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Looking at 2010 & Businesses

2010…the year of transitions. People were getting laid off, downsized, companies closed, The average workplace was about midway between the extremes of high threat and high opportunity. The personal stakes were relatively low but high on stress as people entered work everyday threatened that they might be leaving that day, week, or month without their job.

The threats are nothing like those imposed by a mugger or a sweatshop boss. But threats to livelihoods around the country nonetheless. People’s income spiraled downward as companies faced major economic disaster, just as families incomes dwindled. There is no way you can create survival strategies or techniques to weather the threat that hit our families as quickly as it did in 2010. Some employers used the economic distress as sufficient excuses to become the sweat bosses of old. It is difficult to sustain a very high level of motivation, even if you wanted to in that kind of environment. And you don’t. We all know motivation by stress and threats is a dead-end strategy, and we are naturally more attracted to the opportunity side of the motivation curve than the threat side.

Yet it is also an unfortunate truth that most supervisors make casual use of threats, forgetting that they do not have, or want, the coercive power to motivate by fear alone. Threats, of course, move people toward the survival side of the motivation curve, which moves them away from the opportunity side. So threats tend to move people away from the high motivation of genuine opportunities. Yet they generally fail to move them up the survival side of the motivation curve sufficiently to create high fear-based motivation. So threats are generally counterproductive. In fact, we can state as a general rule that, in any civilized workplace: Threats are always de-motivating.

Did you feel the threats in a misguided effort to motivate you as an employee in 2010? Threats are not nice, and you see yourself as a fundamentally nice person (and I bet you are right). Most managers say they never or rarely use threats, but many of the people I helped at the end of this year would not agree. They all felt threatened by the company, their bosses, and the workplace environment.

Most employees say their supervisors do hold threats over them on a routine basis. Most people feel that their bosses use their power to withhold opportunities and rewards and on occasion to actively punish and do harm. In my work, I’ve interviewed and surveyed thousands of my team and people in all sorts of organizations, big and small, and I’m willing to bet that you are convinced that you felt threatened or coerced into doing something you didn’t want to do all in one year…2010.

You need to “get out of your way” and “get our of their heads” and get one with your life. Understand how valuable you are so you can manage the impression you make on others. I mean don’t just take my word for it, Ken Blanchard, a wonderful trainer who says his goal is “to take the B.S. out of behavioral science,” often tells audiences that “motivation is a six inch job. It all comes down to the space between your ears.” Then he holds his hands up to his ears to demonstrate that it’s what people hear and what they think of it that matters. Anything outside the space between the ears is superfluous!

I help people work on rebuilding their economic future and build leaders. I’ve helped hundreds across the country…and I can help you too.


Traditional Business or Home based business

Anytime anyone starts a business, they want it to be successful. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a part time business or a full time business that is located in your home, office, on the Internet or more. There are a few things that one can do in order to run a successful business for yourself. You must have developed and implemented a plan that will ensure your success from the beginning.

Here are a few helpful tips that will allow you to run a successful business:

  • Business plan. Remember that plan mentioned earlier? A business plan covers all of the basics like the goals, how you plan to achieve those goals, where the business will be in 5 years, what route you have to take to make sure the business stays on track and more. The business plan can cover the finances, advertising, supplies, and more.
  • Capital. A successful business cannot operate unless it has plenty of financial resources to achieve its ability or to just pay suppliers or the bills.
  • Advertising. If consumers do not know that you have a business, they will not do business with you. Advertising to the right target market is essential to the success of any business. You must also advertise through the right avenues in order for it to work for the business properly.
  • Quality over Quantity No matter what type of business you are in, it is always better to have quality over quantity. When it comes down to it, quality is what keeps long term customers. If you are pushing out items that are in bulk but do not have the quality desired, you will eventually run into some serious problems. No company can thrive on products or services that do not offer the ability to satisfy the customers in the long run, thus, you should make your policy that no matter what, quality comes first. Not only will you have more satisfied customers, but you will see people returning time and time again to use your business.
  • Make Close Employee Relations When it comes to successful business tactics, there is nothing more important than having good employee relations. Whether or not your employees are successful and efficient at their jobs is completely determined by the inter-workings of relationships with the management. Thus, it becomes absolutely essential that you create a good relationship with the people who work with and for you. The more enticing and friendly the atmosphere, the more motivated the employees will be to do their best at their jobs. A happy employee means a better work ethic and ultimately a better business.

These tips are just basic tips that anyone can implement into their business in order to obtain the potential that the business has.

A successful home business is only as successful as the owner allows it to be or is able to make it. Being prepared from the beginning, knowing the direction to go, what it will take to get there, and developing the right tools to make it get there is required. The word “plan” says it all.

When you need further guidance on a practical home based business, call or email me and I’ll give you my experience on cutting through all the confusion and get down to just making money and having freedom.


Visit To Denver Colorado

We flew out to visit Denver last month.  I’d been out to the area several years ago but only in the summer and for a quick trip up to the Ft Collins area, so had not seen much of the metro Denver area.

We visited the Lakewood area and took a trip up to the Evergreen Mountains and Red Rock area.  It’s a very beautiful area.

Hone based business freedom

They have an outdoor section for concerts right in the mountain.  It was pretty cool

Of course, you’re not allowed to climb the mountains per the warning signs:

While going up to Evergreen, we saw real life “ELK”.  That may not seem amazing to those of you living out west, however, to someone from Florida I was surprised to see them just blending in with the traffic.   They even went to the corner, where the crosswalk was, and waited for the light to change, and all crossed the street.   It was fascinating.   Here they are waiting for the light to change:

I was amazed to see these Elk just grazing as they waited for the light to change to green.  When it did, they all linked up in the crosswalk and crossed to the other side as the cars stopped and waited for them.   It was so funny to see, almost as they knew it was their turn to go.

We also went and up and saw the tunnels they had built right into the mountains:

As you can see here the cars just drive right thru the carved out areas of the mountain.   Again, you westerners may not think a thing of that, but coming from Florida we don’t even have many hills much less mountains like this.

We visited just at the right time, it was chilly but not yet freezing.  The one thing I found about the weather at that time of year (mid November) is it changes 2 or 3 times a day.   One day it was clear and sunny, which meant COLD, and 3 hours later you’d see the black clouds headed over the mountain, winds picked up to 50-60 MPH and big snow drops came down.  They called it a “blizzard”, however, it lasted only about 1-2 hours.   Following that,  the sun came back out, winds stopped and the snow melted off right away.

The air is quite DRY and thin.   No humidity at all, so it does take time to adjust when you come from a humid area like Florida.

I was told that each day, there could be 2 or 3 different weather patterns so if you start the day in shorts,  better have some jeans or jackets with you as that changes almost instantly.

As you can see we had on jackets here at Red Rock.  It was chilly but not really extremely cold.   We saw on the weather reports the day before there were blizzards higher up in other mountain areas, but they day we drove up, you can see the snow was almost gone.

If you fly out for a visit,  please not  they airport is way out of the way from most places.  We did pass the football stadium on the way back to the airport.  We stayed in the Lakewood area, which was about 30 -45 minutes from the airport.   Traffic on the interstates was quite heavy, like a normal large city.

All in all I think Denver was a nice place to visit.  They have some beautiful scenery,  great restaurants,  and interesting things to see.   I don’t think I’d want to live there for good.


Keeping Up A Blog

Blogging has been interesting to say the least.   On thing I learned is if you are writing a Blog, you have to be willing to keep it up.  They say you should have at least one post or more per week.

I have learned that you can write a couple of articles ahead of time, if you’re away to have them auto post.    If you’re using a Word Press Blog when you write your article, instead of pushing to button to post, press the calendar and select the date you want it to go out.    That’s great for people like me that love to travel.

Blogging is just like anything else, you get started, and make it a habit.   If you keep on doing it, over time it will be come a habit.


What’s The Secret Between Failure And Success?

Many people try to grow a business, but the majority or them fail or quit.  Have you ever thought about the reasons?   Why does one person seem to rise to the top and another one seems to start and fail, over and over?

Actually it’s not really a secret.

I believe the difference is very subtle.  The one that succeeds is the one that simply does something each day to grow their business.   It’s the little things done over time that make a huge difference.   A person that wants to succeed will go to work and make things happen.

Everyone has times that they just don’t feel like working.   A person that succeeds is the one that works regardless.   It’s not that you have to kill yourself, or work yourself into an early grave, but you do have to be focused and committed.

You can have 2 people join something at the exact same moment.   One will do well and the other will give up and quit shortly.  I’ve always said there is NO way to fail at anything short of quitting.  Quitters never win and winners never quit.

If you’re looking to grow a business, plan to be there 5 years later.  Plan to do something daily and work when you don’t feel like it. Take consistent daily action and don’t let anything get in your way.  If you will do that, over time you’ll be the one that succeeds.

Hope to see you at the top.


Portland Oregon

We’ve been making a point to see more of our own United States.   Having lived in the southeast all my life, I’m used to heat, hurricanes, and beaches.   I’m not too used to snow, sleet, and cold.   We also have flat land, no mountains.

One place I always heard about and wanted to see was Portland, Oregon.  We decided to take a trip and check it out.  We and found it was a very interesting city.

This is a city that seems to have a lot to offer.  While we were there I think we brought the sunshine and warm weather.  It was very hot but drier than Florida.   We heard from people there the weather was not the norm.

The city has lots of public transportation and we met people downtown that lived there without even a car.   The train runs from the airport thru downtown and into the suburbs.   We rented a car, but also tried out the trains and found them unique.   At rush hour they were very crowded, but other times they were interesting.

The trains downtown were free.  You only paid if you went out of a certain area.  We wandered all over down town, saw the water front, a haunted pizza place, and their city market.   We also decided to see what a beach was like on the other coast.   We found to get to the beach from the city, you had to drive about 1 ½ hours thru the forest and mountains.   It was noticeably cooler in that area.

Arriving at the town of Seaside, we found a quaint beach town, with shops similar to what you’d find in Florida.  The difference ended there.

Down on the beach the sand was much darker and the water was plain ICE.  I had to put my feet in the water, and it was like soaking in total ice water.  We also found it pretty to have mountains going into the water.   It was very different from Florida.

I thought it very neat to be at the ocean, and yet see mountains on the beach.

We visited other places like the Rose Gardens, the tram over the city and the Japanese village.  There are lots of things to see and do in the Portland Area.

If you are from the east and have never been west  Portland is a very wonderful city to visit.


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