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What Are You Focused On?

If you want to build a successful business, you must focus. Focus on why you can vs. why you can’t. Focus on the positive things that you want to happen, never the negatives. Nothing will ever be totally perfect, but if you know where you want to go and focus on getting there and stick with it, you will arrive.

What are YOU focused on?

Successful people know what they want and charge forward to get it. Unsuccessful people sit back and wait for someone else to do it for them. Don’t do that. Blaze your own trail, never wait for others to clear a path. Just do it yourself.

There is amazing potential in dreams and the cost is free. Dream about what you want and learn to visualize it. Make it clear in your mind, because after all, if you do NOT know what you want, how would you know when you get it? Focus on how you can get it, NOT on why you can’t.

All the best things in life usually come after hard work and effort, and sometimes follow great challenges. Focus on the end result and keep moving forward no matter what and do not let anything interrupt your focus.

Ever hear the saying, “We reap what we sow?” It’s so true. If you do NOT sow seeds and talk to people, sharing your business, you won’t get the results you desire. You can make a difference and move forward if you focus and sow those seeds. When you sow, you grow.

Another thing, in building a team, get rid of the ego. People with big egos never go anywhere. Do NOT be the star. Learn to develop stars. You can make a difference in so many lives if you set your mind to do it. Focus on what you want. Think about it and then replace those thoughts with action. Great dreams and thoughts put together with action can produce results beyond your wildest dreams.

Live life to the fullest. We only go around once, so make the most of it. Sitting around wishing and hoping gets you nowhere. You can watch the action or you can jump in and play. Winners never watch, they do. Winners feel and act like winners. Losers act like losers and make excuses. Learn to be a winner…never make excuses just charge forward.

Become an eagle. Eagles soar to great heights. Eagles are majestic. The Eagle mentality is one committed to total discipline, focus and success. Eagles fly high and lead the way.

Success has very little to do with how smart you are or how good you are. Success does not rely on luck. Success is simply developing that winning attitude and putting feet to your dreams. Action is critical. Whatever you believe, is what you will achieve. If you believe you can, you are right. If you don’t get started though, and don’t jump into the game, you do not stand a chance of getting there. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What are you going to choose to do with it?

We all have choices. If I asked, “Do you choose to succeed or fail?”, I doubt many would pick failure. However, by lack of action, and focus, you are picking just that. You have a choice of being a success or a failure. Great achievers will always dream the impossible dream, but they will make the impossible happen. Leaders and winners only accept excellence and press forward moving ahead.

What they find is when they take action to venture where others don’t dare to tread, it becomes easier and easier. The higher they soar, and go, the less competition they find. There are many fabulous opportunities up in high places, but without vision, most are blind to the opportunity.

Take advantage of this. Know what you want and chart your course. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. If you focus and do, you will accomplish much. While others are sleeping and talking and not doing, take action and soar ahead. Focus. Accept and go for only the best. Take responsibility yourself. No one cares more about you and your dreams than you. Make them happen. You can do it. Go the extra mile, make it happen.

Too often I have people come to me with excuses of why they didn’t do something. Their sponsor didn’t “HELP” them, it was too rainy, it was too cold, it was too sunny, or they would miss the 23rd rerun of some show on TV, so they missed a training call. While it is GREAT if you have a sponsor that is there for you, ultimately your success depends on you, yourself. No one can make you successful, but you.

In my 20 years in this industry, I have failed my way through many companies. The sponsors I’ve had that were worth anything were few and far between. Too often, I had HORRIBLE sponsors, that cheated, lied and stole. It was sad, but true. Still NOT one of them could steal my dreams. Not one of them could keep me down and make me fail. Ultimately, I was responsible for me, myself and I. I could have quit and given up many times, but if I had, I would not be here today and I would have missed the dance. I LOVE that song that says you have a choice to sit it out or dance. I choose to dance and no one or anything in the world can stop me. I am totally unstoppable. I am building a solid team of winners, people with much more talent than myself. They, too, are unstoppable because they know where they are going and are not stopping until they get there.

When we all arrive at the top, we will have one HUGE party and celebrate together. Until then, we’re moving forward one day at a time. New people are joining our team daily, and they too have visions and dreams. Some have experience and others do not. Some are already successful in their own right, others are just beginning. They come from all walks of life, all sorts of careers, and yet they all have one thing in common. They are looking for security, looking for a better way, looking to build a business of their own, looking to make the world a better place. I find it fun and challenging to meet them all and I learn as much from them as they do from me, and we are building a solid team. I made up a quote a long time ago, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” It does and it will.

No matter what your dream is, NEVER let anyone or anything stand in the way. Don’t just dream life away, be a participant. Get started with zeal and focus. Focus on where you want to go and nothing can stop you.

Hope to one day see all of you on the beaches of the world as we travel the highway of life together. See you at the top.


Work Joke

There are three ladies working together in the same office – a brunette, a redhead, and a blonde. After a while, they begin to notice that each day their boss, who is also female, leaves work early.

After this pattern continued for a few weeks, one day they decide that as soon as their boss takes off they’ll leave right after her; after all, she never comes back or calls so how would she know? So, after their boss takes off they all leave as planned.

The brunette was elated to be able to get in a quick workout at her spa before meeting her dinner date. The redhead was thrilled to be home early; she did a little gardening and went to bed early.

As for the blonde, she was so happy to finally come home early for once. But when she got to her bedroom she heard a muffled noise from inside. Slowly, quietly, she cracked open the door and was mortified to see her husband in bed with HER BOSS! Ever so gently, she closed the door and crept out of her house without saying a word.

The next day during their coffee break, the brunette and redhead mentioned leaving early again and asked the blonde if she wanted to go with

“NO WAY!” The blonde exclaimed, “I damn near got caught yesterday!”


Many business owners take current customers for granted. They should build relationships with current customers. If they don’t they will lose them.

Too often, they simply assume that if they provided a good product or service, that their job is done and that the customer will automatically return to them when they need another related product or service. This is not the case. Just because you leave a business card or a sticker with your phone # with your customer, chances are that is gone in a few days or weeks. You might be a business that goes a step further and leaves some cool promotional item like a fridge magnet, bag clip, or pen. This is a great first step and will keep your name and company in front of your customer for a long time, and may at least guarantee that they will call you the next time they have needs. However, it is not enough and it will not usually result in any testimonials or referrals.
To get the all important referrals from existing customers, the lifeblood of your business, you need to build an ongoing relationship with them. What are the easiest and best ways to build relationships with customers?

1. Do leave some type of promotional item and your contact information.

2. Give a follow-up call thanking them for their business.

3. Send them an email confirmation and thank you if applicable and you have their information.

4. Send them a REAL thank you card within 7-10 day, thanking them for their business.

5. Keep customers up to date by posting at least 3-4 FB posts a week, some offering specials, others asking for referrals, others just giving good relevant information or tips.

6. Continue to send a mix of email/FB information and referral requests, as well as at least 5-10 greeting cards a year.

7. If you are in a high end business where the products or services are high dollar, then also send a thank you gift, and holiday gifts.

8. Always ask for referrals a few times a year, and acknowledge the customers who send them to you.

While there are many more ways to build a relationship with your customers, these are critical and they mix all the classic and new age technology and trends in communicating and building a relationship with your customers.

Seems to Complicated?

If you think that the list above is too overwhelming, think again. First of all, almost all of those tasks can be automated or outsourced to an office staff or even a virtual assistant at very little cost to you. Greeting cards and gifts can be set up to go out personalized to your customers, months in advance just like email responders. It is worth setting up these semi automated systems to build relationships with your customers and to treat them right, so that they also help you build and grow your business in a fun and stress free way!



A blonde was driving home after a game and got caught in a really bad hailstorm. Her car was covered with dents, so the next day she took it to a repair shop. The shop owner saw that she was a blonde, so he decided to have some fun. He told her just to go home and blow into the tail pipe really hard, and all the dents would pop out. So, the blonde went home, got down on her hands and knees and started blowing into her tailpipe. Nothing happened.

So she blew a little harder, and still nothing happen. Her roommate,
another blonde, came home and said, “What are you doing? The first blonde told her how the repairman had instructed her to blow into the tail pipe in order to get all the dents to pop out. The roommate rolled her eyes and said, “Uh, like hel-lo! You need to roll up the windows first.”


Be A Winner

Have you ever noticed that there are people you enjoy being around and others that you would rather avoid. Negative people drag you down. I avoid them myself like the plague.

Some people make the room light up when they walk in and others seem to make it light up when they leave. There are just some people have a tendency to whine and complain and want to nit pick over every little detail, while others just take it as it is and go on to be a big success.

They say you should associate with those you want to be like. Hang around with positive motivated people and you become positive and motivated. Hang around with those that whine and complain and you become whiney. Learn to become a winner and never a whiner. There is only one letter difference.

Everyone has a choice, we can chose to win or we can watch others pass us buy as they head for the top.

We all have the EXACT same opportunity. We all have the same products, the same company. The only difference is the effort we put fort to get out and make things happen to grow our business.

We can WHINE and make excuses about why we’re not growing, OR we can get out and do the things it takes to make our business grow.

Cream rises to the top. Spend quality time with quality people and your business will grow.

Say LESS to MORE people and never try to drag, or convince anyone. IF they do not see the big picture, they smply will never make it. NOTHING you can do will chage that.

Bucke down, do the work, and make things happen. You can build a solid foundation, with lots and lots of other winners, and make a good income. You can also hand around people that whine and complian and let them drag you down. That is your choice.

You can make MONEY or EXCUSES, but never both at the same time. Winners find a way to make things happen, losers find a way to blame someone else.

People that chose to be winners, never make excuses. They just buckle down and make things happen. We all run into obstacles, and things we didn’t plan to happen, but we find a way to work them out.

Put a roadblock in my path, and I will find a way OVER, around or Through it. I decided LONG LONG Ago, that quitting was NEVER an option I would take. I decided also that I would by CHOICE become a success in the field of network marketing, and I would never stop till I reached the top.

I’ve had to change companies, and start over a few times, due to bad choices, inexperience, unethical people, or some that just closed down. I could have taken the easy way out, and just thrown in the towel and became one of those silly MLM bashers that say things don’t work. Instead, I chose to move on, use my experiences to judge what NOT TO DO, and chose a better company.

Through it all, I’ve learned many valuable lessons. I look at it as an education in live. I am VERY Excited to have found an answer and am able to be FREE, to come and go as I please, work where and when I want, and make a difference.

That did not happen because I sat down and make excuses.I made a conscious choice to go to work and MAKE it happen. You can do, but it starts and ends with YOU! No one will be able to do if FOR you, but yourself.

Everyone has CHOICES to make. Everyone has the SAME 24 hours in a day. Most people have JOBS to go to and are doing this part time. I used to be one of them.

When I worked in Corporate America, I got up an extra hour early to work my business, many times I ran home on my lunch hour to answer mail, and then I worked 3-4 hours (sometimes more at night on by business) I stayed up an extra hour or 2. I also
worked weekends and learned to work recruiting into my lifestyle so no matter where I went I had a 60 second commercial to tell someone, and of course got their # or email to follow up.

I can relate well to working full time and building part time because I did that for a number of years. I’ve never been afraid of work. I was raised to get a job, work 40 years and then get a pension and a gold watch. That does NOT happen these days/

So we all have choices. We can chose to work FOR someone else OR we can chose to build a future for ourselves. We can chose to be a WHINER and complain about all the things wrong OR we can chose to be a WINNER, buckle down and get busy
making things happen.


Remember, you do have to CHOOSE!!!!!


Do You Want To Be A Success Or Failure?

Do you want to be a SUCCESS or failure in building your MLM? I don’t think too many would pick the latter. Always remember that Success in this wonderful world of MLM, does NOT come from trying to MANAGE and control your downlines.

Instead, it comes from developing the leadership skills to take charge, and having the enthusiasm, vision and willingness to. JUST take ACTION and get busy, recruiting LEADERS, who use the products and share them with others. IT is VERY simple. Just teach them to KEEP it SIMPLE, and duplicate your efforts. USE your products or services, become familiar with them. THEN tell others what you like about them. It does NOT take a ROCKET scientist to do that.

You have the choice to succeed or fail. Your business starts with YOU. You may have a few hurdles, or things to overcome. Believe me, I’ve had my share of challenges. I had the same choice you do, quit and give up, or chose to become a leader and look for solutions, and move forward, and take this thing to the TOP. I chose to be successful so quitting is NOT an option. Remember people who have the WILL to succeed…….will succeed, regardless of the circumstances or challenges.


Eye Sight

A blonde went to an eye doctor to have her eyes checked for glasses. The doctor directed her to read various letters with the left eye while covering the right eye.

The blonde was so mixed up on which eye was which that the eye doctor, in disgust, took a paper lunch bag with a hole to see through, covered up the appropriate eye and asked her to read the letters.

As he did so, he noticed the blonde had tears streaming down her face. “Look,” said the doctor, “there’s no need to get emotional about getting glasses.” “I know,” agreed the blonde, “But I kind of had my heart set on wire frames.”


How I Found Network Marketing

Many people ask me how I found Network Marketing….. I GUESS YOU COULD SAY I WAS DEFINITELY WAS LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE. I was burned out on trading hours for dollars.

It was at that time on this job, and quite by accident, that I was FIRST introduced to the WORLD of NETWORK MARKETING.

Wait…..take that back, years earlier when my children were very small, I had HEARD of the big A company, and had been invited to several dinners where they don’t tell you why you came, so the folks could draw the circles on the board and show you how you would get rich.

We even got involved with friends for a short short time but found it more of a social club to us that a real business. Anyone remember those days??? They would invite you to weekly meetings, where you would pay to go, and afterwards the whole gang would go out to eat or something. They told you the products were cheaper because they were concentrated, yet it always ended up costing a lot more. They also charged fees to people to join and renew. I guess they were the FIRST to launch the field of networking, yet to me they were the hardest. I never understood why they would not tell you their name OR why they had to hide the fact they wanted you to join a business.

My impression was not good because I felt it dishonest to invite people to your home on false pretenses so needless to say, that was NOT for me.

To me that didn’t count and was YEARS AND YEARS before and nothing I saw as serious answer.

While looking for a way out, I started to read about Network Marketing. I also was NOT on the INTERNET at home at the time. In fact, I still had an APPLE II E at home and that was just for minor games and things.


It came in the MAIL. Hmmmm DIRECT MAIL. It was actually a letter, on high grade light colored stationary and it talked about a couple where the man had gotten hurt on the job and was not able to work, was BROKE and at the end of his rope??..BUT THEN?? enter the SOLUTION.

The letter said he found a company and now was making mega bucks, with his family. I called a toll free number to ask more and was told ALL I had to do was to sign up with them, and them they would give me a copy of this letter, which had my id on it. I would copy them, and mail them out and THEY would take the calls for me.

At the time, I was DEFINITELY Not someone that would pick up the phone or take calls from strangers, so this sounded pretty incredible to me. They would take the calls, and all I had to do was MAIL.

Sounded like Heaven…..right?

I thought GEE… I can do that! I can build a 2nd income this way, so if and when my company crashes, I would have an INCOME I was EXCITED but I still had questions and LOTS of them.

I spent several evenings checking and talking to the folks. I wanted to know about the ID # on the letter and who it belonged to since they were doing the calls for people. I wanted the name, and to know more about them.

I guess I asked so many questions, that they must have been sick of me :)) They finally told me my letter was from a gal in North Dakota named Michelle. She later became a good friend and several years later, my hubby and I flew out to meet her, and we all had a whirlwind trip through North and South Dakota, which was ONLY my 2nd time EVER in a plane. (I’m getting ahead of myself)

Anwyay at the time when they asked if I wanted to talk to this gal, I almost passed out. After all this was a STRANGER! I was NOT about to call a stranger. I had called the 800 # to ask about an Advertisement but that was DIFFERENT. This was calling a LIVE stranger at her home. GASP!!!!! They told me to expect a call from her the next night.

I remember the evening she called as if it was yesteday. I was SO NERVOUS.

However, she really was a talker and she was so bubbly and incredible that we hit it right off. She was brand new too and I guess looking back, she was EXCITED because I think I must have been her first answer to the letters she was mailing. We hit it off and I decided to jump in and mail letters too with her.

So I became a person with a FULL TIME Day job, and an OFFLINE Network Marketer by night. Funny I didn?t even ask about products or company, NEVER thought of that at the time I was REALLY GREEN.

At first it was sort of like a HOBBY or a fun game. I was doing SOMETHING that I thought would give me security and it was FUN. THinking back, it was also kind of like the dark ages, with NO PC. GEEZ, what a bunch of nuts we were. Mailing letters to strangers all across the country, with no plan other than to TRUST these other strangers that were going to take our calls and build us a business too.

We were giving a master copy of the letter with these folks story. Thinking back now, it is a shame we did not have a crystal ball to see the ending. What we did then, NOW makes NO Sense to me, but we did what we were told by the UPLINE. We made copies and followed their directions to the T.

Anyway, neither of us had any experience, so it was the blind leading the blind. Our upline instructed us to mail out a few thousand canned letters, with our id# and their 800 number and we were told they would handle the calls for us. To me that was like heaven, because I was quite shy and so were thrilled that they had this great system. It seems too good to be true.

LESSON # 1 If it seems to good to be TRUE…. Is usually IS.


Build Customer Relationships

Everyone thinks that getting new clients and customers is the key to a successful business. Yes, new customers are important for future growth and expansion, but what most businesses seem to do consciously or unconscious, is mistreat or ignore their current customers. This can be a deal breaker in whether a business fails, just survives, or is extremely successful.

Build customer relationships to generate happy customers. Happy customers return and bring others with them.

Think about it, every current customer you have, if you treat them right not only gives you lifelong income for your business, but they also help you grow your business by sending referrals and giving you testimonials to help you land new clients that result in actually growth. Growth! Isn’t that what all businesses are looking for?

Too many forget to thank their customers. When they do communicate with them it’s only to send them a sale pitch or offer to buy. After a few months of junk mail, customers tend to tune them out and they move on to other places that appreciate their customers. Appreciation marketing is the only way to go these days. JUST SAY THANK YOU. Send a note of appreciation. Send a little gift. Stand out in the crowd. Keep it simple. Show appreciation and you will have loyal customers.


Using Paid Advertising for Your Business

While a lot of articles and programs say that you can get tons of free traffic and leads for your business, it is easier said then done.  Some of the ancient, now in most cases totally worthless methods of generating “free” traffic are:

  • FFA or Free for All links and link exchanges
  • Email blasts to safe lists (sometimes a small charge, but often free)
  • Consistent posting on free, untargeted, spammed classified sites

A few, mostly free methods, as far as cash outlay, but they do take time and expertise, ways of generating leads are:

  • Craigslist advertising (or other non spammed classified sites)
  • Blogging
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media

However,  some of these methods take a certain expertise and they are not necessarily “free” as they do cost you time, energy, and resources to complete.  If you are a good writer, then you have no cash outlay, but you do have to spend your time, which means it is not totally free.

There is nothing wrong with paid advertising and the best type, online or probably anywhere, is PPC or pay per click advertising, or some type of pay for performance advertising.  This might include buying leads, but unless you have a good source and the leads are targeted you can spend a lot of money and frustration and not get very far.

With Google adwords, PPC, you can ultra target your exact customer profile to your website or phone #, on practically any budget, even $5 a day.  Obviously in most cases you need more than that if you are in a competitive field, but the point is that you can get guaranteed clicks to your site, so you want to be specific and non evasive to the searcher so that when they click they get what they expect and you will have higher conversions.

There is a lot to PPC as far as setting it up, but it is not so complicated that you can’t jump over to Google, and walk through their set up process, and have your ad words account running in a couple hours and clicks and leads coming within a day or so.

If you have been struggling with quality traffic or traffic at all, go a head and give PPC a try, it can make all the difference, and you are guaranteed  TARGETED clicks!