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Don’t Let Anything Stop You From Reaching Your Dreams

If you presently are growing a business,  I hope it’s going well for you.   I truly believe the only way to create a solid future is to be in charge of your own life.  The old way we knew it years ago, where you got a job for life no longer exists.   If you don’t have a business, begin to think of things you can do to create some income that will come in and give you some security.

Growing a business can be profitable, however, it may not always be smooth sailing but overall, it will be worth it if you stick it out.

When you hit a wall, Just hang in there and keep on building.  Don’t stop if you want to  reach your dreams. if you don’t let those roadblocks and walls stop you you’ll get there.   With any business,  You may run into walls, or start down a path and find yourself at a dead end.  Ever been there?  I sure have.

Sometimes just when you think you’re on your way, BAMM something happens that throws you for a loop.   That’s part of life.

No matter what,  if you keep on going anyway,  one day you’ll reach all of your wildest dreams.   You may have ups and downs, and you may have to go over, around or thru some hurdles,  but you will arrive if you make it a plan to NEVER quit.  Never let anyone, any where stop you from reaching your dreams.

Create a vision board for yourself.  If you know what you want, and know where you are headed, when you reach that dead end or have a few down moments,  you won’t let that stop you.    I’ve seen many people with tons more talent than I, lose because they gave up when they hit a roadblock.  I makes me sad to see that.

If you want to create the lifestyle of your dreams, you CAN do it.   There is NOTHING that can stop you, but you yourself.    Make a vow with yourself that you will get started and NEVER EVER quit.   Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Everyone wants to get rich yesterday or quickly.  That rarely happens.   But if you stick with what you’re doing, and you keep on moving forward, little by little, inch by inch, one day you’ll reach those goals and dreams.

Walls were meant to be knocked down. If you run into a dead end,  knock it over and keep on moving.   I did it and I know if I did  it you can too.

See you at the top


Change Your Life

How’s your life going?   Are you happy with your current job?  Do they pay you enough?  Do they give you lots of free time and vacation, good benefits and job security?

If you can answer yes to those questions, I would like to congratulate you.   It’s wonderful to have the freedom to live the life of your dreams, and there are plenty of people that do that.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of people that don’t have that option.  Many are working long hours, in stressful environments, with little or no benefits.   Many companies have cut out benefits, and tell their employees to be grateful they still have a job.   They expect you to put them first before family or anything.   People in this category area always thinking they want to change their life.

Which are you?   Are you the one with plenty of time, money and freedom or the 2nd one, trading hours for dollars, and working long hours for little?

Are you stressed?  Do you want to change your life?

If you’re the 2nd one, are you going to do anything to change that?   Remember, you do can change that.  You can create a future for yourself.   You can live the life of your dreams, but it starts with being willing to change.   It may not be easy.  It may mean you have to work that horrid job, as you put in more time building a business on the side that will give you a future.

It may mean you have to give up TV.  It may mean you have to sacrifice for a while as you start to work your way out of that mess.   It all starts and ends with YOU.    Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make it happen, you can.

I’ve been in both places.  I’ve been in the JOB world where I worked long hours, a lot of overtime with little time off.   In that time, I saved money because I had no time to get any place to spend any.  I had very few vacations and if I had any time off at all it was a long weekend every now and then.

I came to the place where I’d had enough and decided I wanted to change.  I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to get out, but I knew that if I was going to make It different, It would start and end with me.  I didn’t know what I was doing but I did know, that no matter what I would find a way and not give up until I did.

It was a huge change.  It was not easy but it was worth it.   Today I am free to come and go as I please.  I have no boss.  I am my own boss.    I have no cubicle.  I work when and where I want.   I am totally changed from where I was 15 years ago.  I’m thankful I stepped out and made it happen.

Are you ready to change your life?  I hope that if you’re looking to make a change, that you will get started and NEVER quit.  Never give up.  IF I did it, anyone can.  I know that for sure 100%.

Wish you the best of success.


Recruit Up

Too often when building a business, people look for someone they feel superior to.  They look at people that are doing nothing.  They look for people that are dead broke because they think they will the ones that want to earn extra income.

Unfortunately, you’ll find that those that need extra income the very most, are usually the ones least willing to do anything about it.   They come home from their job, and don’t want to do anything.   They watch TV reruns while falling asleep in their lounge chair.

Have you ever watched people win a lottery and become a millionaire over night?   If you check up on those same people 8 or 10 years later they are dead broke again because they never learned how to manage money.  They go on a spending spree and their lives change.

It’s sad but true.   If you want to build a business, look for those at are already more successful than you.  Look for those that are already successful.  Learn to recruit up.

Call your chicken list.

A chicken list is a list of people you are afraid to talk to or those you think may not be interested.   These people are usually those you know that already have a lot of money, or appear to have the lifestyle.  They have the big homes, the boats, fancy cars and all the toys.   They appear to have it all on the surface, however, if you look behind that surface, they may be heavily in debt and working long hours.

Look for people on your “chicken list”.    These would be people that look up to.  These would be those you think are already more successful than you.  Successful people tend to be better candidates, because successful people are a bit wiser and smarter and open to opportunity.   Don’t be afraid to show them.   Ask them if they  are open to looking at a new source of income.

The worst thing that could ever happen to you when talking to anyone is they may say no.  No’s are a blessing.  No means the timing is not right and they may not be ready now.  No’s are freedom.  They free you up to talk to others without having to hang on to that person right now.

No’s are those you put on a later list.  Check back with them in 6-12 months.  Things may have changed in their lives and they may be ready for an chance to do something different.   Don’t be afraid to ask successful people to take a look at your opportunity.   They are the ones that will be more open to taking a look.


Learn to love no’s.    The best people in the world that teach how to “Go For No’s are Richard Fenton and Andrea Walsh.   They have some amazing books, and tapes on the subject.  I think you would enjoy them. They make learning fun.

If someone says NO,  thank them. They did you a favor.  Move on to the next person.  Get enough no’s and the yes’s will come.

Get out that chicken list and go to work and watch your business grow!


Would You Like A Few Tips On Getting More Referrals & Getting Repeat Business?

It’s taking me years and years to learn that communication and keeping in touch with my customers, and clients is the ONE thing I need to do on an ongoing basis.   Too often you make a sale, and then send a thank you card and the person never hears from you again.  That is a HUGE mistake.

Last year I purchased a brand new car for cash.   I mentioned to the salesman that it’s really important to keep in touch with customers and asked him how he did that.   He muttered a bit about how the dealership would send things out for them.  I showed him an easy way to do that himself to build his own name, which would get him more business.   He indicated to me he was going to do that.

It was a year last month, since I bought this car.   Over the years, the dealership sent me a few sales pitches, like come in to buy this or that from them.  They send reminders and coupons and stuff like that.   I did NOT get even a thank you card for them.   I was surprised because I had paid cash for the car.  You’d think they would want me to buy another car from them and/or refer my friends.  Sending me sales pitches and coupons just does not have the same effect as sending out a nice heart felt card or thank you.

Some people just don’t get it, so I thought I’d have my car send them a card.  I took a photo and my car sent them the following photo card.  

My car didn’t even hear back from them, so needless to say, when I buy my next car; they won’t be getting my business.    We found a new service center for the cars oil changes as well.

I had someone ask me a few weeks ago where I bought my car.  I told them but also told them I certainly would not recommend them.   You see, keeping in touch with clients, and building a relationship with them is very important.  IF you keep in touch, you win.  If you, you lose.

If you want to get some free tips and ideas for keeping in touch with your clients, customers, family or even friends, please feel free to join us on a weekly webinar.   No matter what business you’re building we’ll give you some great tips, ideas, and easy things you can do, to get and keep more referrals.

I can also show you an easy way you can keep your name in front of your clients 4-5 times per year, for around $5-6 and about 5 minutes per customer.   I’d love to help you grow your business no matter what it is you’re growing.    My mission is to help others with their future.

All businesses need to get and keep customers to survive.   Hope you’re is going strong



Blogs are fun to learn about.   I used to use blogger.  However, recently found out there are many more features when you use Word Press.  It has all sorts of cool tools built in.

Just this week I was speaking with my friend Ben and mentioned I saw many people that had blogs with signatures.    He said that was an EASY thing to do.   In my mind, I thought, “yea right” and then told him what I thought.

He laughed and said he could show me in a few minutes.  So we quickly called up a webinar screen, logged into my admin.   There right on the left is a menu called plug INS.   If you don’t see one that says “signatures”, then click on “add plug in” and choose one that says signature.

This takes you to a free site where you can choose from many signatures or even create your own.    You can then use it with your blogs.  I think they look cool and are much easier to do than you’d ever imagine.  Try it you’ll like it.  You can’t break it.


Don’t Give Up Before You Start

When you’re growing a business, you will find that people will come and go.  Most all will be all excited when they join you.  Then comes the 4 letter word “work”.

People work in their own time at their own pace.  Some go fast and others go slow and still others never start at all.  Those you think will do the most usually do the least and visa versa.   There is nothing you can do that will change that.  You can show them the way and then it’s up to them.

To often people quit before they get started.   Many times they will have sponsored one or two before quitting.   Sometimes one of them build a business and the quitter loses out.  It’s almost sad.

When you are building an NWM business, if you want to be successful, make a vow never to quit or give up.  Just stay focused and keep on working and it will pay off.

Think of this like you have  a deck of cards.  If I put the deck out in front of you and shuffled it, you know there are 4 aces in the deck.   I start to deal you cards one by one.    What you don’t know is if you will get all 4 aces on the first 4 cards, or if you will not see an ace till the last 4.   That’s how NWM is.    If you stick around long enough your aces will show up.   We’re looking for aces.    We don’t know how many it will take us to get to the first one but we keep on looking and we will find them one by one.

Aces keep going, aces are winners.  You can be an ace, if you stick with it and keep going.   Don’t ever give up.

When I got in this industry 15 years ago, I vowed I would NEVER quit or never give up.  So when I ran into tough times and challenges,  I have gave myself the option of quitting.

I ran into the same thing everyone else did.  Things like people that set appointments and didn’t show people.  I ran into many companies and people that lied, people that did nothing, or those that quit before they started.

I never had an option of quitting because  I knew I’d never give up.  I borrowed and kept the quote “quitters never win and winners never quit”.

Today I’m very thankful that I never gave up.  I’m thankful for this wonderful industry that provides me the freedom to come and go without having to ask a boss.   I can travel and enjoy the freedom I always wanted.

I know if I can do this you can as well.  Just get started and never give up.


No Chasing

Don’t chase after those that have said they have no interest in your business.  This is a sorting business, and you sort thru many no’s to get the yes’s or right people.

Don't Chase Anyone

Have you ever heard the saying ” A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still?    That is very true.  It’s not worth your time if you have to chase anyone.  It’s not worth your time trying to drag someone along or into your business.  If they are not willing, move on talk to someone else.

Too often people talk to one person, that says no or shows no interest, and they spend the next weeks or months trying to change their mind or chasing after them.   Don’ t do that.  You’ll wear yourself out.

If the person happens to be a friend, a family member or people that are in your life that you have to see and deal with from time to time, don’t keep on trying to save them.  Sometimes they just don’t get it.  I feel sorry for those that are so close-minded.   I see so many people struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, yet not willing to do anything about it.

It’s your job to share, and show them how to get out of that mess.  If they don’t get it, there is nothing you can do.  You have to move on.   You have to leave them behind.

Send them a card from time to time if they have a special event, or just come to mind, but NEVER a send sales piece.

Let them chase you, if they ever decide to do anything.     Let them know you’re still around, but don’t talk about your business to the anymore unless they ask you.

There are many people that need extra income.  There are many struggling out there.    Share what you have with them.  If they are not ready, go on to the next person.  They are waiting for you.

Have fun and enjoy what you do.  Keep on sharing and growing and in time you’ll find the people right for your business.

Down the road you’ll make new friends and business partners.   They are waiting for you to go find them.

See you at the top.