Everyone thinks that getting new clients and customers is the key to a successful business. Yes, new customers are important for future growth and expansion, but what most businesses seem to do consciously or unconscious, is mistreat or ignore their current customers. This can be a deal breaker in whether a business fails, just survives, or is extremely successful.

Build customer relationships to generate happy customers. Happy customers return and bring others with them.

Think about it, every current customer you have, if you treat them right not only gives you lifelong income for your business, but they also help you grow your business by sending referrals and giving you testimonials to help you land new clients that result in actually growth. Growth! Isn’t that what all businesses are looking for?

Too many forget to thank their customers. When they do communicate with them it’s only to send them a sale pitch or offer to buy. After a few months of junk mail, customers tend to tune them out and they move on to other places that appreciate their customers. Appreciation marketing is the only way to go these days. JUST SAY THANK YOU. Send a note of appreciation. Send a little gift. Stand out in the crowd. Keep it simple. Show appreciation and you will have loyal customers.


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