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Hello everyone,

I thought I’d introduce myself to those of you that may not have met me. I’ve been online since 1994. Most people know me as MLMBlonde. I live in the sunny south.   I enjoy traveling and take a lot of vacations.   I have 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren.  mlmblonde

I decided one day, that I was tired of working in a cubicle  and living my life making others rich.   I wanted to build a business, but had not idea where to start.    I knew I didn’t want to be tied down with a brick and mortar type business, so I chose Network Marketing.

I also chose the Internet as the way to build my business.  Many people laughed at me and told me it could never be done online.   I don’t understand or use the word NEVER.   I met many people that met and married online.    To me that would be harder than building an online business.

Networking is about relationships People swore it could not be done online, however, I never  understood why you couldn’t  build a relationship online .  I decided to to it my way, and not  listen to those that said it could not be done.   I thought I’d just go out and  do it anyway.

I heard the phrase “Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit.   I chose to be a winner.

You can chose to win too.  Never say never.  Never let people tell you it can’t be done.  Never let anyone discourage you.  Network Marketing is the ONLY industry I know where you can build true residual income, that can set you free.    It’s your choice.

If I can ever help you in anyway, please feel free to contact me.



Learning To Make A Real Blog

I’ve decided to work on setting up a real blog. I started one of those google ones back in 2004.     I heard from people that to have a real blog you need to host one on your own site, so I finally decided to make myself learn how to do this.

I actually hired someone to set all this up, but then didn’t know where to start or how to use it when it was done. I’m fortunate, I have a great friend named Ben that is an expert at this stuff.   He showed me around this site last night and it wasn’t quite as terrifying as I thought.  If you want to learn more about blogging,  you have to start somewhere so here I am.

I’m going to work on keeping up this blog and sharing things I’ve learned, and hope it helps you start one too.  We can be new blogging buddies.   Check back often and let me know how I’m doing as I dive in.


Do You Like Vacations?

Vacations are fun.   I love to take vacations.   I take 7 or 8 a year, or more.   What about you?

My favorite place of all is Alaska.  I’ve been there twice and want to go again.  Once  I went on a cruise round trip from San Francisco.   The  other time was a land/sea cruise.   It was a lot of fun.  If you ever do the land/sea one be sure to do the land verision first.   It’s very fast paced.

I like cruises and going different place, then picking the places I saw to go back to for a land trip.  You can be choosy that way and not waste time going to the places you don’t like.   My favorite places are beaches.  I love the beach and sea.