  Don’t blink.  If you do,  it will be 2012 and you’ll be left behind again.

Make 2011 be  YOUR best year ever, and start taking action RIGHT NOW!



A New Year – A New Beginning

We’re starting a new year. 2010 is done and gone. You can’t change anything about it now…’s too late. Did you have a good year, or a bad year? Are you any better off today than you were a year ago?

if not, what will you do this year to change and move ahead on your passions and dreams? Think about that.

2011 is only beginning. Now is the time you can change your destiny and work on reaching your dreams.

Too many people start of each year, making all sorts of “resolutions”. They start out all committed but a month or 2 down the road, they somehow lose interest and don’t keep those committments.

Success takes focus and constant effort. It means working on improvement, even when you don’t feel like it. It means setting some realistic goals and buckling down and reaching for them.

What do you want in 2011? Be specific. Write it down and then work on making things happen.

Hope you had a great holiday and that 2011 is the best year of your life. It starts now!!!!

See you at the top.