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Consistency Counts

If you are serious about growing your own business, remember it starts and ends with you.  Unfortunately, there are many things around that can and may distract you.   The only way you will ever be successful at anything is to stick it out and be consistent.

It is the simple day to day actions, that will grow you a solid successful business over time.   A lot of time, people don’t want to hear that.   They want to get rich, and they want to do it NOW!   Don’t you think if that was possible, everyone would be rich?

I have been online now, for about 15 years.  I’ve seen so much.   The Internet is constantly changing.   While it changes, these “deals”  seem to cycle, so when you’ve seen one you’ve pretty much seen them all.

What I’m noticing today is a big buzz going around tricking new people into joining their stuff, because they start off by telling people what they “want” to hear rather than the truth?   I find that very sad and dangerous.

The latest things I have seen  going around seem to let you believe that if you just buy in, and take their lessons, buy their books and tools,  you can get rich while you sleep.  They will tell you that you never have to talk to family or friends, in fact,  if you don’t want to, you don’t even have to talk to ANYONE.

I received an email last week telling me that I could buy some “leads” for about $100 or so.   Now once I bought them, if I didn’t want to call them, that was ok,  I could buy into this machine for $500 that would just do all the calling for me on autopilot.

I’m sorry I was not born yesterday.  There is no way an autodialing maching is going to do all the work for me, while I sleep and it won’t do that for you either.    If you want to waste a lot of money and time, and be spinning your wheels,  buy into all the stuff they tell you.

I’ve watched people online try to beat the system.  I’ve seen vidoes and audios of people indicating they were making 6 and 7 figures.    The sad part is I know a lot of the people IN those vidoes and I know they are NOT making anything,  however someone taught them to talk good and make videos.

I’ve been burned by my share of things like this over the years.  I learned the hard way.   It’s ok, it was a valuable lesson.

Today I have an amazing business,  that I  totally love.   I make a very solid income and I can come and go as I please.    I work it now by choice, because my mission is to help others achieve their dreams.

To do that is simple.   People try to over complicate it but is is NOT that hard.   Sometimes what is simple and easy to do, is also simple NOT to do.  It will take work, and it will take time.  It will take simple day to day actions.  It will take treating your home business as a SERIOUS business, and putting in time each day to grow it.

Use common sense.  Don’t listen to those that are shouting what you “want” to hear.  Don’t fall for those that are out to steal your dreams.   Find a business you love and plan to work it 3-5 years and not get distracted. Be consistent.

Five years will pass, whether you chose to grow a business or not.   Where were you 5 years ago?  Where will you be 5 years from now?   It’s all your choice!


Flying The Friendly Skies

Flying these days has become a big ordeal.   Airlines are over crowded, and beginning to treat passengers as more of a nuisance.  Service has gone down, while extra charges and fees have gone up.   If you are flying plan to do your homework and know in advance, all the added fees.   Compare airlines.  Just because a ticket appears cheap, that airline may have lots of hidden suprises.  Be prepared.

MOA Plane

I have found a lot of times, it’s worth the extra charge to go first class.  If you have never flown first class there is a huge difference.   First off, there are no added fees, all things are included.   You can check bags at the airport, and not pay the added $25-50  each away.   They serve you drinks, give you how wash rags, and most of the time a breakfast, lunch or dinner.   If there is a movie on the flight, your headsets are complimentary.  They also mark your luggage so it comes off first or priority.

The last flight I was on,  I heard annoucements of added fees for the passengers in the back.   I believe it was $3-8 for a “snack box”.   Headsets were $2,  there were extra charges for all sorts of things.  As of this writing Delta still gave a drink  free, however, I’ve hears US Air and some others started ripping off passengers for $2-3 for a drink.

Another plus I’ve noticed when flying first class, is if there is a delay, you get an apology letter in the mail from the airlines, along with bonus air mles for being inconvenienced.    About 2 or 3 years ago,  I wrote down on my wish list, that one of the things I wanted to do was go first class.   Last year we decided to just bite the bullet and do it.

While it does not make the security hassles any easier, they do send you to a shorter line.   They also seem to treat you better, and with more respect.   I guess they want to keep you coming back since you’re paying them double for your spot aboard the plane.

I love traveling, and seeing new places so flights are one of the things that go along with it.  Might was well  sit in the bigger seats and make the trip more comfortable if you can afford it.   We’ve found it’s well worth it.

The only airline I know of that does not have first class is Southwest.  They added a “business class” or a way to pay $10 extra for them to check you in.  That way you get on first and get first choice of which seat you sit in.   When I can’t find a first class, or a hub direct flight where I’m going, I pick Southwest.

Pick a place to go,  and try a first class trip and enjoy.   This comes with a warning….once you go first class you’ll never want to go back.


Word Press Blogs

I’ve been learning a lot about “real” blogs.  This one is being done with word press.   I’ve learned that if you want to created a blog, you need to keep it up and be consistent.    I’ve also been told it’s best to use Word Press rather that Google Blogger. While Google Blogs are free,  they don’t get as much attention, or rankings.  At least that is what I’ve been told by those in the know.

Since I started this blog last month, I’ve found it’s not as hard or mysterious as I thought.   I acutally hired someone to set up this site, but never started using it because I was not quite sure how or what some of the things here meant.   As they say a confused mind does nothing, so for the first month or so, I didn’t start to blog.

I was talking to my good friend Ben.  He got onto a Go To Meeting webinar with me and showed me what all the things inside meant.    There are some categories down the side here that I’m not 100% sure of yet, but I think I have the typing and posting down pat.   I also learned that I don’t have to look at the screen with all the funny HTML codes.   All I had to do was click on the other tab that said visual and it looked just like a word processor.

I also learned ot insert photos.  That was not hard at all, in fact it was just the same as uploading pictures from any place.

One thing I did notice, is I was getting a huge amount of comments on my blog.   They went to a little folder where I was to look and say if they were legitimate comments.   Some of them looked real, but Ben pointed out that about 90% or more were spam.  I was really surprised by that, but he explained to me that people do that  thinking they will get more traffic to whatever they are peddling.

I guess I don’t understand why people spam like that.   I would never purchase anything from someone that sent me junk mail.   I think if everyone did the same thing, the junk would slow down or go away, as it would not be profitable.

If you’re new to blogging, and using this same system,  to add posts you simply pick the category that says “add posts”.  Real original.    You can do as I did if you want and have different categories, that you are writing about or just do a blog on just one thing.   SInce my mind is always thinking of new and different things, I chose to do multiple categories.

Word Press is kind of neat.    If you want to start a blog, I encourage you to give it a try, and see how you like it.   It’s no where near as hard as I had imagined.      Give it a try.


Where Is Your Favorite Place To Vacation?

Over the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve been doing more traveling than I have my entire life.   I finally have the time to do that, and enough to afford it.  For that I’m very thankful.  I’m making up for lost time.

One of the things I like to do is cruise.   I like cruises because they are relaxing.  There is always something to do, and everything is taken care of.  They come make your bed, and leave chocolates on your pillow.  They pick up after you.  They feed you and do the dishes.    They entertain you.  You can usually find something to do for everyone.

The downside is you don’t get to stay ashore many hours, but it does give you enough time to find places that you’d like to see more of.  When you do you can always return on a flight and spend more time.

I was thinking back to some of the places I’ve been.


I think the favorite of all times is when we went on a Land/Sea cruise to Alaska.    If you’re going on one,  I highly recommend doing the land portion first as it’s VERY busy.  By the time you finish it, you’ll be ready for a relaxing cruise.

We flew to Alaska.   We met at the airport by our cruise director.  She brought us to our hotel on a bus. We quickly learned, they didn’t keep the same hours we did when we found out we were to be ready to leave for a train at 7 AM.

We reached the train about 7:30 AM.  The train stopped to let us say goodbye to civilization, and we never saw another live person (other than those on the train) until we arrived at the wilderness hotel about 4 PM.

Wildlife in Alaska

We had dinner, and then next day went up to the top of the mountain to see Denali then came back and went gold mining on an airboat.  As soon as we returned it was time to get back on the train for Fairbanks.

Wild animals in Alaska

In Fairbanks, the next morning we went on a paddle boat.  We saw sled dogs and an Indian Village.  It was a great trip.  We were then picked on another bus that took us to an airport.

We boarded a plane that only sat about 50 people, and we flew across the mountains back to Anchorage.  We were taken on a tourist type bus for a trip down the coast, where we saw salmon spawning, and coastline.   It was a 4 hour trip. We were delivered to our ship.   By the time we boarded the ship we were ready for rest.   The land part is fun but it is definitely 4 days of non-stop moving.

Ice From a Glacier

The ship then took us to the standard Alaskan cities, of Juneau, Skagway and Seward.    We did the normal tourist things, shopping and taking tours.    We also went in to the glaciers and saw the ice falling.

We ever saw Eagles and all sorts of animials in the wild.  For a city person from Florida it

Our cruise ended in Vancouver BC where we stayed another 3 days and saw some of the sites there.   It’s a great city as well.

This trip we went on the Coral Princess.    One day we’d like to go on one of the small ships like Silver Seas, that can go up closer to things.

If you’ve been on the Silver Seas, I’d love to hear from you, pros and cons.


Learning About Facebook

We were honored tonight to have Philip Black as our guest on a training call tonight.   The subject was  Facebook.  Philip is very knowedgeable on the subject of social media.  He is so talented that he can break things down to a simple level that even a blonde like me can understand.  We all learned so much about the does & dont’s of Facebook.  The hour was certainly jam packed .

He used a page example of people that love dark chocolate.  The page was just an example, not a real page.   However, getting off the call, I was talking with a friend who said he was going out to get some chocolate.   If you are building a page or group on facebook, you want to make it relevant to your target market.   His chocolate page sure made you crave some chocolate.

Philip is setting up a Facebook Training Center.    He is building it as a place where people can to and learn the ins and outs of facebook.  I would highly recommend it.    There is a video about it online where you can find out more about facebook.     Facebook is presently ranked higher than google.    I found that quite amazing.

These days most people are wanting to learn more about social media.   Facebook, and Twitter have become quite popular.   There is always a lot to learn about both.   The best way to learn anything is by doing it.

If you want to build a facebook page, it’s a good idea to learn all you can about it.  Set up a page to reconnect with your family, old friends or even business associates.   Start a group to share ideas and topics of interest.   If you have a business, set up a fan page.

Whaever you’re looking to do on facebook, I’d highly recommend connecting  checking out Philips Facebook Training Center. He is a great trainer.    His ability to share his knowledge and make it simple is what makes his materials so helpful.  You will learn a lot.

I’ve been on facebook for quite some time.  I still learned a ton of good information from tonights call.  Drop by his site and I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from it as well.

If you’d like to come connect with me over on facebook,  you can find me on as MLMBlonde. I love meeting new people so let’s connect.


What Is Your Mind Telling You?

So you’ve decided to build a business of your own and chose MLM or Network Marketing? Congratulations.   Making up your mind is taking the first step.

Did you give this much thought or did you just jump in with both feet hoping that things would just fall into place?  How did you make your choice of a company?  Did you do your homework and check out the company as well as the people you’ll be working with, or did you join in the passion of the moment?

Have you chosen to be a success or do you have doubts?   I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to do.   It’s those little stories in your mind that make a difference.  What are you telling yourself?

I have had my own struggles over the years.  I watch people that I think are AWESOME.  My mind kicks into over drive and starts to tell me that I could never do what they have done.    I then have people coming to me, that say the same sort of thing, and they tell me I’m amazing.   That always totally floors me.

They way I see it is, I’m a normal average every day person.  There is no difference between myself and anyone else.  We all have the same choices and chances.

You could be struggling and dead broke.   I was once too.   I remember times when I didn’t know how I was going to pay the next bill.  I never went to the grocery store without coupons.  I couldn’t imagine being able to go in, and buy what I wanted, without counting the pennies to see if I could pay for it.

One day I finally told my mind, that enough was enough.  I was going to find another way, a different life.   I wanted to be able to travel, enjoy life, without having to worry If I could afford to go.   I began studying people that had were where I wanted to be. I started tell my mind that if they could do it so could I.

I changed my story and my life.   One thing I vowed when I got started was that I would NEVER ever quit.  I would find the right vehicle, go to work and never look back.

I had no special talents.   The only thing I knew is that I was going to make a difference, some how and some way.    I also vowed I would build my business with truth and integrity.

I know if I can do this, you can too.   Go to work and make it happen for you.


Job VS Business

What is the difference between a real JOB, and a business of your own? Have you ever given that any thought?

I believe a job is where you trade in your hours for dollars and make someone else rich.  Today jobs pay less and less, and they expect more and more.  Only a business or your own  can offer you true freedom.

Unfortunately, more than 2/3 of my life  I had a job.   I was Just Over Broke.    I never had any extra money for anything.

I used to get up each morning to an alarm.  I had to get up to report for work even when I didn’t feel like it.  I worked hard and I’m sure I made a lot of money for the company.   At times I liked what I did, but I sure was not getting rich.   I lived paychek to paycheck.   I rarely an extra dollar left to do things I enjoyed.

Thankfully, I found  that I could build a business of my own, and leverage my time.   In the early years,  I worked very hard for very little money.  I had to go back and unlearn all the things I was taught.   I was brought up to think everyone needed job, and should work for 40-50 years.     Hopefully that company would be around so you could get a pension.  Unfortunately, today that world does not exist.

If you don’t find a way to build your own business, you’re at the mercy of the boss.  When they don’t need you anymore, or can find someone that will do your job for less,  you’ll be out on the street.

I am truly thankful that I found another way.   I only wish I had found that 20 years earlier.  I work from home,  online or on my phone.  I can be any place I want, with a cell phone and laptop.    I am blessed to be free.

There is hope for you as well.   If you want true freedom, find something you can believe in,  and build a business of your own.  Work for yourself.

Make it happen:)))   You can do it.


Network Marketing

Have you heard the term Network Marketing or MLM? What do you think of when you hear that?

You’ve probably heard people say  Network Marketing does not work.  I heard that when I started years ago, and I still hear the same thing today.    I am glad I never paid attention to those  that said that.

Those that say it can’t be done,  only don’t know how.   They are not willing to learn.  Since they failed, they want you to fail as well.   They want to discourage you.   Don’t listen to that nonsense.

I chose to prove them wrong.   I just don’t believe in the impossible.   Guess you could say I’m stubborn, so was determined to prove the negative people wrong.

Network Marketing doees work, however, it only works if you work it.    Key word is WORK.  Some people think that joining everything that comes along means work.  Joining is only the beginning.

Signing up for an opportunity, and speaking to one person and quitting does NOT mean you worked it.  Joining all sorts of things promising you that their system will do the work for you, is a pattern for disaster.

When I started in the indusry, I knew nothing.  I just knew I saw people that were doing well, and some of them were quite ditzy.  I knew if they could do that so could I set out to learn and do.

Today, I’m very thankful for this industry.   If you want to live the life of your dreams,  you have to find a legitimate way to produce income.     You will never get rich trading your time for money.  It doesn’t work.  We all only have the same number of hours in a day so after awhile you run out of time to trade in.

I worked much harder when I had  what people call a REAL job.   Back then I lived from paycheck to paycheck and had more month at the end of my money.  Ever been there?

I never had a real vacation when I had a Job.   Long weekends were about it.

Today, I am enjoying lots of vacations, and love traveling.   I never have to worry about how to pay for something.  I have no bills.  I come and go as I please.  This is all thanks to the industry people will try to tell you does not work.

My mission in life now is to help others achieve true financial freedom and live the life of their dreams.    It starts and ends with you.  If I can do it so can you.

Hope to see you at the top one day!!!

Diane Walker