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A few years ago I took a Princess Cruise to Hawaii.   We left out of LA, not knowing what to expect in cruising the Pacific.  Most of my prior cruises have been in the western and eastern carribean,  Mexico or Alaska.

We arrived at  LAX a few days earlier to see some of the area we’d only heard of.

We were fortunate to get to tour the area prior to and after our cruise.  It was a very unique and interesting experience.    We saw Beverly Hills, Roddo Drive,  Venice Beach and all the places those that live on the east coast may only have heard of.

Bevery Hlls

Colorful Venice Beach

An old Rambler in Beverly Hills

Pearl Harbor

Leaving La, we boarded our Ship.   We had NO idea we’d not see Land again for 4 days.    Traveling the Pacific was rough and choppy but different than the Atlantic, in that it did not ROLL, but it was much choppier.

Island Princess Here is a photo of our ship.  It was the Island Princess.    The Island Princess is the sister ship to the Coral princess.   Having sailed both ships I found the layouts inside pretty identical even down to the color of the carpets.

Our trip over and back took 4 days each way,  leaving 7 days for visiting the Hawaiian Islands one   more day on the way back to stop a few hours in Mexico.    We stopped at 5 islands,  Kona, Hilo,             Maui, Honolulo, and Nawiliwili.    My favorite was Maui.   Cruises are a great way to relax, visit different places, and then pick the ones you may want to go back and see on a land trip.

Here are a few places we visited in the Hawaiian Islands:

Beach in Maui

Macadamia Nut Factory

Diamond Head

Naval Base

One of the reasons I chose to cruise to see Hawaii, was it was more comfortable than the LONG LONG flight.   It was a great way to go, meet a lot of new people, and enjoy having fun on board.    If you’re looking for a fun trip and have a couple of weeks to go this way, it’s a wonderful vacation, the cruise is 15 days plus the time you chose to stay in LA before or after.

Native Hawaiians

There are also cruises that just circle the islands as we saw other ships in port.   IF you decide on one of those, you’ll have to consider the long flights over and back.   Aloha!


Holidays Are Coming

Years pass by very quickly.  Holidays come and go but as the years go holidays seem to come faster and faster.    Can you believe we’re only about 3 months from another Christmas season?   Well we are!   It is 3 months EXACTLY from today.

It’s time to start thinking about getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the season.   By the time you go shopping, wrapping and doing all the chores to decorate, you’re tired before the fun times.  Then you have parties, and extra baking, traveling and planning for the season.  One of the tasks I USED to dread, was card sending.   Now I have fun with it.  I send funny cards I create myself  in seconds.  I can send them to one person or large groups.  

Normally at this time of year whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, most people send cards and/or gifts.   They either send Christmas Cards and/ or Hanukkah cards.    Sometime if money it tight, they look for lower priced cards and send them in place of a gift.  A nice card, with some family photos can be a real winner.

Also you start to think about getting those holiday greeting cards out as well as gifts to mail out of town.   What a chore.  I know I used to dread that as one thing I’ve done all my life is send out holiday greetings to all my clients and customers.    About 6 years ago I started using an amazing service, which allowed me to do this much easier.  Prior to this it was 3 or 4 weeks of getting my cards done.  Now I can send hundreds of cool cards, with photos and even gifts and be done in less than an hour.

If you’d like more details on the service, feel free to contact me anytime, or fill in the banner below, and I’ll let you try it out for free.   Make this season one of fun, and take the chores out.

Hope you’re ready for another fun and delightful season, and never forget the reason for the season.

christmas cards


Have you ever been River Cruising?

This is one vacation, I haven’t tried yet, however, it does sound intriguing.  I’ve been hearing from more and more travel agents that are  me it’s a great thing to do.   I also must be on someone’s mailing list as I’ve been getting quite a few brochures and catalogs in the mail lately that sort of peaked my interest.

Of course, those sending them are hoping to sell me on something.  From what I’ve read you get to see beautiful places and spend time in unique places, on the inland waters of many foreign countries.  It looks like it would be beautiful and fun, yet a lot of the things seem to be just “walking” tours.

If you have ever been on a river cruise overseas I’d love to hear from you and let me know your thoughts, and some do’s and dont’s.   I’d also love to hear real life experiences from anyone that’s been there, and feed back from you.

Look forward to getting some feedback and opinions.


Have You Ever Had A No Show?

Do you ever get discouraged because someone promised to look at your opportunity,  or set an appointment with you, and then didn’t show up.   Did you ever have a time where you had an appointment to call someone, and you confirmed the time, even sent them an email reminder and then when you called they didn’t answer the phone?   Did you ever drive to meet someone  or invite someone to go with you to a meeting and they were a no show?

Welcome to the real world.  That happens to many that chose to build a business.

In todays fast paced environment,  people just don’t always keep appointment they make like they used to years ago.    Life happens.   Sometimes the no shows are legitimate, and other times they are people that just are scared you might “sell them something” and they don’t have the guts to say NO.  People LOVE to buy but they hate to be sold.

Have you ever gone  to a store where a sales person followed you around always wanting to “HELP”.   Probably today that does not happen as often, as sales forces have been cut to the minimum, yet  they used to do that a few years ago.  I always hated it when you didn’t have time to look at what you wanted cause they kept making “suggestions”.

People don’t like to say no,  so they LIE to you.  They make excuses or they tell you they FORGOT. Maybe something came up but more often, they may have gotten scared.

Have fun with it.  Just make a list of all the excuses people use, and then tell them to look at the list and say  “Excuse # 22,  to save  them time and.

People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and mentalities.    A home business is not something that everyone will see themselves doing,  That’s just a fact.  They may know nothing about it at all OR they may have been burned  in another business once, so they think all business are like that.    We know that’s not true yet  the mind is a funny thing.

If you think you can or if you think you can’t you are right!   Don’t let anyone stop you EVER.


How’s YOUR Economy?

Do you believe the economy is as bad as they say?

I don’t!    I travel a lot and most flights are totally full.   When I cruise,  the ships are packed.   If the economy is as bad as they say, how can so many people be traveling?

We even took a road trip this year, and again,  no shortage of cars on the road.  At nights hotel parking lots were well filled.

This week we decided to go to the mall.   Had to search for a parking place… found one after going up and down several rows.   Inside, the place was packed with shoppers.  I say shoppers because they were all carrying lots of bags.

I know people have had rough times with the housing industry and banks tricking people into paying too much for things, yet I sure don’t see the economy being what the news says.   If that is so, explain why it’s hard to be able to take a trip with  out so many crowds?

Your future starts and ends with you.  Don’t let bad news and brainwashing have you thinking it’s all bad.   If it’s as bad as the news pitches it we would not be seeing all the travelers and shoppers, and that’s a fact.

Think about it…food for thought!


Ways To Get More Exposure In Your Business

If you are growing a business,  you can’t be a secret agent.   You have to take time to share and get the word out that you are in business.   No business in the world will go far without customers and people using your product.

Why not use your car to give you a little edge and free exposure?  Have you ever thought of that?

Create little sales messages, on business cards.   Be creative.   Include a link to your website and a way for them to contact you.
I met a wonderful gentlemen online a few years ago.    Over the years I’ve gotten to know him, and find he’s very helpful and also very honest.
He has a unique product that you can use, to put your business cards with the advertising message on your car.    He has a little card caddie product that is under $15.     You can put it on the back window of your car, or truck.    Put some business cards inside,  and when you are out and about, shopping, or running errands,  people walking buy will be able to take a card from your card caddie.
I’ve found it of great value.  I put in 30 or 40 cards, and check it each month.   I usually have to refill it, so I know my message is getting out there.  People are helping themselves to my cards, and all have my name and phone number and web address.
It’s a great way to get exposure.    I highly recommend getting one for yourself and giving it a try.    I don’t sell these.   I don’t make any money on them, I’m just sharing a great product that can help you with your own business.
I’m very selective in who or what I recommend.   I have to know the person behind the product.  I also have to believe it is a good value, and will help others.  In this case I can say,  it’s a very inexpensive way to get a little free exposure.    Click here to read more about them.
Wish you the best of success.


Change Your Life

Do you have all you want in life or are you still wishing for more?  Do you have a job you love or are you looking for a better one…..or…. do you have a job at all?   Maybe you’re unemployed, laid off and looking.

Whatever is going on in your life,  you can change it.  You have the power to become the best that you an be.   Sit down and write out where you’d like to be.     Think about it.   If you could become anything, what would it be?

Do you know the secret?   The secret is there is NO secret all all.   Your attitude and focus determine your future.  You can become anything you choose.   It’s all between your ears.   Decide what you want, and then go for it.

I’ve seen 80 year old people, that went back to college and changed their lives.  It’s never to late.  As long as you are alive and breathing, you can accomplish anything you want.   Key is  taking action.  Don’t procrastinate. Remember the next 5 years of your life will pass.   Time waits for no one.   Where will you be in 5 years?  WIll your life be better or worse?

It all starts and ends with you.  Start now, and determine where you want to be in 5 years, then begin your journey.   Never let ANYONE or ANYTHING stop you.   If it’s to be, it’s all up to you.

Dream big, and make those dreams come true.    Hope to meet you on the beaches of the world one day.